Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I Need An Intervention (aka Let's Go Shopping!)

I've pulled myself away from my latest internet obsession to make a public confession...

...I am addicted to these new Private Sale websites that sell designer goods at ridiculously cut-rate prices.  HELP.

Have you heard about them?  Seen them?  The NYTimes wrote about them the other day but it wasn't like I needed the news to tell me about it.   But I feel I am alone in my obsession, so I'm telling all of you. 

Cause, you know, it's the holiday season, and I want to live vicariously through you guys spending instead of  me, have someone to talk to about it, spread a little cheer. 

These sites like Gilt, RueLaLa, HauteLook, and Ideeli are incredible.  You can browse from the comfort of your own desk chair or pillow.  You can bring as much food and drink as you like.  You don't even have to get dressed or put on make-up!  All you have to do is give them an email address and password.  That's it!

Of course, you can't try the pieces on but they do have return policies and it keeps you from buying things on a whim (most of the time).

So far, I've spent much of my time doing the browse/no purchase thing, but I did buy a pair of mixed metal mesh hanging earrings from Gilt.  They came quickly and I LOVE them.  AND THEY WERE CHEAPY, CHEAP, CHEAP!  Gotta love.

So, my blogger friends, please join me in my latest addiction because I need an intervention company.   Just to be clear, I am getting no payment from anyone.  This is purely a personal review/recommendation/plea for help.

Oh, and hubby, if you're reading this, I'm stopping right now and going to work on my writing.  K?  Really.  I mean it... (And I truthfully have only bought the one pair of earrings...though I have wanted to buy MUCH MUCH MORE).  See how good I've been???  Aren't you proud?

The rest of you,  see you at the sales!  (not now, of course, I'm off to work, tomorrow.)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Talking Trash About merlotmom

Where the f*ck is merlotmom?

I have no idea.  That bitch has the nerve to call herself a blogger?  Sheesh.

I know!  WTF!  So, what d'ya think?  Should we trash her blog while she's away?

Nah!  Can't hate on her just 'cause she's a flake.  I hear she's been spending her free time working on a novel.

So what!  Like the rest of us don't have busy lives?  We work, we write, we care for our kids...who does she think she is?

I did hear she had lunch the other day with this blogger.  Wonder how she had time to do THAT and not THIS.

Now you're getting it...

Although, in her defense, I know her writing workshop is right near where this blogger lives.  She's gotta eat, no?

Why are you defending her?  She ditched us.   She's a bad blogger... a bad blogger.

Jeez, you sound like Rain Man.  Maybe, maybe, it's a generational thing.  You know, I hear she's turning 48 this weekend and when we were at BlogHer this summer she wasn't nearly as interested in texting and twittering as the rest of us.  

Right, I noticed that, she even teased us about it.   She told me they didn't even have computers when she was in college.  Can you imagine?   She said she spent years working as a secretary in NY typing on an IBM Selectric.

IBM Selectric?  What's that?

I don't know exactly.  I think it's one of those ancient typewriters, you know, the black ones with those little round keys on sticks.



Wow! She's old.  

And getting older every minute.  Fine.  I'll give her a break.  When we get to be her age, we may have no attention span either.  Scary.

Yeah.  Let's not hate her.  Let's feel bad for her.

Okay.  Well, gotta go.  I've had thirty DMs just since we started talking.   Don't forget to send merlotmom a Happy Birthday tweet.

Will do.  

And all of YOU better, too.  She still deserves your good wishes even though she's old.  Maybe even moreso.   ;)

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