Monday, April 6, 2009

Give Me The Grateful Life - Monday (and much rambling)

Nothing like watching an Oprah episode with mom bloggers to make me remember, "Hey, I'm a mom blogger too!"  That is, I would be if I paid any attention to my dang mom blog.

Hey, Oprah, It's me.  Merlotmom.  I'm over here.

I'm a bad mom blogger.
I'm a bad mom.
I'm a bad wife.

You see, as much as these women were on the show to let us all know that in some ways "we all suck", that none of us are fairy-tale moms, that few of us are horny for our husbands, and that THAT IS ALL OKAY, just the fact that these women were on there, that they had published a book, or were starring on a tv show, or were making oodles of money with their blog (Hey, Dooce!), or just looked so damn pretty on tv!, MADE ME FEEL WORSE.

Why can't I focus on something long enough to be Oprah-worthy?  Why do I feel like I work so hard, am so tired all the time, but never actually succeed to the point where anyone else would notice?  

I seem to have developed adult-onset ADD.  I can't focus on anything long enough to make significant strides.   I dabble in my blog, I write fiction but I don't submit it for publication, I don't like lunching with the girls, and I am a fair-weather FaceBooker and Twitterer.  Aaargh.

I don't usually watch Oprah during the day cuz I don't have time but it's spring break and I was supposed to be watching the kids swimming in the pool, but I got caught up in Oprah instead cuz she was talking to my people, and see, I do suck as a mom cuz someone could have drowned while I had my feet up, munched on sugar snap peas (lunch) and listened to my mommy peers, dammit! 

But the episode did give me a swift kick in the ass, so here I am, merlotmom, fickle mom blogger, writer of run-on sentences extraordinaire, danger to everyone's children,  to present some KICK ASS GRATITUDE FOR THIS WEEK.  (did you see that coming??)

  1. I am grateful that my husband is having surgery on Thursday and that he is traveling for business right after so that I don't have to play nursemaid for long.  (Suck it judge and juries, I said I was a bad wife,  sheesh!)
  2. I am grateful that it is Spring Break and the weather is nice and I don't have to carpool anyone anywhere.
  3. I am grateful there's no homework for a week.  Yeah!
  4. I am grateful someone else is doing Passover Seder. (Except for the soup cuz no one beats my soup.)
  5. I am grateful for our trip to Disneyland tomorrow cuz we're going with a friend who got us all VIP passes and there will be no long-ass waiting in lines for us.  Yeah, baby!
What are you grateful for this week?
Or how bad do you suck?
Whichever floats to the top my friends...

(and no, I am not drinking in the afternoon, not yet, anyway...)


InTheFastLane said...

I am thankful, too, for spring break. I am especially thankful that the rest of the family already had their spring break. But, I am not thankful that it snowed last night.

ByJane said...

"I can't focus on anything long enough to make significant strides. I dabble in my blog, I write fiction but I don't submit it for publication, I don't like lunching with the girls, and I am a fair-weather FaceBooker and Twitterer."

Amen and ditto and yes indeedy.

barbarabaker said...


I too have trouble keeping with the flow of things. I don't make much money and I want so much more. I see all these blogs where the women help each other out, yet I'm on the other side of the fence looking in and wishing I was one of them.

Love the post...

-barbarabaker :)

Headless Mom said...

Preach it, Girl!

I think we're way harder on ourselves than our families are, so I'm grateful for my family, and especially for my husband that ignores the mess on the counter and the shower that needs to be scrubbed.

Manic Mommy said...

I'm grateful that my husband will be away on business the entire week of school vacation and arrive home hours before our son's 4th birthday party.

Oh. Wait. No. I'm effing not!

Christine said...

Hey~ I hear you. I have blogged like MAYBE half a dozen times this year. Oy.

You know what I'm grateful for? The awesome lipstick that a certain someone helped me pick out a Macy's BlogHer partay last year.

I have a very small, pathetic life. :)

JCK said...

I miss you. Grateful for your honesty.

Laura said...

Who made Oprah deciderer? I am grateful that I have an ego that won't let me quit because I, too, should be on Oprah or even Katie if she would have me.

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