Monday, May 17, 2010

Formerly Hot - Not. But I Still Relate To This Woman's Tale

This was sent to me today and while I don't normally promote anything on my blog, much less another writer's work, I am making an exception today.

It's a post from a fellow blogger  (that is as far as our relationship goes).  Her name is Stephanie Dolgoff and she writes at the blog, Formerly Hot.  I totally related to this post (all except for the "hot" part because while I was attractive in my 20's, I was most definitely not being hit on left and right and not one time did a man follow me off of mass transit to ask for my number). 

 "I call myself a Formerly, because I'm Formerly what I was, but not quite sure yet what I am. I'm not young, but neither am I old. I'm an adult tween, caught in all the awkwardness that would imply."

I loved this line!  Particularly as the mother of a tween girl, I can relate. 
She gets me!  If she were a guy, I'd follow her off of mass transit for her number...

Seriously, this is a fun, accurate read.  (I wish I'd written it.)  This woman actually makes me feel good (for now) about being 48.  Stephanie Dolgoff is a talented and funny writer.  If you like SATC style and humor, read her post.  She's coming out with a book in August.


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Kim Tracy Prince said...

What! You're 48? Shit. I have a lot of work to do to look as good as you by then.

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