Thursday, September 25, 2008

Look Younger Now: Help ME Help YOU - A Contest

On Monday, in this post, I asked:

"Who's got a concealer that really, truly conceals under-eye wrinkles."
Because if you're make-up challenged like me, my concealer settles inside my crevices bringing OUT my mature beauty(?) rather than camouflaging it.

I got responses like:

Wall Spackle 
(May be true, and funny, but not quite helpful, Ms. Meta).
 (Also true, but I kinda like my eyes and forehead to move with the rest of my face,  thanks anyway, maybe later, csquaredplus3.)

Many of you who didn't have suggestions were just as desirous as me of finding a truly age-defying makeup.

So, I had an idea.
I'm posing this crucial question for women out there "of age,"  "coming of age," or "over the age".
Whatever the age!


  • If I get enough similar answers, I'll put together a product comparison - just like the Pepsi Challenge - except I won't drink the samples (unless of course none of them work and then in my suicidal state I really can't guarantee anything).
  • I'll buy the top three brands of make-up submitted.
  • I'll post pictures of myself wearing each one and taken under identical conditions, i.e., bright, unforgiving sunlight.  
  • In a poll I will post on my blog, you guys will choose the winner. 
Here are the only rules:
  1. You must have used the product consistently for over a month.
  2. The product must be clean, i.e., organic or having low levels of cancer-causing chemicals.
  3. You must NOT suggest LaMer or anything in that price point unless you SWEAR it's a miracle product ('cause if it doesn't work and I'm out that money, I will come find you and kill you
    steal all your credit cards.)
  4. You are the judges so you MUST be honest.  We'll all benefit much more from the truth than from any token I'll decide to send you.

Token-  who knows??
Good make-up  - PRICELESS!

All right, ladies.
The contest is ON!  

You have until 5pm Friday, October 3.


Lo said...

uhm. please don't kick me for sayin this. but.... it says you posted this at 3am.

uhm. maybe some sleep would do you good???

(also preperation H works wonders. sounds nasty. but it works. just go thru self checkout when you buy it to avoid the weird stares at your heinie.)

merlotmom said...

Lo, Thank you for your concern. While I do NOT get enough sleep I can assure you I am always in bed before 3am. I've heard of prep H but I haven't had the stomach to try it.

the mama bird diaries said...

I can't help you. I've bounced around with a million different concealers. My fave used to be "Tony + Tina" but that company is kaput.

But I do have an amazing product if you want thicker, more lush eyelashes. The CILS Booster from Lancome (not the one with the white top, ONLY the one with the black top).You put it on first and then your mascara. It's amazing.

Savvy Mode SG said...

i find concealer don't work well for me but i use cool eye patch for those dark circle day.
My sis, mommy of 2, says nothing work for her except sleep.

Anonymous said...

I bought an under-eye brightening concealer by Smashbox at Sephora. It works pretty well. My favorite? Clinique. They make a nice one. It works, it's not too heavy and it's not $50,000.

Maura said...

I like Bare Minerals in Bisque, applied with a concealer brush. Sometimes I also use their Well Rested underneath, though that's actually intended for on your lids. They are both natural and, while not cheap, a little goes a long way and it lasts a long time.

Donna said...

I look forward to hearing of any miracle concealers you discover. I was born with dark circles (Mediterranean stock) and have been dealing with them since I was in high school. At least now, I'm at an age when I'm SUPPOSED to have this problem, so it actually doesn't look as bad as when I was a teenager.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Sorry, can't help you...I don't wear make-up...dark circles be damned! Plus, my glasses kinda cover them, otherwise I probably would be shopping around for something.

amyz5 said...

how funny is this. who new all your readers were not make-up savvy.

maybe this is a good thing.

dkuroiwa said...

I'm here for the hints.
I don't really wear make-up either but am interested in finding out what good stuff is out there.
I have found that on particularly 'bad' days, to take the focus away from the eyes or face or neck...I will wear a really low-cut shirt and one of my sexier bras. At this point, I'm not really bothered by the not looking me in the eyes girls are in pretty good condition (in the sexier bras, of course!) so, go on...just as long as the other person is NOT looking at my face and wondering how old I might possibly be!!

Lucia said...

Bobbi Brown Color Corrector followed by Bobbi Brown Concealer, both applied with a judicious hand and a concealer brush. It's expensive, but phenomenal.

Liz said...

I use Neutrogena 3-in-1 undereye concealer, but am intersted in seeing the results of the contest. The Neutrogena does a nice job of covering dark circles and brightening up under my eyes, but not sure I like the way it handles the wrinkles.

Anna Lefler said...

OK, I am a total make-up skank. I wear it. I need it. I think anyone who can walk out the front door without it deserves a satin cape and a big, sequined letter on their chest because I don't have the GUTS. There, I said it.'s what I think the trick is on the under-eye situation, or at least what I think works for me. 1) Dot some drugstore cover-up stick (Max Factor, whatever) under your eyes lightly and blend it in lightly with your finger of choice. Did I mention lightly? 2) AND THIS IS CRUCIAL: take your powder compact (again, whatever your brand of choice) and use the edge of the little pillow or whatever you call the puff that you put it on with and press some powder onto the area where you just put the cover stick. That sets the cover stick and smooths out the whole situation and helps keep it from collecting in any tiny creases. 3) Take a really soft, poofy brush and give the area under your eyes a little swipe to flip away any extra whetever that might look (God forbid) artificial.

That's what I do, anyway, and it works as well as anything else I've found, regardless of price.

(For what it's worth, I happen to think the best powder on the market is T. LeClerc, but honestly it's not that big a deal which one. And I definitely haven't found a difference among the cover sticks.)

Sorry for the long message but hope that's helpful. And remember, make sure to use your new eye-batting powers only for GOOD...never for EVIL.

Connie said...

I will tell you what I *used* to use. When I was pregnant, I had a terrible time sleeping and the children just sucked the life out of me.

I used Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream ($45) and then used the Creamy Concealer ($22) over that. Since these are kind of pricey, why don't you go to a make up counter and have them use the products on you and take the picture. Just a thought.

Sonia Michaels said...

Eye Bright, by Benefit. Seriously. SEEEEERIOUSLY.

It's a little pink pencil. Pink.

It kills my under-eye circles.

1) moisturizer
2) Eye Bright
3) foundation/powder/whatever.

I have always had THE WORST under-eye darkness in the world, and this really does wonders, except when I'm THIS tired, in which case it only works semi-wonders. Bleah.

But really. It's the one makeup I NEED to pay for, even though it's expensive! ($18 a stick I think.) I love it so much that I even scrape the little pink bits out of the eye pencil sharpener and use them....

Jill said...

Revlon Beyond Natural Concealer with Highlighter. Runs about 10 dollars in the drugstores and works great. It comes in 4 different shades.

For me - its the only one that actually covers my problem spots with out feeling like cement. It blends great and does a wonderful job!

just a girl... said...

Okay finally a product that I really know about. I am a Sephora whore, or you can just call me the product girl. I am the girl in the family that everyone comes to, to find out about new products. I researched, I experiment, I actually get the samples every time I go to sephora.

This one is easy because my mom and I went through this in May I am 34 and she is 55. We sat at Sephora and no joke tried over 30 concealers.

I am not a big Clinique girl in any other area but for concealers they are the best. This concealer is the best I have ever used. The coverage is awesome and its last a long time.

Clinique Line Smooting Concealer. Price $14 but this is truly a miracle worker.

just a girl... said...

Oh and sorry but if you ladies wont a really great product for under the eyes try Teamine. Its not cheap $60-$75 dollars a bottle. But it is worth every penny, a little goes a long way but this product is amazing. Its a cream you point under your eyes morning and night. Its light and you can tell the difference in two weeks. Its my one "it" product and I dont ever complain about the price.

Okay I am done now.

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