Saturday, January 5, 2008


I tried! I really tried to stay away from the computer today. To NOT research more about blogs. But I failed. That doesn't mean I'm any more intelligent today than I was yesterday, just that I've wasted yet another 4+ hours at my computer. I'm officially addicted to blogging. I'm taking tomorrow off so I can spend time with the hubby and kiddies before normal life starts on Monday. Maybe I'll take my dog for a nice long walk. I can certainly use to get away from this computer. Have a relaxing Sunday.

Here's a cartoon I thought was pretty funny so I'm sharing.

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Amy said...

Francine, you have officially provided me with an intelligent, fun diversion from the schizophrenic doldrums of my own life. Thanks. And congratulations. Merlot Mom is truly great. Even if you were drunk when writing most of it. (You slurred your words on several postings.) Oh, and did John really wear gloves to change the baby's diapers? Much love, Amy

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