Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Bubble Butt? What? Where? Elisabeth Hasselbeck Shows More Skin

As if shoving her milk-swollen boobs and bubble butt in our face wasn't enough... Elisabeth is baring her beauteous post-pregnancy, bikini clad bod to the world in Fitness magazine.

Sure I appreciate her message: it's possible for other moms to shed the baby flab without dieting, rather choosing healthy foods and exercise.

But please, she's not exactly like the rest of us. She was an athlete in college (softball), she's married to a professional football player who comes from a family of professional athletes (no fatties there!), she had a gorgeous figure before the babies - WTF!

Elisabeth, leave the rest of us alone. Stop finding honorable rationalizations for showing off your fantastic shape. You're just pissing us all off.

What next? Elisabeth Hasselbeck from The View to Playboy?

1 Comment:

Manic Mommy said...

She grates on my nerves. Stepford Wife.

Not that I can stand The View anyway.

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