Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Picked A Lousy Time To Have Blog Fatigue

I have a pre-BlogHer confession to make...
I haven't been reading your blogs.
I know I should have.
At least I should have been catching up.
But I haven't.

I could have kept it a secret longer but with the big weekend coming up,  I didn't want anyone to mistake my blank stares for rudeness or indifference.

It's not either.
It's ineptitude.

I just cannot find the time to go through my reader.
When I do snare a few minutes to relax with my online friends, I manage to get through the first few blogs in my reader and then, no doubt,  I'm off again,  rushing to a pair of rabid children who are scratching each other's eyes out and to a pair of wild and hungry canines who will chew through my living room furniture if kibble isn't readily served.  So, basically, if you're at the top of my reader, I'm up to speed (all four of you).  If not, I apologize.

So when you see me and refer to an incident or post from your blog expecting some recall on my part, and I smile weakly and say nothing, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT take it personally. 

I mean - have you seen how little attention I've given to my own blog lately?

Blame it on adult ADD.
Blame it on Chronic Social Media Fatigue - CSMF
(Look it up in the most recent Physician's Desk Reference...I dare you!)

In any case,  I don't have IRL fatigue and I'm looking forward to seeing/meeting all of you in person.  So don't bite.  Puh-leeze.


April said...

That's ok. I haven't read anyone regularly in a while. I'm not going to BlogHer, but have fun!

ByJane said...

I didn't read this post until today, so your secret was safe. And furthermore, in addition, I noticed no blank stares, etc. on your part at BlogHer09.

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