Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Today I was in a good mood. I have zero idea where it came from, why it was here, it just was. These hormones are sneaky little fuckers. Their arrival always catches me (and my family) by surprise and whoops me in the ass. Their departure is always gentle as a lamb, as if the clouds suddenly lift leaving behind a fresh, spring day. I was myself today which makes me realize that the last few days I have been anything but.

This frightens me because in the midst of my estrogen rage, I am convinced my bitchiness is totally justified. The kids not listening, the constantly evolving mess everywhere, the husband being, well, the husband - it's all real, all true. But once the hormones settle and balance, I can see that though all the elements of my life remain the same, they just don't seem as offensive.

So, I ask you, my blog friends, what do you do/take to keep the monsters at bay? I know many of you are younger but to whomever has words of wisdom about remedies (preferably natural supplements or homeopathic) for the emotional roller coaster I am riding, please share. I will be forever grateful. I might even be nice.

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Manic Mommy said...

Herbal-ish: Brownie mix. Uncooked. With a spoon.

Medicinal: Klonopin.

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