Monday, January 7, 2008


I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I managed to stay off the sauce, I mean blogs, and actually saw friends. Yes! Saw them in person. "Yay, me!" (Those of you with kids ages 6-10 may recognize that exclamation from London Tipton on the popular kid's show, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. What can I say, after watching ump-teen episodes, over and over, her voice speaks to me. Some hear God...I hear the Disney Channel.

It's the kids' first day back at school and I'm doing my happy dance. Yeah, yeah, I could tell you I miss the little angels and it was great spending three weeks with them. Truth is...I don't want to see their faces again until 3pm. Mommy needs her space! So how am I spending my free time? Eating bon bons? Getting a mani-pedi? Shopping at Barneys?? Alas, no, but isn't that what your husbands think? Don't you love when they ask, "So what did you do all day?" Like going to the market, dropping off dry-cleaning, and scrubbing your toilet, is going to compare to making deals, increasing sales, and whatever else they do to contribute to the GNP? It's a lose/lose but we grin and bear it because when our kids say something adorably sweet, or acutely funny, WE're the ones there to hear it. Nyah! Nyah! So here I sit wearing my Smart Gloves, attempting to sit in the proper ergonomic position, while making my contribution to society. Thank you for your nice thoughts and comments. I write today with a smile because "You like me, you really like me!"
(I provided the last link should you be interested in famous, past Oscar speeches since award season will be non-existent or terribly lacking this year.)

Before I forget, I shared a cartoon with you last blog courtesy of Digital Digressions but in my newbie naivete, I didn't realize readers would be unable to enlarge it. Never say I'm not here for you, my readers.

A family sits down at the dinner table. The father says to the young boy, "Well, yes, we could read your blog...Or you could just tell us about your school day."


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