Monday, May 5, 2008

Let's Do It Already! Let's Choose a Candidate

I know I've said this before but PLEASE make this primary end, PLEASE.

To anyone who lives in Indiana or North Carolina: I know you're excited, I know this time around your votes actually count for something - so, I beg of you, make them count! Tip the scales. Vote for who you think is going to win and end this madness.

It's not that I don't care, it's that I do. This democratic election started out with hope and promise that has deteriorated into a deplorable battle of negatives and a bottomless pit of disingenuousness.

In the beginning choosing between Obama and Hillary was like choosing between ice cream and cake; either one tastes good going down. Now choosing between them is like choosing between the smelliest cheese - France's Vieux Boulogne or, perhaps, Limberger. Both candidates reek with the aging stench of past lies and contaminated affiliations.

I don't trust either of them anymore between Hillary's blatant storytelling about sniper fire in Bosnia and Obama's quick flip from supporting his family minister of 20 years to disavowing of him. Their chameleon-like personalities change depending on the political climate of the location du jour. One moment, Obama is a private school, Ivy League educated elitist and another, as in Indiana, he is guzzling beers and, per NYTimes' Maureen Dowd, "getting down". Hillary remains aligned to her blue-collar roots despite the hundreds of millions she has in the bank.

Worse still, the more we shine the spotlight on Hillary and Obama's screw-ups, the better John McCain looks. Even his seeking out of Reverend Hagee's endorsement (a man who says Hurricane Katrina was an act of God in response to an upcoming gay rights parade) gets little coverage in comparison to the Obama and Rev. Wright debacle. (See Frank Rich's Opinion article in the NYTimes as well as Media Matters which has Hagee's direct quote.)

Is it their fault or ours? Can anyone's character withstand this rapid-fire assault? Can anyone be everything to all people? Are we forcing our candidates to pander in order to get the votes? We must reach a Democratic denouement and fast or, at this rate, we're going to have a President in office worth less than the toilet-tissue our dollar is printed on.


Lori said...

Oh dear, did I actually hear you say that John McCain is looking good! Say it isn't so. I'd vote my one-eye cat into office before I'd take a chance on any Republican!

I do agree though that our two democratic hopefuls are beginning to smell like stinky cheese. It's inevitable...that much time under hot lights will spoil anything. But I'd still gladly put either one of them in office. A democrat in the White House is our country's only hope for eventually resolving some of our biggest problems from the economic slump to the health care crisis to the lack of clean alternative fuels to the destruction of the environment on which we all depend for our very survival. It will take a long time and the battles will be fierce, but at least the democrats have the right intentions and some good ideas. The republicans have neither.

I'll stop there at the risk of becoming preachy and annoying. Now, just stop that crazy talk about McCain!

merlotmom said...

Lori, I would not vote for McCain under any circumstances (as my daughter says - mom, he's OLD. he'll DIE the minute he becomes president.) But for those who are impressionable, the lack of spotlight is making him prettier.

slouching mom said...

good lord! i wrote an almost identical post on monday. great minds think alike, hmm? ;)

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