Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Ramble Because All I Really Want To Do Is Sleep - Dammit!

I wanted to finish up and publish my final post about Japan today. 
I tried but my brain wouldn't cooperate.
I know, I know, it's taking waaay too long and you probably don't give a crap anymore about how I peed on my foot or how I ended up in the ER.
I don't BLAME YOU.  I should stop crying wolf already. 


My kids are sick. 
My dogs are sick.
Merlotdad's back is sick (meaning I've been doing MORE THAN USUAL IF THAT'S EVEN POSSIBLE in the Merlot household.)
And me?  I'm sick. 
(Thank you so much for asking.)

So, I haven't had it in me to finish my final (sure-to-be uproariously funny) photo chronicle of Japan because writing it is a huge time commitment that, frankly, doesn't garner that many responses from my fans bloggy friends so I've lost a bit of my mojo.

In the midst of my meandering train of thought, let me just be clear:

Comments are good, people.
Comments are the sustenance without which I'll die and it will be on your head my validation, people.
Comments are the paycheck for this FREE therapy, neuroses dump, cheap attempt at making friends entertainment I deliver to you every day week, PEOPLE.

But hey, I'm a girl of my word, so I will complete the chronicle and share it with you later this week. 
I know you're going to LOVE it.  (There goes that wolf crying again.)

But, in the interest of getting to know me better, and feeling as if I've delivered a legitimate post, I thought I'd let you in on a little story that ran through my head earlier today as I was overdosing on cold medicine considering moving my family into a safer, germ-free environment.  A plastic bubble similar to (but a more modern version of) the one John Travolta lived in in The Boy In The Plastic Bubble.

Another dated movie reference...Anyone??  Anyone??

For those of you born after 1970, THIS is what I'm talkin' about.
Only one of the BEST tv movies of all time! (I should know I spent way too much of my adult life working on them.)

And thinking about John Travolta brought back a memory of a Friday night in 1976 when my best friend, Missy, and I sat in a suburban Long Island bedroom with two of the most popular boys in school.  The dark room lit only by the blue ray of the 13" television set and the debut of JT in The Boy In The Plastic Bubble.

I remember wondering how we, not members of the most popular girls in school, ended up in these exalted quarters.  I didn't think to inquire too much of Missy when she informed me of our plans, I'd dreamed endlessly about such a night and wanted to believe we were worthy of it.  I brushed aside any feelings I had once I got there that something was amiss.

Halfway through the movie, while watching John Travolta and Glynnis O'Connor steal their first kiss, I turned to my friend to see if she too felt stirred; To giggle and silently bond as we had so many times before over wishes for someone to want us that same way. 

I discovered that my friend was indeed sharing the intimate moment  - but not with me.  While all eyes were supposedly on lips locking through the sterile plastic of an adult sized incubator, I enviously watched as a fist-sized lump maneuvered it's way under my friend's shirt and up to her eagerly awaiting breasts. 

Suddenly, I understood how we got here.  Why this night was not as heady as my fantasies.  The sensory shift, the revelation that Missy had abandoned me by secretly using me to get her to this moment.  It would mark the end of our friendship. 

I spent the rest of the night with my eyes fixated on the television.  Stirred.  Unsated.  Sickened. Unwanted.

Envious of the boy in the plastic bubble.

(I have no idea how I ended up writing about this.  I blame it on the drugs!)
Good night sweet peeps.


Robin said...

John Travolta was the boy in the bubble??? How did I not know this?

Sending virtual chicken soup and lots of feel better wishes (especially for MD's back - it sucks to be sick, but it sucks even worse to be parenting on your own while you are).

Manic Mommy said...

Dude. You're only a few years older than me! Getting felt up? In a bedroom! Missy was clearly a slut.

No wonder you're having palpatations about your girl!

I'm sorry you're sick. Glad to see you're doing the 'right thing' and letting your huz rest clearly he's sicker than you.

Going through some shit on this coast as well. I promise to pay back my comment debt.

InTheFastLane said...

I didn't see the movie...I guess I was too young in the 70's. I did see the Seinfeld episode with the bubble boy. That was a good one.

But, icky memories...
And, I do love your Japan stories.

Headless Mom said...

Commenting, already!

Feel better! We haven't gotten the fall crud around here yet *knocking on wood*. I'm sure you'll hear about it when I/we do.

And, I do want to hear about the rest of the Japan trip. I just realized that I have more Hawaii pictures to share-almost 3 months later. Oh well, I'll save them for a day that I've got nuthin'.

Connie said...

I was born in 1970 and I have never seen this movie. Bummer.

Hope everyone gets better soon!

I will wait as long as I have to for the next installment of Japan-agogo! I love suspense!

ByJane said...

ByJane is littered with unfulfilled promises to tell the whole story. I feel little guilt. And no one has ever called me on it.

Florinda said...

It was probably the same Friday night in 1976, watching that same movie, only I was in a living room in Connecticut and there were no boys around (well, I think one of the cats was a male).

Hope you - and the rest of your family - are feeling better soon! We really DO want to hear the rest of the Japan saga.

Lo said...

well don't throw rocks at me or anything, 'cuz anything in the 70's is pretty much before my time... so much so that i genuinely thought you were referring to the jake gyllenhaal movie, 'bubble boy', to which i am utterly ashamed now. head hanging shame. :)

hope you feel better. and just an fyi? i'd read your blog even if you DIDNT talk about peeing on your foot. cuz that's just how entertaining you are.

thedailysnark said...

I totally loved that movie when I was a kid. Only I think I saw it in my family room with my parents.

I can't wait to read about the rest of your Japan trip. It's on my list of places I'd like to see one day in the probably distant future.

Hope you feel better soon

Maggie, Dammit said...

I haven't thought about the boy in the plastic bubble for years!


Feel better, friend.

the mama bird diaries said...

i saw like 10 minutes of that movie. seemed a little cheesy. but i'm one to talk because one of my favorite movies of all time is "Ice Castles."

Feel better.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Well, there is no way for me to forget the Boy in The Plastic Bubble because my someone nicknamed my husband Bubble Boy (although I don't know if that was more from the Seinfeld episode which references said movie but anyway...). When I think of that movie I also think of that other TV movie with Robby Benson in it - which one was that?

Hope you feel better soon!

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