Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I Need An Intervention (aka Let's Go Shopping!)

I've pulled myself away from my latest internet obsession to make a public confession...

...I am addicted to these new Private Sale websites that sell designer goods at ridiculously cut-rate prices.  HELP.

Have you heard about them?  Seen them?  The NYTimes wrote about them the other day but it wasn't like I needed the news to tell me about it.   But I feel I am alone in my obsession, so I'm telling all of you. 

Cause, you know, it's the holiday season, and I want to live vicariously through you guys spending instead of  me, have someone to talk to about it, spread a little cheer. 

These sites like Gilt, RueLaLa, HauteLook, and Ideeli are incredible.  You can browse from the comfort of your own desk chair or pillow.  You can bring as much food and drink as you like.  You don't even have to get dressed or put on make-up!  All you have to do is give them an email address and password.  That's it!

Of course, you can't try the pieces on but they do have return policies and it keeps you from buying things on a whim (most of the time).

So far, I've spent much of my time doing the browse/no purchase thing, but I did buy a pair of mixed metal mesh hanging earrings from Gilt.  They came quickly and I LOVE them.  AND THEY WERE CHEAPY, CHEAP, CHEAP!  Gotta love.

So, my blogger friends, please join me in my latest addiction because I need an intervention company.   Just to be clear, I am getting no payment from anyone.  This is purely a personal review/recommendation/plea for help.

Oh, and hubby, if you're reading this, I'm stopping right now and going to work on my writing.  K?  Really.  I mean it... (And I truthfully have only bought the one pair of earrings...though I have wanted to buy MUCH MUCH MORE).  See how good I've been???  Aren't you proud?

The rest of you,  see you at the sales!  (not now, of course, I'm off to work, tomorrow.)


heather... said...

I had to unsubscribe from all of those. Because I bought WAY more than earrings! Merlot Dad really should be applauding you for your restraint!

Masala Chica said...

i had to unsubscribe from Rue la la. It was ridiculous. I would be itching when I saw something and it would say "only 1 left." Not anymore I would think as I hit the buy button.

No good. at all.

Mo said...

Every morning I'd see that e-mail in my inbox telling me what was happening on RueLaLa and Gilt that day. I'd immediately click through to see what they had. The jewelry is great, but the shoes and sunglasses are my crack. I finally had to stop looking every day. My husband got so annoyed with boxes arriving every day.

(I still take a peek every so often...!)

Manic Mommy said...

Damn you, Fran and your subliminal blog messages! I bought a pair of boots today and had to call Andy to tell him they were my Christmas present!

momready said...

I subscribe to a couple of them too, but no purchases yet... yet...

Marinka said...

Wait a minute? You give them your credit card number and they SEND YOU STUFF?!

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