Friday, March 12, 2010

Life Gets In the Way of Blogging - Again

Oops! I forgot I had a blog...again.

Silly me.

Literally, the fact that I have a blog just disappears from my brain for weeks and then suddenly it's, oops, oh yeah...

It's been an emotionally hectic few weeks here. On one black Friday two weeks ago, I picked up my ringing phone, not once, but three times to hear that someone we knew had died. All were sad, one, of a 13 year old girl, was particularly shocking, heart-breaking and senseless.

I spent that weekend in a fog, detached, zombie-like, capable of feeling only for fictional characters I watched in an endless loop of movies.

After that weekend, any surplus energy I had was channeled into wishing a successful outcome for my friends' six year old son who entered the hospital for his THIRD open heart surgery. He is doing well so far, he is a bad-ass fighter, but as you can imagine it is a long, winding road to recovery. I think about my friends every day and do what I can for them but can't help feeling like it's never enough.

Not since I was a kid have I so badly wished to possess superpowers.

Other than that, and some minor, mostly irritating, illnesses on the home front, we are thankfully doing fine. What is keeping me sane is my writing, though NOT on this blog OBVIOUSLY. My fiction. It has been my sanity.

So, forgive me, for forgetting about my blog.
I so appreciate my readers though it may not seem that way.

I will return soon with some (hopefully) funny and (most definitely) embarrassing tales to tell.

Hope you are all well. I am reading your blogs even if I'm not tending to my own!

Have a great weekend.

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