Thursday, March 5, 2009

Won't You Help Keep Me Sane?

I am miserably out of touch for oh so many things in my life but particularly in the world of music. I am stuck in the '70s. Classic. R&B. Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, the Eagles.

It's not like my head is totally buried in the land of Elton. I do like Jason Mraz, Mary J. Blige, and John Legend. But my knowledge of new artists is as thin as the aging skin on the back my hands.

I've been exercising more lately. I realize now (hello, it's never too late, right?) that cardio is not only good for the body but great for the mind. I find that when I don't exercise my mood predictably becomes heavy and dark. I need the cardio to KEEP ME SANE and keep my family from kicking my beyotch-ass to the curb. I've exhausted my playlists and need some new juice to keep my legs moving and my fists pumping. 

I don't have the time to start swimming the great I-Tunes sea of new artists. So, I'm asking you.

Would you share with me some of your recent finds? Or old favorites (maybe I've forgotten some).
Pretty please?  My sanity and the stability of my family depend on the kindness of strangers my internet buds.

My family and I thank you.

This has been a public service announcement.


Duchess said...

I have been trying to convince someone for years that you could really make money on playlists for middleaged ladies at the gym. I just can't run to the Hotel California and I am ready to slit my wrists, instead of pump that iron, with all that Leonard Cohen on my iPod.

I'm with you. Help!

Bobbi said...

If you can stand it, anything by Britney Spears, her last 2 albums were pretty good.
The other is Lady Ga Ga. She's a little out there to look at, but she's got a great voice and some cool songs.

Manic Mommy said...

Oh, OH! I thought of some!

The Fray was on Ellen the other day (when I was on the eliptical) and they sounded great - their new album debuted at #1!

Also, Wanderlust but Gavin Rossdale (HAWT) is less than a year old. What I've heard, I love.

Last but not least, Jack Johnson is fun and sunny.

elisa said...

Go to the iPod-ercise section on (Yes that is a plug for my site....) There are 16 playlists already made for you and you can download hem in their entirety as they are linked to itunes as a single list.,%20Music%20and%20Film%20Talk

A Woman Of No Importance said...

I have very similar tastes to you and your 'older' choices, and in more recent times I have managed to make space for the more uptempo Anastacia, Macy Gray, David Gray, Mika, Scissor Sisters, Sam Sparro - I hope that is helpful to you in your exercise endeavours!

phd in yogurtry said...

You are looking for music to exercise to, right? I have a similar quest. I do have some songs loaded on my mp3 player that I'll list (no, not cool iPod owner here).

I have selected based on the right tempo for me. Might not work for you. Most work on the stairmaster, but not so great for jogging. When you are looking, the "club mix" versions are often longer. These are from several decades and different genres, none terribly current.

Shakira: Hips Don't Lie

Jet: Are you gonna be my girl

Will Smith: Get jiggy wit it
Will Smith: Miami

Everything But (?): Missing (remix)

Marky Mark: Good vibrations

Stevie Ray Vaughn: Love Struck

Red Hot Chili Peppers: Scar Tissue

Janet Jackson: Nasty

Salt 'n Peppa: Pump up the Jam

M.C. Hammer: U Can't Touch This

Run DMC: Walk this way

Tag Team: Whoomp. There is is.

Alson Moyet: Only You

La Bouche: Be my lover

Jellyhead: Crush

Black Box: Everybody everybody

Right Said Fred: Too sexy for my love

Cece Peniston: Finally (club mix)

Fun Factory: I wanna be with you

2 Unlimited: Get ready for this

Kylie Minogue: Can't get you out of my head

John Lee Hooker: Catfish Blues

Fine Young Cannibals: She drives me crazy

Robin S: Show me love (club mix)

Santana: Smooth

Harold Melvin: The Love I lost

Amber: This is your night

the mama bird diaries said...

anything by justin timberlake.

Magpie said...

Don't forget that Springsteen released a record THIS YEAR.

ByJane said...

I realized last week that my playlists mostly reflect the heavy and dark times in my life. When I realized this, I also realized that perhaps this is why I don't exercise: because my music depresses me. So I don't know what to tell you. Just sharin', ya know?

merlotmom said...

Thank you all for your suggestions. I'm gonna get busy on Itunes. :)

dkuroiwa said...

I'm a bit like you in that I do like the older stuff...but...anything from the '80's (IMHO) pretty much sucked ergo...the 70's is where I'm at usually!
I have started walking and I have found that 3 Doors Down, Linkin Park (some lyrics are pretty colorful...the F-Bomb is dropped a few times, fits the song!), Fall Out Boy, and Daughtry are what I listen to to keep my energy moving!!

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Give Scissor Sisters a taste. And if you end up liking them, then also try Mika.

Sotorrific Twins said...

Found you from Candid Carrie's site. Here's some songs from the oh-so-wonderful 90s that get me moving. There's some more recent stuff in there, too, but like you, I'm partial to the stuff I had growing up.

Lovefool - Cardigans
Its All Been Done - Bare Naked Ladies
Lose Yourself - Eminem
You Rock My World - Michael Jackson
Stronger - Britney Spears
Crazy in Love - Beyonce
My Prerogative - Bobby Brown
This Aint a Scene, its an Arms Race - Fallout Boy

I don't have a lot of respect for my taste in music so I apologize if this was not helpful. :) But I like it!

phd in yogurtry said...

Heard this today .. posted it on my blog (with a link to your post)

Shake It by Metro Station

Alison said...

Hi MM, love your post here and have joined the party with a link over to you as well. Shake dem hips sister!

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