Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Noticed Her Right Away

I'm telling you right now I DID NOT pay today's guest poster, JCK of Motherscribe, to write this. Okay, maybe a chocolate or two... okay, maybe a bottle of Jack... okay, I paid her greenbacks, lots and lots of greenbacks! Happy now? No, I gave her nothing but she wrote this post anyway, go figure? I was uncomfortable publishing it at first, but then I figured, hey, I'm 46, no one has ever written anything this glowing about me before (except maybe Meghan on Thursday) and no one will probably ever write anything this flattering about me again, so, dammit all to hell, I'm too old to worry about what everyone else thinks, I'm basking in the blogger glow and posting this girl-on-girl sucker.

JCK is an amazing writer. If you like smart, sexy babes who write erotic poetry and slam down whiskey head on over to her blog. You'll be glad you did.

I noticed her right away. Just to the left of the breakfast buffet. Petite and gorgeous, she had that something, that je ne sais quoi. She could have been European, but….she wasn’t. She came toward me…

She said: JCK? Hi, I’m Fran from Merlot Mom. Oh, my GOD, Merlot Mom is a hottie! We had been reading each others’ blogs for a while. We chatted a bit. I invited her to join my breakfast table. And…that’s how we met. At the BlogHer conference in San Francisco this summer. Two moms having some time away from their children, enjoying some “me” time with 1,000 other women talking about blogging, among other things.

Merlot Mom is quite something. First, she’s incredibly warm and friendly. Best of all, she makes YOU feel good. And… she’s a looker. I’m not talking your everyday gorgeous Westside of Los Angeles kind of beauty. No. She has that “petite impossibly beautiful head of hair and does she EVER look bad?” kind of beauty. THAT kind. And you love her right away. She’s lovely. Yes, I kind of have a crush on her. But, shhh…don’t tell. Her head might get big and then she might tip over because of all that luscious petiteness she has going on. OH, she may try to say here on her blog that peri-menopause is knocking on her door and that her pants don’t fit like they used to. Ha! Don’t believe her. Personally, that’s why I occasionally wear fishnets. You can carry off the illusion that your legs are hot if your waist is just not as it once was...
Now, I live right next to Pasadena, which is due East of Merlot Mom, but still in Los Angeles county. Things are a bit different in the East. Slightly.

JCK lives on the Eastside
I drink whiskey.
My children play in dirt disguised as soil.
We have shops.
We have old dogs.
We have gorgeous mountains.
We vacation in California, with the occasional exotic trip to Florida to see family.

Fran lives on the Westside
Fran drinks wine, frequently merlot.
Her children play in sand at the beach.
She shops at boutiques.
They have 2 youthful dogs.
They have gorgeous mountains. [Damn it, Fran! You have both the beach & the mountains??!!]
They vacation to Japan! Yes, THE oh so frequent destination of Japan.
So, we have some lifestyle differences. But, Fran and I have a lot in common. We both have a boy and a girl. We both stay at home …otherwise known as a plethora of delights, whilst carrying out duties of driver, cook, housekeeper, scheduler, yeller, lover, etc., etc. You get the picture. In our previous lives, we were in the entertainment business. Although, she may have been one of the ones not hiring me…come to think of it. Damn you, Fran! Oh, but that’s in the past. Anyway, back to our commonalities…We like to talk about sex. We both like sex. Not together!! Oh, for the LOVE OF GOD, PEOPLE! Perhaps the thing I most identify with in Fran’s writing is our mutual need to find ourselves. We’re struggling to find our own identity tucked under our role as mom and wife. And, how do you find the balance? And, do you ever find it?
In the evening after the kids have fallen asleep, I love to curl up in bed with my red hot lap top and zip over here to see what Merlot Mom has written. I know that I will always find something that makes me laugh or nod my head…as in…you SAID IT, Sistuh! She’s a great read, our Merlot Mom, but…I don’t have to tell you that.
When JCK isn’t simultaneously ogling and cussin’ at Merlot Mom, she can be found doing a little writing at Motherscribe. She is also known to talk about wearing fishnets whilst sippin’ whiskey, stuffing herself with chocolates, and pumping herself up on caffeine. You have to have some vices when you have children 10 months apart…


Maggie, Dammit said...

Awwww, this made me a little teary! In a sick sort of way, but still.


You guys are sweet. :)

(and for the eleventybillionth time, I am PISSED I MISSED BLOGHER.)

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

I think other bloggers who have met Merlotmom may have a similar initial response: "She's petite and hot!"

Like Maggie Dammit, I missed BlogHer, which I'm still bitter and envious and whiny about. But I did get the rare chance to meet her this summer, and I'm so glad I did. She's got this warm aura thing going on that makes you feel good just being around her.

Great post!


JCK said...

She's definitely got the MoJo. Thanks for holding down the fort and reading, ladies!

Merlot Mom, we miss you!! Safe trip home...

Manic Mommy said...

Hmm. That hot huh? I've seen a few pictures of each of you and looove your words enough to have a total girl crush on the both of you, California bitches. All I can say is;

Please let me be the Sabrina to your Kelly and Jill. We'd make such fine angels!

phd in yogurtry said...

Now "I" want to meet her too!
With such a glowing write up from one of my fave mom-bloggers, I feel inspired to add MM to my blogworthiness list.

Kalynne Pudner said...

I'm looking for a picture here, wanna see what Fran looks like. But then again, maybe it's good I can't find one. That petiteness-envy thing, you know.

texasholly said...

So sweet and deserved but you really had me going with the sex together thing???

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