Wednesday, May 7, 2008

How to Look 10 Years Younger and 10 Pounds Lighter

I read this post, 10 Commandments for Dropping 10 Pounds and 10 Years, by Jodie Clements of who guest wrote for the terrific blog, Dumb Little Man. From my own experience and education (advice from doctors and nutritionists), I know her advice to be sound. What I like is that it's all right there in one easy to read list. I suggest printing it out and keeping it in the kitchen.

I don't much know how effective these ideas are for shedding pounds (I'm petite - can't you tell from my logo?) but I can attest to it working for lowering cholesterol (hereditary problem) and for keeping you looking (and feeling) younger.

The only advice on Jodie's list I've not tried and I'm not so sure about is #9 -exfoliation is great but coconut oil? From someone who had and sometimes still has issues with acne, that suggestion just freaks me out! But since the rest of her advice is good, I may give it a go, though certainly not before any social outings.


Jan said...

Jane, virgin coconut oil is a wonderful, wonderful thing. I keep a jar just for my skin - it is an incredible moisturizer and has saved my ass, literally, since moving to the Great White North - and a jar to cook with. Saturated fat? Yes, but research is proving that saturated fat is not bad for you, per se, it's the type of saturated fat. Saturated fat from commercially raised livestock? Bad. Saturated fat from free range, grass fed beef and coconut oil, in moderation, can be good for you.

Jan said...

I'm sorry - you're not Jane. You're MerlotMom.

Got my wires crossed. Oops!

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