Monday, July 21, 2008

Give Me The Grateful Life - Monday

Here we are, it's the Monday after BlogHer and I've got the Post BlogHer Blues.

It's like the letdown I felt after my wedding which took 8 months to plan and only a few fleeting hours to enjoy.

It's like the disappointment I feel after I've cooked for hours only to have my kids purge the meal into their napkins and opt for yogurt instead.

I waited so long for BlogHer - looking ahead to a time of learning, camaraderie, revelry and just plain letting it all hang out kinda FUN. Now, in a few short days, wonderful days, it's all behind me. Soon to become only a fond memory.

So, to battle the BlogHer Blues, I'm going to take a vial full of Prozac and call it a night think about 5 things I'm grateful for this Monday. (See how swiftly I segued into that? I'm so shifty.)

1. I am grateful for having four days to focus on no one else but myself. I felt alive, I felt appreciated, I felt like ME. Yay!

2. I am grateful for meeting such wonderful women - some humorous, many warm, and all blasting the word "stereotype" right out of the dictionary.

3. I am grateful for reuniting with an old friend.

4. I am grateful for coming home to a house with no new pee stains and no more chewed up phone and laptop chargers.

5. I am grateful for my Iphone dropping in the toilet because now I can get the new one. (Not really 'cause it's expensive and there are no new ones for about a week and it sucks 'cause I'm stuck with a cheapo piece-o-shit phone that does nothing compared to my iPhone but I'm trying to look at the bright side SO SHUT IT!)

What are you grateful for?

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Candid Carrie said...

I am grateful you didn't spend too much time talking about the fabulousness of the convention.

I am grateful you are back.

I am grateful the weather is going to cool down and offer less humidity.

I am grateful for prescription deodorant.

HRH said...

I am grateful you had a good time. I am grateful that I didn't do anything rash over the weekend out of jealousy that I was not there!

ByJane said...

I am grateful I had a good time this year.
I am grateful we got to hang out together.
I am grateful that I'm moving to LA so we can FIP (friends in person)

JCK said...

I am grateful for meeting YOU. I really, really enjoyed spending time with you - all too fleeting. I hope that we can connect here at home.

It was a wonderful weekend!

Fabulously40 said...

I totally agree, I am so upset that Blogher is over, I had so much fun! Meeting so many women in one weekend was an experience I will never forget... and I will never forget all of the cookies, chocolate, and chips I managed to stuff down!!

Manic Mommy said...

I am grateful for my new awards that I will pass along soon to other worthy bloggers.

I am grateful that although RC ripped off my S key, I can till type fairly proficiently. Sssseee?

I am grateful that although I didn't get to attend, I've got tons of friends that I would have finally met in person.

I am grateful that you felt like YOU for a whole four days. It gives me hope.

I am grateful for pinot grigio, sleeping children, and wifi.

Good & Crazy said...

Okay, number one:
I did not see that you added my MEME button! how cool are you!?
2: I'm blogher jealous. Didn't go, probably won't be able to next year either, little kids and little money!
3: hubby now buys me cell phone insurance at $3 per month for just those types of cell phone issues!

good luck

merlotmom said...

thank you everyone for your gratitude as well as the compliments. Good and Crazy: Yes, I added your button, LOVED it! Also, would love to have cell phone insurance but IPhone doesn't offer it! F**ckers. But here I am dying to get another one. Call me crazy. I can't wait to keep up with you all in the blogosphere.

Good N Crazy said...

PS, do you twitter?

I'm rogbark which is stupid but good&crazy was taken...

Connie said...

1. I'm grateful that it rained for 5 minutes yesterday.
2. I'm grateful for my Dyson.
3. I'm grateful that my Iphone will finally be here today.
4. I'm grateful that my in-laws live far away.

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