Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"Who Are You And What Have You Done With My Children?"

Pinch me.

"Is it real?"  I ask myself. 
"Did aliens abduct my kids while I was asleep and leave me with perfect little clones?
I'm scared to admit it, for fear I'll jinx this positive moon I'm under, but the last two weeks with my children have been... dare I say ... a dream

Click to read more about my surprising snippet of sanity at LA Mom's Blog.


the mama bird diaries said...

Oh, you're right. It's going to get ugly. soon.

JCK said...

Take the good moments when you can. Am going over to read.

Robin said...

Aack! No! Don't tempt the jinx! Don't tempt the jinx! *spits three times, throws salt over shoulder, etc.*

Headless Mom said...

I swear our 8yo boys are twins separated at birth!

Shannon said...

Be afraid, be very, very afraid. If you go missing, we'll know what happened, the "invaded" kids ate you.

Vodka Mom said...

it won't last........or maybe it will?????

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