Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hey! It's merlotmom! Who?

It's been weeks since my last post.  Even BlogHerAds has deemed me a blogging sloth.  Oh, well.  I may be barely breathing in the blogosphere but in real life I am very much alive.

To prove it to you, here's what I did over this holiday weekend:

Flew to NYC for my SIL's wedding:

Lost my camera exiting the cab on the way to said wedding so took pix with my crappy iPhone:

Better that it's blurry, I have no idea if bride and groom want their picture on the internetz anyway.

Stayed in an apartment near Lincoln Center that's layout was a carbon copy of the one I lived in in Gramercy Park for six years  (cough, cough, twenty five years ago)

Do you have any idea how strange it is to be living with your husband and kids in what is essentially the same apartment you spent your SATC years (including the one night stands but excluding the designer outfits and shoes)? 

And then to top things off, I went back to the house in Long Island where I grew up

Which looks nothing like the red brick house I remember.  Unlike the town, which does look like I remember, just...older. 

And see this rock? 

I used to call this Plymouth Rock.  My sister and I used to CLIMB this rock.  CLIMB, as in Mt. Everest.   My sister says it must have sank into the ground because we both remember it as ginormous.

And after a busy weekend of celebrations and cerebral mind-f*cking,  we flew back to L.A.

Only to arrive in the middle of a thunderstorm and watch as my usually steady-as-a-rock husband white-knuckled the armrests and did his best imitation of Lamaze breathing while we pierced the thick, ominous clouds and circled above waiting for the precise point of entry.

Hey at least we weren't struck by lightning like these people!

And when we did get home safely (thank you American Airlines), my son and I put the finishing touches on his California Mission project (a long standing, well known tradition in fourth grade California curriculum) which was due today.

Not bad, huh?  I did help... just a little.

So, now you know what I've been busy doing even if it isn't blogging.
Not that anyone really cares, I just had fun sharing it.

So there my fellow bloggers.  Hope you've all been well.

Be back soon  (maybe).


Elisa said...

You need to come over and help us with our mission!

ByJane said...

Gee, your posts make me homesick for LA. Actually, everything is making me homesick for LA these days, and I have to remind myself that it wasn't so great when I was there. But I didn't know you then, did I.....

phd in yogurtry said...

That's a 4th grade project? Oh my. Feeling relieved I'm living in one of the lowest educationally achieving states in the nation.

heather... said...

I remember making my mission, even though it was a million years ago. And in fifth grade, we had to make a giant map of California out of clay. Like, three feet long. Elementary school is awesome!

Jealous that you were in NYC...I love that town. But yeah...that would definitely be a mindf**k!

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