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  • My blogger friends ARE eligible.  
  • Regretfully family members and IRL friends (in real life for non-bloggers) are NOT eligible for MY contest.  BUT you ARE eligible to enter ALL the other HP Magic Giveaway contests.  See my HP posts or HP MAGIC GIVEAWAY's home page for participating sites.
  • International entrants welcome.
  • Winners of other HP Magic Giveaway contests are NOT eligible.
  • You must have a legitimate shipping address.  P.O. Box addresses will NOT be accepted.  
  • Make your case!  Tell me why you deserve to win $6000 worth of HP and Microsoft products.  How will you put the equipment to good use?  Who will you share it with and why?  The contest is about the spirit of giving so I ask that you illustrate for me, either in words (250 words or less) OR on video (4 minutes or less) how you will make the most out of this charitable opportunity.  It can be for a friend in need, an organization such as a hospital, a residence home, a school.  Your choice.  Tell me what it will mean to you to have them share in your good fortune.  WOW ME.
  • Include a link in your entry to HP Magic Giveaway's home page and to this post on
  • Post your entry on your blog, on Facebook, on YouTube, or in my comment section.
  • If you have posted your entry anywhere other than my comment section, please leave a comment with a link to the site of your entry, your name, and a valid email address so I can contact you.  Some entries do not include a valid email address so I cannot contact you if there are questions/issues with your entry.  You MUST provide contact info or you will be ineligible.  Thank you.
  • Entries will be accepted beginning Sunday, 12:01AM (PST) December 7, 2008 and ending 11:59PM (PST) December 13, 2008.  (No entries stamped before or after that time will be accepted.)    TO THOSE OF YOU WHO ENTERED BEFORE 12:O1 PACIFIC STANDARD TIME PLEASE RE-ENTER NOW.  THESE ARE THE RULES AND I AM STICKING TO 'EM.   CONSIDER YOURSELVES WARNED.  THANK YOU!
  • Winner will be announced on  Monday, December 15, 2008 at 12PM (PST).
  • I am the sole judge of this contest.  My decision is final.
  • Winner will have 48 hours from the announcement to contact me at or I will award the prize to the first runner-up.
  • Winner should provide valid shipping addresses for all recipients.  I can ship directly to all destinations from here.
  • By entering, the winner agrees to deliver to me within 4 weeks of contest close, a story of their experience SHARING THE MAGIC. (It can be written, photographed,  or in video form.  Written:  500 word max.  Video:  4 mins or less).  We want you to share the magic with everyone.
  • All shipping charges are billed directly to sponsors. 
  • Any taxes paid by winner will be compensated by sponsors. 
  • A few of the packages may have been opened and re-packed in their original packaging.  (I will choose a few of the computers to check out and review during the week.)

Remember:  The point of the contest is to SHARE, so I am hoping you will pay it forward and give some of your prizes to others who could benefit from them rather than sell it on Ebay or keep it all for yourself.  If you do choose the latter you'll have to live with the bad juju I will send your way when I find out.  (And I have my ways.)




Jase said...

I have always been fascinated with things that are efficient and functional. The prices are too huge for just me to own. That’s why I am giving a huge part of the price to my brother. His name is Jimmy, he got married last June to a wonderful lady, her name is Dette. They started a motorcycle parts & accessories shop after they got married and the prize is perfect for them as they are just starting a family. Now my lovely new sister-in-law is now 4-months pregnant. The family celebrated the occasion since it will be the first grandchild for both families. I want my first niece/nephew to be able to grow up in a knowledgable environment, surround him/her with books, music, or a computer because me & my brother did not. In these days a computer is as valuable as a book and like any good book we treasure it. This prize will not only benefit my brother’s future family but his business as well. A couple of months ago, my brother’s 9-year old Pentium 3 computer crashed and with it is the shop’s inventory. We have tried many ways to restore it but the hardware had just given up. I really think this could just be the greatest gift for them, they are very good and god-fearing people. I love them both and I just want them to have the best.

Jegatheez said...

Yeah.. Great to enter this contest having an eye on the charity.

One of my school friend from middle class family,poor boy who studies his master degree in parallel with his work..he compensated money needed to the education by this.Still he is requiring a PC to do well his college software project.It can possible only in his dream to get a laptop.I am planning to give one laptop or PC to him,if I win.

Second, I will be donating a laptop to my elder sister who is fond on internet and surfing things.She also planning for a master degree.That will be my biggest gift to her ever.

Another HP mini will go to my dad who will be living with this for entertainment,watching movies and passing time in this older age.

One more will go to my Primary school,which I never forget in my life,this will be very much useful for managing the school.

Printer will go to myself,I believe.Before all this plan, I should win one right? God bless me!.



meg said...
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meg said...
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angie said...

I posted about it here:



Pricousins at aol dot com

Piyush Marmath said...


I think I would deserve this wonderful prize on this awesome blog.

A 512-MB RAM PC, A 1.11 GHZ AMD Athlon Processor, Windows Vista Home Basic and the current financial turmoil.

My condition.

I will decide on the sharing part after I win it. Most probably, I will share it with my family or friends.

I hope I win.



34skyline said...
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34skyline said...

Here's the link to my blog

Michael Chen said...

As i was surfing the web today, i came across Since this contest is opened to anyone, i said to myself to get it a go, there is nothing to lose. If i was to be the winning person, I would like give my mom the HP Touchsmart because my mom loves to watch drama shows but our tv is like 15 years old, one of those JVC big fat old TV, pretty much outdated to today technology with all the HD TV. Giving her the HP Touchsmart would improve her media entertainment allowing her to enjoy all the shows she wants in higher video and sound quality, that will be a magic that she will never forget. I would love to also share 2 of the laptops with my family relatives who moved here to the US from China because they only work enough for their daily activity so having laptops in their home helps them with their work and entertainment. As for myself, I would sell the rest for low price so people can get the thing they want without spending a lot of money on them. So a little magic for them too. The money I earn would help me in college.

Michael Chen

Martin said...

I used to volunteer in the IT Department at Bootstrap Enterprises,, which is a training and support provider which focuses on helping the local community, businesses and teenagers find work, gain qualifications, get support and help, they also refurbish and donate computers to charities. We would collect unwanted hardware and strip them into parts and make computers that we then donated computers to all who needed not just charities but needy members of the public, we also would go out to businesses and the local council and provide free tech support and training. If i won i would be donating some of the hardware to Bootstrap for them to use in-house and lend out to businesses and charities who need them, if i win i would keep one laptop for myself, give one to my father who has just come out of hospital after a major operation and the rest I will share out appropriately.

Matthew Kempster said...

If I won this great prize I would donate the desktop to my local Scout Group to help with I.T. badge training and stuff as they could do with a new computer!

I would also share some of the winnings with my family and friends for Christmas, but would keep something for myself as it is my birthday in 2 days time!

Patric Krueger said...

I hope I did this right. Hmm...I've double and triple checked so I think it's okay.


I have no intention of keeping any of the gear. My sole purpose in entering this sweepstakes is to provide three underprivileged children with a new laptop for Christmas (or thereabouts). One of the children I have in mind is named Anthony. Anthony is eight-years-old and lives with his grandmother in Stuart, Florida. His parents are who knows where. His grandmother works three jobs and Anthony spends the majority of his time alone. Anthony is a good kid and I believe this computer will be a way for him to free his mind and perhaps discover the outside world and something about himself. As naïve as it sounds I believe in the power of technology to transform lives. Perhaps receiving this gift will be a life-changing event for him and lead to a better life. I remain hopeful for all of us.

patricjames@hotmail dot com

Frode said...

If I'm the lucky winner of this big HP giveaway, I would be very greatfull. I'm 17 years old, going to school and does currently have no work. Because of this, I'd use the prize and split it like you guys wants as christmas gifts. I would take a laptop and the office for myself since schoolwork is quite mobile, and i don't have one already, but I would give the rest away. The Touchsmart to my mom so she could maybe start learning to use a computer(I guess it's easier to touch then to move a mouse ), and my dad always talks about learning video editing, so he would get the HDX and VideoStudio, and my brother could use the mediasmart connect unit. But everyone has a printer here, so that I will give to my local school with the HP mini 1000. This could be my christmas gifts, so I finally could bring some bigger gifts then cds and dvds :P

Have a nice day!

Ossi said...

I think I would deserve to win because the gear would go to good use. I would replace my aging desktop with touchsmart and use the mini 1000 at school. The two other laptops would go to my brother who has already a HP laptop but that laptop has some problems. The other laptop would go to my best friend who needs a laptop or to my parents who need a computer. I can't decide who needs it the most. My friend travels for work but can't afford a laptop for keeping in touch with friends and family. Rest of the stuff I would give to my family and friends as presents.

makeetis said...

If I was so lucky to win this prize I would share it like this. I would keep the desktop and printer for myself because I have a Dell that I purchased used and it is not working right and no one can fix it. I have 3 kids at home and 2 would use it for school and it wouldn't freeze up on them. The printer would be mostly for book reports and school stuff. One laptop I would give to my husbands nephew whose family like mine is in hard times and he is 16 and could use it. The other laptop would go to my aunt who also can not afford a computer but would like one to keep in touch with her son. The other stuff I would probably donate to my kids schools. They can always use stuff. Thanks for the chance to win this. brewerchickey78(at)

a00r said...

Hello I entered the information on my blog here is the link to the entry

Simon Brown said...

This december, my parents hit a serious financial crisis where they can no long support me at university. If I was to win, it would mean the world to me. I would give the prizes to my dad and mum who have done so much for me in the past. Christmas would feel like how christmas is supposed to be, happy, spending time with family, sharing. I really want to maky my parents happy.

Kind Regards,


Peter Franco said...

hi I would donate one laptop to a school that cant afford a computer at all, they still use those old typewriter and not the electronic one to type out letters. Besides I personally myself going to donate 3 computers on my own to Do Bosco Boarding school, these children let alone computers they don't have proper food to eat, they most survive on lentils and rice, that mostly their daily food, chicken or meat is bought for them maybe on occasions, also as far their education is concerned they our taught by the people of take care of them, they don't go to schools, i wanted to give them computers so that they could learn and educate themselves, and i'm sure it would make their Christmas very special and more make them very happy.

Peter Franco

HighlandsCC said...

I would love to win this contest to help the people around me. I have friends, family, and school to think about when giving things away. My school is somewhat lacking in the technology department so I will give one of the teachers (either head of tech or engineering) one of the laptops. My aunt (who lives in Ireland will receive one of the laptops as well; she lives in a cloister and never gets to leave. It would be great to have an easier way of contacting her. My brother and sister will be able to share the desktop and Kung-Fu panda DVD. The rest? There are local charities and I would love to see some kid have it on Christmas day and take photos. I think it would be amazing. Thanks for making this available on your site and I hope to be able to do this for my community.


meg said...

oh jeesh.. i hope i followed directions right! It is 12:02 PST...It is officially Dec. 7... so here we go :)

i posted on my blog - come on over and read all about it!

what a great giveaway... it's wonderful to know that with this contest is a "chain of good karma" starting in the world!

I was also thinking that if I won -aside from giving some of the goodies to the woman I talk about in my blog - it would be cool to "re-blog" and choose one other winner from the entries on your blog to share this with. That way you'd have 2 cool blog stories - and the prizes would be stretched even further. :)


Jérémie Melchior said...

I don't know what I will keep, but one of the 4 computers (mini or touchsmart one), not the laptops.
One of my cousin have his 17th birthday the 6th of December and she has no computer and would love to get one.
This girl teaches me many important things in my life and I would like to thank her for everything with a laptop but can't buy one myself for her.

I would like to share the gift, not only to one person and not only to family.
I currently work at "Université catholique de Louvain" and I think it should be fine to find 1 or 2 young students with no money apart the price for their studies.
They could get one price at their own choice.

The mother of my brother's girlfriend is working in a Hospital.
I think that it is a good idea to ask her for a christmas for a young boy or girl spending his/her life in the hospital.
And another gift could go to a client of my physiotherapist who gave me strength and self-esteem when I was half-paralysed.

I spend my time helping everybody about computers and I like sharing ideas, knowledges and hardware.
I have already given about offered many things to people who I care about.
I try to always be there for everyone, and I hope to be someone nice for them.

Thanks to :
and !

Merry Christmas to all!

Radu said...
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Radu said...

What HP and you are doing is amazing!
The Christmas present would be shared like this:
- 1 laptop for my crazy-for-advertising-with-a-very-slow-pc-for-rendering-prints girlfriend (she is very talented, but her pc is so slow that her ideas are somewhat tortured by the time she loses with rendering); you can see one of her works here. She really puts passion in what she does and I really think that a new laptop (a powerful one actually) will help her to follow her dream.
- 2 laptops for two friends of mine who can’t afford one. We are part in a students’ programming team currently involved in a project that aims to build an open-source online platform for our University, at first, and then to distribute it to all universities that could make use of it. It should ease the tasks for professors, students and secretaries, building an online collaboration environment that would keep track of courses, schedules, official papers, etc. The fact that these 2 friends/colleagues of mine don’t afford buying laptops makes it so hard to write code while in the same study room and this really affects the code quality since the communication must be done using emails or chat rooms.
- I would like to replace my old desktop, so I guess I would keep that one for me.
- The media center would be a great gift for my parents and it sure would be a surprise to both of them. They both like to watch movies and listen music, so this would be just perfect. I wish I could buy them one if I don’t win…
You see, creativity comes in many shapes: whether it’s about an advertorial print or some code that translates into an useful application, it’s all about creating and touching people’s minds in different ways. Talent without support is a lost cause. And this prize is the support one could have. It’s a start-up for my girlfriend’s career and necessity for my two friends/colleagues (we study Computer Science; pretty ironical…). As for me, it would make my Christmas happier. But the real joy will be to see the smile on their faces and to know that I shared a great prize with people who deserve it.


jeaniegal said...
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jeaniegal said...

I would give the Wireless printer, Photo pack and the KungFu panda DVD to the Athens Area Homeless shelter in Athens GA. I volunteered at there a while back & for a place that housed close to 30 people, they didn't have much entertainment except for children's toys. The Center for Teaching & Learning @ UGA would get the HP TouchSmart PC to introduce students to cutting edge technology. The College of Veterinary Medicine (Anatomy Dept.) would receive the Corel VideoStudio X2, Windows Live and the dv4 laptop to help with making & editing anatomy instructional videos. My Father-in-law would receive a license of MS Office 2007 to help him with his job search. My Sister-in-law (3rd grade teacher and new mom) would get the HP mini 1000 with MS Office 2007 to help with her teaching duties and interest her students in technology. Lastly, my hubby & I would keep the MediaSmart & HDX laptop for personal & work use. Thanks to HP & Merlot mom


Immoral Matriarch said...

If I won, I'd keep the desktop and printer. With the other computers:

One I'd give to my grandmother just turned 67 years old, and is going back to college to complete her degree in early childhood education. She postponed her education until after I had left home in order to raise me, and she's an inspiration to me that yes, you're never too old.

The other one I'd give to my best friend who's a single mother raising her son without any help, living solely off of student loans. She's pursuing her master's in English and her old laptop has been giving her trouble. Recently she lost a year's worth of photos of her 5 year old son and a semester's worth of work. She continues to take it in for repairs, it continues to break on her, but she can't budget in a new computer.

The last I'd give to my younger brother who's just enrolled in the local community college. He's made some mistakes lately, not the least of which was not being careful and contracting HIV, something that has forced him to put his life in perspective these past two months. He's trying to do turn things around and I think this laptop would be beneficial to him for school and also, he's a pretty good writer and I'd like to see him start his own blog. I think it'd be good for him. And of course, it's the little things, and with my homphobic family basically turning their backs on him, I think this would assure him that he doesn't need them: he has me and I'll do anything I can for him.

Gina R said...

I will be donating 1 PC, a printer, the picture pack, Kung Fu blue ray and 1 Kung Fu DVD to the Westchester Medical Childrens Hospital. When my 15 yr. old son was 1 he caught nuemonia. Dr Slim of Westchester Medical performed surgery. It was serious enough he could've died because he was so small and the nuemonia was so bad. My son had a tube inserted in his lungs to drain the fluid and was in the hospital for over 1 month. It was devastating to me. They saved my baby. When I see his scar I always think of those doctors and what they gave us. As a survivor of 9/11 my family has dealt with my depression for over 7yrs, no complaints. For once I can give them something for school (15 & 9yrs old) and my husband can start his business and stay home with me. Happy holidays to all, good luck in this giveaway and lets continue to make this world a better place by giving verbally, mentally and physically.Thank you for the opportunity.

Grace, Peace and Serenity,

anonymous said...

I would keep the HP HDX notebook. Having a laptop would be helpful for college and for vacations. One of the computers I would give to my mom since she doesn't have her own. I would also give one of the computers to my friend Fabrice because he has been a great friend to me and as a geek I am sure he would love having a newer computer than his ancient Dell. The remainder of the prizes I would give to my college, other friends, and/or a charity such as the Salvation Army.

StudioBlvd said...

I would give one to my sister who currently uses an HP Pavilion 533w with 256mb of ram and Intel Celeron. It's really slow running under Windows XP. She does design and creative stuff so a new laptop would really help her accomplish task much easier and faster.

I would give one to my parents who currently own a Compaq Presario with 128mb of ram and 1ghz. This desktop is super super slow for doing anything basic. Just surfing the internet is extremely slow and they like to watch asian series online.

My laptop could use an upgrade also. My Dell XPS M140 is losing its keycaps and the display is very loose. The left trackpad button is dead. I do webdesign and programing so a new laptop would not hurt.

visit HP Giveaway and Merlot Mom


Andre Da Costa said...

Entry on my blog:!E8E5CC039D51E3DB!20598.entry

Andre Da Costa

andred25 [AT] hotmail DOT com

Dogtrax said...


I teach writing and technology to sixth graders and so my plan, should I be fortunate to win this contest, would be to bring most of the equipment right into my classroom, providing some opportunities for kids who don't have access to technology at home.
In fact, I think that there is a clear inequity with who has access to technology and who doesn't in many schools, meaning that the so-called Digital Divide just keeps getting larger and larger. This donation of equipment won't change that overall in the world, but it will make a difference in my own school, with my own students.
My kids work with podcasting, with movie making, and with tools that promote critical thinking skills that they will need in this ever-changing global market. I would like to use this equipment to continue to connect them to the world.
Thank you for considering my application here and it is very heartening to see how many people would reach out to others.
Kevin Hodgson

Irzaud Hoosein said...

It was a cold, frigid morning. My cousin was on her way to class, without means of transportation, trudging through tuffs of snow when she came upon a patch of ice. She slipped, fell back, and crashed down, flat on her back. Worst of all, she had cracked the screen on the brand new laptop she had labored so gruelingly for by working overtime at the local grocery store. She persevered, continuing her trek to class, arriving, sitting though algebra, pants soaking wet, picking bits of glass out of her elbow, notes illegible through the jagged cracks on the screen. This is the perfect time to deliver a reversal of fortune. This would be the perfect opportunity to turn her luck around with a newer, bigger, and better notebook. The feeling of being able to turn someone else's luck around so powerfully would be enough to inspire me to want to do it again and again, a feat that would be made possible with a prize package of this magnitude. What lies behind door number one can affect the lives of not only myself, but the lives of friends and loved ones around me.

Irzaud Hoosein

Marcia said...

I would definately give away both larger laptops. The first one I would give to my aunt's 5 kids to use for their school reports and research. My aunt is a SAHM and can't afford to buy the kids anything unnecessary. They are ages 13-4 so they all would make great use of this. I would love to be able to go visit them and give them this wonderful gift and show them how to use it. The second one I would give to my daughter's paternal grandfather. He travels all over the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico for his job and they put him in hotels that mostly have free wireless. He's away from his family for weeks on end with only a cell phone that may or may not work depending on the area. I'd love for him to be able to keep in touch with the whole family while he's away. I mostly just want the HP Mini for me. This would be great for my daughter to learn on (so it's not even for myself either) and I would probably even give the touch screen to my daughter's dad. We separated a few months ago, but I think he would be the best person to use this.

learningmama at yahoo dot com

Katherine said...

I need a new laptop and a new desktop...but I would give the rest of it away. That's right, all the rest! And no, "give it away" doesn't mean "sell it on ebay"!

I volunteer with a great group here in New York City called Getting Out & Staying Out( We help 18-24 year olds coming out of Riker's with all of the challenges they face - housing, jobs, education - all towards the goal of avoiding recidivism and any other type of bad behavior. I teach interviewing skills, everything from how to shake hands to how to dress and prepare properly for an interview, about once a month in GOSO's office. It's very rewarding, and the young men GOSO serves all have unique stories.

GOSO is well and tightly run, but it's hit a bit of a rough patch, given that - in lean times - most people will donate any extra money to more 'family friendly' charities (think charities for children, etc.).

So, long story, long...give me the HDX 18 series notebook PC and the HP TouchSmart IQ816 AIO Desktop PC, and I will happily donate the rest to GOSO!


Michael said...

My family has had a really tough year. First, my mother lost her home to fire, about a year ago. Insurance rebuilt the home, but she lost everything. I would share with her, because she has not been able to replace the one she lost. Second, I have been unemployed sine January. My wife and kids have encouraged and supported me in going back to school full time.
And that leads me to this, My daughter is a freshman at college with a partial scholarship for photography and design. This would really help her in her degree. with our financial situation we have not been able to support her the way we would like.
Here are the links:
Thank you

Brandon said...
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chris said...

I know I know! 250 words or less. But There was just so much to write!

I understand the magnitude of this post may disqualifie me and those I have mentioned from the contest,
but those in need and I would greatly appreciate a pardon on entry length. :)

AAA Pregnancy Counseling Center:
HP Mini 1000
HP Photo smart C6380 Wireless AIO (printer)
HP 564 Photo Value Pak
The best cause I can think of! AAA Pregnancy Counseling Center provides support and planning for mothers to be, all completely free. They are solely run off of donations and in this economy, they are facing a shortage of donations. Another major part of AAA's role is to go out and spend one week each semester in the local schools teaching abstinence. In this town, we have one of the highest number of STD cases in the country. AAA counselors work tirelessly educating students during the day and parents at night. AAA Pregnancy Counseling Center could greatly utilize the HP Mini, HP Photo smart Printer, and HP Value pack. Because they are on the move so often, their counselors could benefit from a Laptop, they could present power points and picture/videos at schools, while answering emails to those in need even when they are away from their desks. A printer would be another great device they could fully use. With many forms and paperwork a second printer could always be used.

Thanks-Giving Lutheran Church/Corner Stone Christian School:
HP Touch Smart IQ816 PC
A fairly good sized church, under some tough economic times. After a survey finding that only 20% of the congregation donates money, the church is having a difficult time coping with paying staff and debt from a recent addition to the building. Wanting to reach out to congregation members while in the lobby, Thanks-giving Lutheran could greatly benefit from an HP Touch Smart. Allowing members to view the latest updates and sign in. During the week while not in use at the church, the computer could be used for the Small under-funded school that utilizes some of our classrooms. currently they have over 10 classrooms, and 5 computers; all of them being tan!

Lutes (L-oo-ts):
HP Pavilion dv4 series Entertainment Notebook PC
Kungfu Panda
Office 2007
The Lutes, already having two children decided they wanted a third child. To their surprise Mrs. Lute became pregnant, but not with one baby, as she soon found out she was carrying 4! With six kids to take care of, Mrs. Lute stays home while Mr. Lute provides for the family. As you can imagine, 6 mouths to feed is a lot, and money is tight. With the quads now in 2nd grade I would like to give them an HP Entertainment Notebook Pc. As well as Office 2007 and Kungfu Panda. With four children all receiving the same assignments, computer time is precious and with the new addition of a Laptop and Office 2007 the children and Parents can all take their turn.

Ryan Parker said...
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Ryan Parker said...

^^^ sorry about that, can you delete that comment please?

If I were to win this Magic Giveaway I would share it with family. One of my brothers needs a laptop for work. He is in his last year of college and needs to buy one soon for work, so this would be a perfect christmas gift. He would be spending around $1500 (or less) on one if he doesn't get this. The other brother is entering his first year at college next year for graphic design. So he also needs a laptop for his work he will be doing in school. A high end one that is, since he will be doing graphic design work and needs a better laptop. They both would choose between the dv4 and the HDX 18. I would give the Mini to my little sister and the Touchsmart would go to myself :) I would share the smaller components with friends as a christmas present.

Ryan Parker
ryan [dot] parker [dash] [at] hotmail [dot] com

Heather Creely said...

If this comes out twice, I apologize, but I think I goofed my 1st entry.

I have 2 people/groups of people who I want to share these gifts with.

1st - Wayne R. and family - They lost their house, as well as all of their belongings, in a fire about a month ago. We have been trying to help out here at work by donating clothes and raising money for essentials, but that doesn't count electronics. In these hard economic times, work is slow, and its hard to raise extra money. Wayne and his wife, have a son who is 13, and a daughter who is 17. Given their ages, I'm sure they are missing their computer time. I just think this would be a great Christmas gift for them. I want them to have the entertainment laptop with the printer and the software.

2nd - My friend Liz who just lost her partner to cancer on Thansgiving day. Her current computer, a laptop, will not even boot. I can't even imagine what she is going through. Her and Terri were together for 20 years. Terri was only 47 when she passed. I know a computer doesn't even come close to making everything better, but it will be one less thing for her to worry about. I think it would cheer her up. I wanted to give her the high performance laptop, and 1 copy of office.

As for me, I really want the netbook. I'm not sure about the desktop. Mine is pretty old.

I'd really like to spread a little extra cheer this year. :) Thanks!!!
Heather Creely

carrotmadman6 said...

I’ll want to create a University of Mauritius (that's where I study) society where all the laptops, netbook, PC & printer will be available to needy students for use, free of charge.
I’ve seen that many students need to queue up at a local internet café so that they can use the PCs there (standing!) & then pay for the printing.
However by creating a University-funded society, this should help to alleviate some of their problems.
& I’m also thinking of setting up a “geek-squad” of volunteers so that they can help speed up any presentations, documents typing for these students. Thanks again for the giveaway! :)

Thanks for the giveaway! :D

Matt Standley said...

If I were to win, I would give my mother and stepfather in Louisiana one of the new computers because theirs crashed and my stepdad was recently laid off from his job. I would give another one of the computers to my dad and stepmom here in Georgia because the computer they have now was bought at a refurbishment place for $150. I've always wanted to pay my parents back with something wonderful, and this was the best opportunity I've ever come across. I would give another computer, the printer, and the media connect to my fellow interns at the theater that I work at because we’re all just starting out in our careers and it’d be nice to share that with someone to help them along. I’d give Kung Fu Panda to my little brother and his friend. The only thing I would keep would be one of the the laptops, and the interns and i would share the photo pack so we could print out some headshots. Thanks so much! :-)


Matt Standley

HP Magic -

Your Blog -

Vickie said...

Why do I deserve all of this?

Well for starters my current desktop is 7 years old and ready to be replaced. So we need the update anyway.

Second my husband gave up a promising career as an artistic photographer so that he could support our family. He would love to have a computer to tinker around with his photos so he could pretend he's still at it.

Finally, we're good people trying to raise a good family. We make sacrifices so I can stay at home and raise the kiddo-s. We actively serve in our church and the community. And we wouldn't keep it all for ourselves. A short trip to the unemployment office would allow us to share two of the laptops with someone who needed a little help.

Thanks MerlotMom for letting me enter.


Shankar said...
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Shan said...

Thanks for giving me an opportunity to participate in this wonderful contest. Wish you all the best in spreading the festival warmth.

I am a firm believer of the old proverb: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. As a lecturer of finance working in a developing country, I have been captivated by microfinance - the business of making finance available to the real poor. While microfinance has put money in the hands of poor, they have little training on how to use them effectively. I, along with a group of friends, am planning to create a platform that will educate them on the basics of banking, personal finance, saving do’s-and-dont’s etc. We will design CDs in various local languages that will train them on these concepts.

The two laptops, the Corel software, mediacenter and the Photosmart will all be a great help in creating these learning packages. More importantly, these gifts will also help us channel our limited funds on other non-infrastructure. After the venture is stabilized, we intend to identify rural entrepreneurs keen on taking up training and gift them the laptops along with complete access to our learning material.

I will gift the touchsmart, which frankly is a luxury, to my wonderful parents for the countless sacrifices they have made. The mini, I will gift to my adorable neice who is just discovering the joy of computers.

Kerri Reed said...

This contest has come not a moment too soon in my life! I am a single parent of two children. My sister recently died and left behind four children of her own with no one to care for them. I stepped in, and now have all six children in my home. It has been very difficult, because my son has learning disabilities and requires home schooling. I do not have my own computer, and so we make daily trips to the local library, but the time limits on the computers there are short at best.

I am aware that the local animal control desperately needs updated computer equipment to better place the animals that so desperately need a home. Additionally, I tutor underprivileged children in Language Arts for the local school district. These computers could make a huge difference for them as well. If I win this contest, I will do the following: Give one computer to the local animal control, give one computer to the local school for the students, and keep one for myself so that my son can use it for his home schooling needs. It would also be beneficial for my sister’s children to have a means of using the new computers as well. Please consider my family in this contest. Thank you.

Van said...

Thank you HP and Merlot mom for this wonderful competition.
More than a year ago, my wife was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that doctors thought would either be with her for life, or go away shortly. Unfortunately, it didn't go away, and about a month ago, my wife was laid off after using up all her medical leave. For a formerly very active step-mom who would juggle work, a kid and being an active member of the community, being consigned to lying in a chair all day because she doesn’t have any energy is extremely difficult. To make matters worse, her employer took the computer she was using back, and we don’t have one to give to her. I would love to be able to give her the TouchSmart PC this Christmas, because it would be easier for her to touch the screen than to use a mouse.
I would also like to give one of the laptops to my son, who will be going off to college next fall. Tuition will put a very high strain on our (now single-person) income, but we value our son’s education. If the economy weren’t so bad, and my wife and I were both working, I might have been able to get him a laptop. Now, though, I won’t be able to, and I know that he could really use one in college.
The other laptops, the printer and software will go to our local library, where they could be used by student-tutors like my son. The library doesn't have enough computers even for all the adult patrons to use, so having some for the kids and teens would, as my son says, be "awesome."

Rachel said...

I would donate two computers to a 5th grade classroom. Maybe I’m biased, because I’m sleeping with the teacher. Ok fine, he’s my husband. He is working on his masters in “Learning and Technology” to utilize technology in his teaching. The problem? His school can’t afford the equipment he needs to implement what he is learning. He has a lot of cool ideas for using computers in teaching, & the kids would love it.

I would give one computer to my brother, who has had an unbelievable string of bad luck. Most recently, two of his three kids came down with the same disease he has. His insurance sucks, and he is looking into internet-business opportunities, for some extra income. (He reads my blog, so I’m posting this here because I would love to surprise him.)

I would keep one computer and the printer for myself. I have been stressed about the inevitable approaching death of my computer, and how my little home business will afford a new one.


InTheFastLane said...

only 250 words! I am not good at being brief. Still working on that :) I am paring down the words so I can post it.

InTheFastLane said...

248 words...whew...that was hard, i have so much more to say.

Adam Fisher-Cox said...

Personally, I don't have a use for any of the objects in the prize package aside from a couple of the smaller items. What I plan to do with it is sell everything except for the printer, photo pack, and DVD. I'll sell them at low, really affordable prices to give others a great deal on a fantastic present for the holidays, and turn around and use the money I make for bigger and better presents this holiday season. I will likely also keep one of the computers for a giveaway on my blog, because that seems like a really fun thing to be able to do.

Marc-André said...

I'd like to offer the Blue-ray movie to my library. I'm living in a small town and let's just say that it doesn't have big $ to spent on things like blue-ray movies or in fact, any movies. I would also like to give a notebook to the library, so that kids would be allowed to use it for projects. I'd also give a laptop to one of the retirement houses. I think that old people benefits much from being in contact with computers. The computer could help them interact with each other and permit them to follow up with the world at there pace and in security. I would give them the printer as well, allowing them to print picture of the kids and family. I would probably give the softwares to cousins as a Xmas gift. There’re all teenagers and going to school. That would be helpful. I would also like to give a laptop to my brother, who might be ask to travel a lot if he's accepted in the RCMP. I don't even know yet if he'll go in Ontario for his study or even further, but with a laptop he should be able to contact us. I'd also like to use a laptop at school for taking notes, but a touch screen is not bad as a personal computer, paired with the mediaSmart, I would have a nice entertainment system at home to relax after a day at university.

Amanda of Shamelessly Sassy said...

I want to win so that I can share the products with my cousin and her teenage daughters. She is a single mother raising them all on her own, and she doesn't have a home computer. They go to the local library every night so that they can do their homework and quizzes from school (which are all on the computer). My cousin recently lost her job. So she is unable to buy them a computer this Christmas. I also want to share with a local group that uses computers to help with their GED program. They take older computers in and fix them up to give to graduates. I would absolutely love to share the magic.

my email address is:
shamelesslysassy at gmail dot com

jessilynn said...

I would give one to my sister in law who does medical transcription at home so her pc is her paycheck and I know that she could really use a new one but just can’t afford it. (They had to file for bankruptcy this year and are really struggling) I would give one to my son who is 21, and will be moving out on his own soon and could use a home pc especially when he goes back to school. I would then like to keep one for myself. My brand new pc was hit by lightning and fried, so I have an old laptop now. I would love to give one to my dear mom who is fantabulous, generous, wonderful and has never owned a pc for herself. I know she would have a blast and could do geneaology online like she has always wanted to do. I would so love to do something really nice for her since she has helped others all her life. Thanks so much for this opportunity, good luck to all and Merry Christmas! Kristi

Arif Lukito said...

I'm going to share the prize with my friend who is currently out of job and also looking for a laptop. I'm also going to share the rest of prize with my other friends as presents.

Quillaja said...

Thank you to you and HP for doing this contest. I'm an Assistant English Teacher in rural Japan. If I am selected to win, I would give most of the prize to the middle and elementary school I work at in my village. The school's website is: . The village, Chibu Village, is on a small island in the Sea of Japan. The middle school has 13 students in 7th-9th grade, and the elementary school has 29 students in 1st-6th grade. While they do have some computers, they are very old. Lately, I've been working on writing a Japanese-English dictionary program which displays pictures and uses Windows speech synthesis to provide pronunciation. I don't think these old computer are up to the task, and I would also like a PC dedicated for the children to use. The elementary school could also use the printer, and perhaps the middle school could use the video software to create videos, if it has support for Japanese.

Also, I would give the Mini 1000 to my girlfriend, because she has no computer. She has been interested in buying a computer lately for use in school, taking notes, writing papers, and all the normal things for which people use computers. She wants a netbook for portability.

Miss Malevolent said...

Here's a link to my blog about your contest:

LaWanda F.

heroworkshop said...

If I won I would send the laptops to Michael Guggenheim. Simple.

Michael Guggenheim is a kid hero. He set up a non-profit called SPLAT (Showing People Learning And Technology) to provide technology training to young children in a homeless shelter. He’s in sixth grade.

After having a laptop free him from the frustration of dysgraphia, he wanted to allow those without access to computers the opportunity to learn important life skills. He seeks donations of computers and software to help his work in a shelter in Los Angeles. He’s aiming to provide a free laptop to his students who leave the shelter after finding homes so they can continue their learning.

Splat Blog is here:

Vicen7e said...

My name is Carlos Vicente Ramos Pereira and I live in Brazil.
I deserve to win this prize because I will share it with my family and donate part of it to a charity.
If I win this contest I will keep the desktop, printer and DVDs (for my 2 sons).
The other prizes I will donate:
The notebook (HDX 18) to my sister because the distance is far, and she doesn´t have a computer.
The notebook (Pavilion), my old printer, and other hardware to the CASF (Casa Sagrada Família - Sacred Family House, an non-government institution that takes care about poor children infected with HIV/AIDS).
See more data about this institution, in portuguese, at:

Good luck for everyone!
Carlos Pereira

Corrine said...

I'm not only a Mom but a Grandmother as well. Kids didn't have their own computers when my children were in school, but today it is a necessity. As a result, should my entry be selected, one of the laptops would be a replacement for the computer my 15 year old granddaughter uses which broke. A replacement would help her and her 9-year old sister with school work.

The HP Mini would help my daughter stay in contact with her family when she has to travel on business.

As it turns out, my daughter and family will be home for Christmas for the first time in five years. She was relocated to Minnesota for her job and couldn't afford the trip home. This year, however, my son-in-law’s six siblings are chipping in to bring them all home. It would be very special to be able to share the magic with them.

It wouldn't be only family that would share in the HP Magic Giveaway that Merlot Mom is participating in. The Rochester School for the Deaf has been in operation since the late 1800's and does incredible work with the deaf community. The school would also be a recipient of The Magic.

Lola Goetz said...

My stepdaughter, a college student, could use a laptop. I can't afford to buy her anything new and she needs a computer for school. Our income took a huge hit this year when I quit my job to find alternate employment and take care of our son when we couldn't afford daycare. We won't have much of a Christmas this year, and it saddens me. I love to give gifts.

I would also give computers to my husband and parents. Husband always gets my castoffs, but for once I'd like to get him something new. And my parents are struggling with their computer. A newer, better model would be perfect for them. And since we're going to see family for Christmas (they live in another state), it would be awesome to surprise them with something like this.

I would love nothing better than to gift my family with new computers since I certainly can't afford to buy them gifts this year.

jellosheriff said...

We live in a rural area, so there aren’t a lot of constructive activities for teens outside of school. Many kids turn to drug and alcohol abuse because there is nothing else to do. Scouting is a wonderful alternative.
We are fortunate to have dedicated leaders and parents in our troop to train these young men. In camp competitions, we are always the troop to beat. The only thing we lack is finances.
I'd love to be able to donate a laptop or two to our Scout troop. Not only would we have digital bookkeeping, but it would help all the boys- many of whom don't have access to computers or internet at home.
We expect most of our boys to make Eagle Scout. If we could provide computers to them at Scout meetings, it would greatly increase our success rate and perhaps pique more interest from other kids.
My church, school, youth group and the community center would also be worthy recipients, though I'm not knowledgeable enough of their operations to determine what items might fit best for them. Of course, I'd be happy to find out. Our school is K-12. Our church, which serves as the local food bank, has had a lot of capital expenditures over recent years for major repairs, so technology upgrades have not been a priority.
If we were to keep a computer or laptop, we would also donate our old computer to a family in need. I'd love to help share the magic.

Johns Mathew said...

well, i would like to enter for the hp magic giveaway. I think i am the most deserved one to get this in this holiday season because i want one new computer. If i get the prize i will keep the hp touchsmart and one laptop with me and will give the rest 2 laptops to my friends. Also the kungfu panda dvd's also will be given to my friends or my school.

HP Official Magic Giveaway Page

HP Magic Giveaway at MerlotMom

Armando Aguilar said...

I’m just ONE GUY that want to share and help others that are in the same fight as me which is the FIGHT WITH FAT (85% of Americans are in this fight with fat) and in my cause I also have a fight with BI-POLAR/DEPRESSION.

I would like to showcase my Up’s and DOWNS with FAT and also my change of mood do to my BI-POLAR/DEPRESSION. As this will HELP others in the FIGHT but MOST OF ALL IT WILL HELP OTHERS THAT ARE NOT IN THE FIGHT UNDERSTANDS THE ONES THAT ARE IN THE FIGHT. People think we just over eat to over eat but is done to cover our paints(comfier food) and bi-polar/depression not being visual people just think we are just being RUDE but have no idea that is our minds making those changes in us.

The facts are Very scary 85% of Americans are in the FIGHT WITH FAT. We as people MUST come together an MAKE A CHANGE to WIN THE FIGHT WITH FAT & Obesity as millions of us and our loved ones WILL DIE of health problems associated with Fat & Obesity. Very soon FAT is going to be the #1 KILLING Diseases.

Wining something like this I will be able to films those moments and share it with others that are in the fight and teach the ones that are not in the fight what we face every day.

Your donating will REALLY help as I do not make a penny and is very hard for me to keep a job do to my BI-POLAR/DEPRESSION. I been very lucky to have people help me with my website and as you might know people with mental issues ten to be very created. We have also being lucky to have the help of others that are in front of Media & Press help spread the message of MFWF

I thank you for your time and Look forward on hearing from you as YOU CAN HELP MAKE A CHANGE IN THE FIGHT WITH FAT/BI-POLAR/DEPRESSION

HP Magic -

Your Blog -

greendove said...

If I win, I would like to share with the following:

(1) I'll give HP Pavilion dv4-1143go Notebook with Windows or dv4-1145go Entertainment Notebook with Windows, HP Mini 1000 Series with Windows and kungfu Panda (DVD Blu-ray + Microsoft Office Home & Student 2007 the rest of the items to HOPE Family Ministries, Inc. Center of HOPE, 107 Flippen Road, Stockbridge, GA 30281, USA. Reason: They have an all girls program GEMS - Girls who Empower, Mentor and Succeed. They are starting an interactive workshops with girls from Swaziland, Africa. They need updated computer hardware to complete this project. I really don't know much about them, but it's prefer to give the items to those who would not go ahead and sell them, which I believe they will not do. They advertised for this assistance. Their website is:

(2) HP HDX 18 series Premium Notebook PC with windows to the local Police Station, in my community, Ago, Okota, Lagos, Nigeria because they still operate the old way of keeping records in high-piling files. Things still move sluggishly at the station without a computer. Retrieving files or information from files could take ages. A Notebook is preferred to a desktop computer because of our incessant power outages.

(3) The HP Photosmart C6380 Wireless AIO, and HP 564 Series Photo Value Pak goes to my brother who runs a business center and uses an old printer, DeskJet 895Cxi printer. This machine will be priceless to him.

I would like to keep the HP TouchSmart IQ816 PC with windows, Corel VideoStudio X and HP MediaSmart Connect. My Computer system is an OmniTech PC Pentium 3, 648 Mhz, 224Mb, and 7.5 Gb HD, which I replaced with a 60Gb HD. The Monitor is a Dell 14 inch.

Naomi said...

I am on a non-profit committee working on outfitting the first-ever library for an inner-city K-8 grade school that has been around since the 1940s. It was so hard for me to imagine that the school had existed so long without a standalone library. They had a couple of shelves of very old, very worn books in the back of their gym. We are buying them books, furnitures, computers… the works. It would be nice to have a little extra goodness to shower them with.

I would like to keep one of the laptops for myself. I've only ever used Mac desktops so I would be curious to see how HP/Windows compares.

Lena D. said...

It would be beyond wonderful to win the HP Magic Giveaway no matter who you are. But, being a student in today's economy, it would be above magical. If I were to win, I would share it among my family and friends to make the holidays a bit more magical than usual, especially since most of their systems are in dire need of upgrade.


Bill said...

My name is Xi Chen, I am an international student from China.

I posted my answer here:

Thank you.

tay said...

I am a mother from Singapore of a really wonderful daughter (age 19) with a great heart and never cease to find opportunity to help others.

Recently, she spearheaded a volunteering project in Pongkam, Thailand to set up a learning centre. This learning centre will allow children in the village to receive basic education as well as learn basic English Language. My daughter has just returned from the trip not too long ago, and will be scheduling another team of volunteers to follow her there sometime next year, after organizing another round of donation drive (for used items or anything that she believes can change the life of a child, even in small ways).

I wish to give her a HP Mini for her to bring along in her travel journeys so that she can conveninently record her experiences. I know she is not going stop with the completion of her Pong Kam volunteer project. In fact, she has started planning another volunteering mission to Guatamala in the year of 2010.

I believe there are many things from the HP giftaways that she will find extremely valuable to bring over and set up in the learning center. As for the rest of the items, I nominate that Techmamas distribute them with other equally worthy causes participating in this competition.

Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity to give my daughter a little something for everything she has given the world, although she has never asked for anything in return.

Tik said...

I want to share the joy of the holidays with many people with this prize. I would give my dad one of the notebooks because he has yearned one for long but we won’t be able to afford one this year due to the economy. He has given me so much by paying for my school and I feel this would be one reward. I would give another to this short-term crisis prevention line that has this really old computer and would totally love the new asset in logging-in calls. The rest would be given to random people by me playing Secret Santa. I love to help total strangers and seeing that smile light up their faces. I would only keep one of the notebooks for myself.

Pratik Patel

Tracy said...

I would definitely be sharing this prize, after falling off my chair, and almost having a heart attack I'm sure! My mom would get the netbook, I've dragged her kicking and screaming into the digital age, and now she loves the net, she loves to 'chat' online and has been wanting a netbook to be able to download new recipes and stop having to buy cookbooks! I would donate the laptop to Ronald McDonald House in NYC, which provides temporary housing for pediatric cancer patients and their families, as this cause is very near to my heart.

Amber said...

I don't know if I deserve to win this amazing prize more or less than any of the other entrants, but I would love to win. If I'm blessed enough to win, I would first and foremost want to gift the PC to my mom. She is my hero in life, and she just turned 50 years old. She is having surgery to freeze a cancerous tumor in her kidney in a week. My mom has done everything inf her life for my sister and I, and I wish I could do everything in the world for her. So I would love to brighten her day by giving her the HP desktop PC. In the same spirit, I would love to donate one of the laptop computers to a great organization called The CHildhood Cancer Network. About 3 years ago, I fell in love with a sweet little boy with a big heart and a even bigger smile on a St. Jude video. His story touched my heart so much. That little boy taught ME, a grown up, a lesson about life. His parents started an organization called the Childhood Cancer Network in Ben's memory, and I would love to gift them with a computer, as I remember hearing them talk about wanting computer equipment for the organization I would love for them to have a computer and most of the accessories and software. It would mean the world to me if I won, and I know it would mean so much to those who would also benefit from this prize.

I also posted this entry plus links to HP and Merlot Mom, also links to the organization I mention above, on my Myspace blog:

Thank you!
shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

Mario Rui said...

That's too much hardware for a single person so I would share the prize with family and friends. I'd keep the HP TouchSmart IQ816 and retire my old Athlon-64 tower and CRT monitor, saving me a lot of much needed desk space. The Photosmart C6380 printer will come in handy when I print my PhD thesis which I'll keep writing on the commute thanks to the Mini 1000 (and finally finish it). The HP HDX 18 will go to my cousin, Armando, a struggling landscape architect who'd appreciate the large screen real-estate. My parents are a little behind the times so the Pavilion dv4 would allow them to finally get on the internet. No room (or time) for a TV so my friend Sara'll get the MediaSmart Connect (giving me an excuse to visit her more). And the Kung Fu Panda would go to the kids in the family.

My thanks to merlot mom for the opportunity to participate in this contest,

Mario Rui
as1116286 at sapo dot pt

maskology said...

We work in a small company and there is tea boy over here working for about 5 or 6 years, he is in his late 30s and has a wife and a little son who is in second grade, actually he is not in a very good economical condition and is struggling to pay his rent for the house every month,So , My main concern is to provide him with the latest gear so that both himself and his son could start using that, as for himself, I am thinking that he could learn to type in word or maybe other do other stuff so that he could upgrade himself from being a tea boy and as for his son , I think growing up learning the new technology will give him the knowledge , perspective and motivation to try harder for the better future.

As for myslef , I will keep the HDX laptop , will give the dv4 plus HP TouchSmart IQ816 PC to our tea boy , will give the HP mini 1000 to my wife and the kung fu panda to my brother.

I've also posted on my webloge below:

Nima Reghabi

Erin said...

If I won I would share the prize with some really deserving people!

My older sister would get a computer, she is currently a homemaker (trying to get into absolute perfect health so she can have easy pregnancy)so as you might imagine she can't afford a new computer, and her current hand-me-down laptop doesn't even turn on!

I would give one to my mother. She needs a new desk top! the one she has now has crashed more times then I can count (including one time having us lose almost two years of home movies, everything from my sister's engagement to a family vacation my grandmother went on right before she passed away.)

I would also give a computer to my brother in-law, Matthew. He and my sister just got married and their financial situation is tight. He needs a new computer, (He is recently unemployed and would like to become a self employed Graphic Artist). I believe a new computer will help his new career and better help their income.

Please Consider Me For This Prize. It will really make (a currently plain, as I am sure many people are facing because of our economic crises) a truly amazing Christmas my family would always remember.

Caffery said...

My father one person need to feed 5 of us with his low salary, everything in this world getting more and more expansive but the salary does not increase at all. Two computers sharing together all the time, among 4 of us (my mother does not know computer).

If I won in this contest, I will share this great prize with my family, which will helps release my father’s burden a lot.
I will give my younger brother the HP Mini 1000 and the HP Pavilion dv4 Entertainment Notebook PC to my younger sister. The HP Photosmart C6380 Wireless AIO printer and the HP MediaSmart Connect will be using by family. The HP HDX18 Premium Notebook PC I decided to give it to my father. Lastly, the HP TouchSmart IQ816 will be for myself to using at home, it gonna be my first touch-screen PC and I will be truly excited. If the two old computers replaced with notebooks, it probably would help saving a lot of spaces for my house.

This is a contest sponsored by HP and Microsoft, for more information you can go to The HP Giveaway site. If you want to enter this contest too, go to and grab your chance now!

(caffery) (@) (

Harish said...

I don't claim my cause to be noble or some charitable initiative, but yet it's some thing I would put as a worthy entry for your consideration.

Now coming to whom I'm sharing those huge goodies..

"Notebooks, MediaSmart Connect, few soft-licenses would definitely help students who aspire to be tech-savvy or just with a dream to learn more, but have been denied of that dream due to various reasons (may be financial)

Because I too am a student and definitely understand the situation, where u can't pester your dad for a PC nor can we earn that sum while studying and the only way we can have access to it is from college PC's (for e.g in my college there are 6+2 PC's for 450 students). Since my school-days I wanted a PC for the sheer potential it gave to its beholder and its aid in education but never was lucky to put my hands on one (no i won't put any sobbing stories here)

And how I'm planning to find those students? I'll be involving the Radio (FM stations are a huge success in Bangalore) to host a competition, believe me It'll reach to the entire Bangalore Student Community. And the winners shall be getting those goodies. I'll be giving away one notebook for my university students (again they too will go through a competition)

As far as the nature of the competition would be, may be academical brilliance or a literary event (I'm open for suggestions). I'll finalize it if I win it in the first place.

I'll be content with the Touchsmart (been amazed with the touch concept) and the Photosmart (because I have no access to a printer as of now, I'll be having a lot of print works for my academical projects)."

That's it for my entry. There may be other causes to consider, but still I'm optimistic about winning this one. I'll promise that these stuff won't end up on ebay and I'll be doing a complete follow-up about the competition, who won, their responses and all.

Anyway thanks for the opportunity. Merry Christmas :)

- HaRish

Reeve said...

I have an HP Laptop dv6000 series purchased in 2005. Although this machine is decent, it cannot keep up with my demanding requirements. Unfortunately being a student, I cannot afford to purchase a newer one.

If I do win the prize, I will firstly sell of this machine and donate the proceeds to the valiant Police force who fought with vigor during the recent Terror attacks that occurred in Mumbai. It was a very disheartening experience and I want to do as much as I can for them. I will personally keep the HDX machine. The HP dv4 machine I will gift to my elder brother on Christmas, as he is using a machine that he was gifted in 2001! It is really really old and I would love to surprise my elder brother by gifting him a spanking new machine!! It would be simply amazing to surprise him as his little bro would really be making his day! The HP Touchsmart PC, I will gift to my darling mother. She is currently learning how to operate a PC on our old Desktop PC which is a Pentium 2(64 MB RAM) machine and is just not good enough by today’s standards. I will donate that old machine to a school where I teach underprivileged kids as a part of my Sharing Care club ( The HP Mini, I will gift to my retired dad. He will be simply delighted to have a small lightweight machine to check his emails and to read the online articles that he loves to read. It would be perfect for him! This gift would all in all, make Christmas a whole lot brighter for my entire family! :D


Damien said...

I think I deserve this prize because I will be sharing it, with whom most need it.
If I win this fantastic prize I would only keep one of the computers and the rest would go to a non-profit organization called Para los Niños, which is an orphanage, here in Bolivia. They would definately need the computers so they can update their website, which hasn't been updated since november 2007, due to the lack of access to a computer. You can see their website here:
It would help them get their organization to more known, and it would be easier for them to communicate with other organizations overseas.
And plus, a night watching kung fu panda, would make the kdis very happy.


Blake said...

What I would keep? The Touchscreen PC, the high end laptop and the extender. That’s ALL.

I would be giving away the rest and more! That’s right, my current computer desktop (AMD Athlon64 4000+, 2GB RAM, Windows Vista Ultimate) would be donated to my totally deserving friend William. William suffered from meningitis when he was 15, and that caused some severe brain damage. Now, Will is about the nicest person I’ve EVER known. He gives freely and asks for nothing in return. He however, badly needs a computer upgrade. He has expressed interest in my desktop computer many times, so I plan on giving it to him, along with the 19″ dual widescreen monitors I have. My laptop, a Hewlett Packard dv9000t (core2duo t7200, 2GB RAM, 17″ screen) will be donated along with the aforementioned contest materials to three needy families. These needy families will be determined by the local Salvation Army, United Way and my church (Grace Episcopal). I figured this was about as fair a way possible to give things away, because they really KNOW who needs. I would love to be there when they are given away because I would just want to see the looks on those families’ faces.

Merlotmom's contest:

HP Giveaway Details:

Merry Christmas!

Blake Britton
Cullman, AL

Rafael said...


I'm looking forward to win this prize, I have a good number of people that I would like to help:

My girfriend, she is coursing Biology and will become a teacher. One notebook I'll give to her. She is needing one to prepare her lessons, and organize her final projects and articles.

My mother-in-law, she is a photographer, and the printer would help her do her job at home.

My cousin, he has toxoplasmosis. I'll give the movie to him. I'll also sell the media smart, and donate the money to his family. The expenses with this disease are not cheap, so his parents would be glad to receive the money.

My church. I'm a teacher of teenagers there, and we need a notebook to prepare the lessons, project the slides on the wall. We are needing this for a long time.

And myself. I'll keep the other notebook, and the touchsmart I'll probably give to my family. I'm coursing computer engineering, and the computer I have (the one in the photo on the blog) doesn't meet the minimum requirements for programming and simulation.


My blog:

Mark J. Lehman said...

Throughout my childhood and high school, I spent numerous Fridays in downtown Sacramento, volunteering at a soup kitchen and homeless shelter called Loaves & Fishes. My grandmother was a volunteer organizer for my church, St. Mel, so it was easy to spend time helping out and enjoying some family bonding time.

Since Loaves & Fishes is a soup kitchen that doesn’t really have much need for computers, I’d like to donate part of the prize to an offshoot of Loaves & Fishes, the WIND Center and Education Program. From their website,, WIND is “a safe place for homeless and street children to receive survival services, case management, counseling, life skills training” and “the programs are structured to move the youth out of the homeless cycle.” Though I haven’t actually been to WIND and volunteered, I do believe in Loaves & Fishes as a charity and I know that whatever they are involved in will be very helpful to at-risk teens in Sacramento.

As far as education goes, I can think of few things more important than learning one’s way around a computer and the Internet. The world is getting so much more technologically advanced every second, and I’m afraid these kids will be left in the dust if they don’t know how to use a PC. I want them to have every chance I had, and winning this contest would be an amazing opportunity for them to learn and grow and ultimately succeed.

heather said...

Hi, I wanted to make a video to say the people that I would 'share the magic' with. I was really nervous but I did it anyway, for a loose transcript go here: Here is the youtube video clip:


Annalisa van der Weerd said...

Hi Merlot Mom,

I have been reading your blog all of the way from the Netherlands. I was quite touched by this contest and would like to participate.

I am a conductor of adult pop and show choirs (average age 45 – 50). I also have quite a few husband-wife teams in my choirs. For some, it is their only hobby and for all it is something they do with passion. I believe in the magic of music and conduct these choirs for a very minimal honorarium in order to keep the contribution down to a low, affordable price. Since the financial crisis, there are people that are having to consider stopping with singing because they cannot afford choir AND eat AND pay the $8 a gallon for gas we are still paying over here (it WAS $11!!).

We use multimedia to transfer practice tapes, PDF's of the sheet music etc. and we inform the choir via email. Unfortunately there are some who do not have access to a computer. These people are missing a very important social part of being a member of the choir. If I win the prizes, I will make sure that people like Joke in my choir (see our website will have access to all information and music and files she needs to be an active participant in the choir.

Music is passion and passion is love and meant to be shared. Sing like you wrote the words; dance like you wrote the music.

Thank you. Annalisa van der Weerd

KLM39 said...

I am shaking a little from excitement and how much I want to express this in such a way that it WOWS you as much as it does me. Here's hoping you can feel even a little of my excitement about what I could do if I were chosen. I know of two people and a local organization who are so very deserving of this prize. If I were to win I would donate a laptop to my local animal shelter. The volunteers here work tirelessly on a shoestring budget to save hundreds of abused and homeless animals every year. Dogs and cats that are literally thrown away, find love and care here. I know they could benefit so much from receiving this donation. I would give one laptop to my son's friend Darryl. He is trying so hard to find a job and has no PC to help in his search. Darryl was abused as a child, made some bad decisions as a teen, and is now working so hard to make things right as an adult. Lastly, I would give a laptop to my friend Colleen. She is in her late 50's and her husband died 2 years ago and left her penniless. She works 60+ hours a week as a secretary at a local hospital and lives week to week. She is so loving and generous though she has so little. This Christmas would really be made special for them if I am chosen.

I wish everyone who enters this contest so much luck, for I know you each have wonderful intentions for the prize. Happy Holidays and thank you very, very much for this opportunity to help give back.

idahomom said...

I have posted here :

Thanks for the chance at a prize that could really help our small town.

Anonymous said...

We don’t need $6,000 worth of technology, but I could use one laptop. In order to save money, we arranged for family members to watch our 3-month-old baby when we work. We gave up our home telephone and cable television. So what good would a laptop do us?
I’m a reporter for a newspaper. A laptop would allow me to write a story on deadline at home instead of taking my baby to a public computer.
I’d also give one computer to my parents, who home school my two younger sisters. They don’t have a computer and will go into high school with very little knowledge of computers or the Internet.
My five siblings (from age 11 to 22) are passionate actors but they’ve missed several auditions because they could not easily look at a venue’s Web site for dates. A new computer would help them prepare for school and open the door to more acting opportunities.
So that leaves a couple more computers and some DVDs. I would donate these to a wonderful organization in Texas called The Order of Christian Workers who put on a huge Christmas party for kids in need down there. I went there to help put on that Christmas party, and I like to help them whenever and however I can.

Amelia and Todd Hooper

Brandi said...
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tawnda said...

First I would like to say that when both parents are disabled, there are no Holiday Bonuses to look forward to... not even an income tax rebate check. Having three teens battle over one computer for homework and leisure is not fun at all. I have been trying for about two years to find someone who could donate some used laptops without success. The three notebooks being given away by would definitely go to my daughters. The desktop, I would like to keep for myself since this is getting old. The printer we don't really need so I would probably donate it to another needy family around here. As for the rest? well, I guess I'd have to see what it actually is to make up my mind.
Thank you for this chance at hope.

royaldixie said...

Thank you for this opportunity!

My father is the most honest and hard-working person I know. He never asks for anything for himself because he is too busy thinking about the needs of others. He met my mom right after college and left his degree on the back burner to be the best husband/father anyone could have asked for. When my mother divorced him, she took everything he had, including his dignity.
After 20 years, my dad had to go back to school so that he could better support his family. He is now living with his 93 year-old mother and he works out of his home so he can watch her everyday.
Michigan’s economy has been very depressing lately and my dad has very little money coming in. He has had a rough time paying his bills and taking care of my Grandmother.
My father has a 10 year-old computer that he does all of his real estate and appraising work on. If my dad had a new computer, he would have the ability to network with more people thus being able to make more money.
I would love to be able to give my dad the power to work more efficiently so he could be proud of himself for once in his life. He has never owned a new computer, honestly, he never buys anything for himself!
I would give my father the HP Pavilion PC and I would find a way to donate the other wonderful HP products to other people in need. Christmas time is upon us and it is about time that I start giving what I can to all that I am able.

Stayers said...

After seeing several different HP Magic opportunities to express how I would share in the HP Magic Giveaway, I saw this MSN article that expresses, in a major way, why I'm participating. Below is a link to the entire article "7 Ways to Buy Happines". I point you to

#6. Giveaways

A surprise benefit of giving to others, or to a cause you believe in, is how good it makes you feel.

Studies show that altruism not only tickles the feel-good centers in the brain, but it also creates a sense of social bonding and mutual support that enhances your personal well-being.

You don't have to give millions to get that payoff. The most important thing isn't whether you spend money or volunteer time or contribute goods, but that whatever you share -- and however you share it -- means a lot to you.

Read to kids after school; bring canned food to a shelter; contact Kiva and help a South African woman build her business. There are countless ways to give. Just pick one that makes you happy.

Below are links to how I will share our HP Magic...

maggie christ said...

I am entering the HP giveaway on behalf of the organization I work for. We are a tuition-free ballet school in NYC, offering ballet training to NYC public school students. It’s a unique program, in partnership with the NYC Department of Education, and we run on rather a shoestring. Most of our computers are slow and just limping along, because we spend our money on ballet shoes and teachers and pianists instead of getting spanking new computer equipment every year. We’d put the HP package to good use.

dawns41 said...

I would love to win this prize. I would put it to good use by sharing it with my family.

I would give a laptop to my son who is trying to become employed as a highschool english teacher. I know that a laptop would aid him in many ways to prepare lessons and of course his resume.

I would give a laptop to my husband so he could use it for work.

I would want a laptop for myself as I am battling MS and just the thought of being able to use a laptop and be on the net from the couch or bed sounds really great. A whole big of Fantastic. There are days I just struggle to get out of bed. Not to mention doing everyday things I used to take for granted like a simple shower. It just isnt very simply any more.

I know some people can give these items away to charities. But we have been strapped financially for many years. Chronic illness has a way of stealing not only your dignity but your financial security.

I would give a computer to another family member in need.

Being able to surprise my son and husband would be a true joy as they always help me out with the day to day daily things that need to get done around here.

Anonymous said...

My oldest son is in 2nd grade and is attending a French immersion charter school. Each year, the school struggles to meet its budgetary needs while providing programs that will help the children grow and progress. This year, the school started a robotics program using Lego Mindstorms. There was enough money in the budget for the Legos, but they require a computer to program them to do their tasks, and there was no money in the budget for one. I would love to be able to donate the laptops to the school's robotics program and give them the opportunity to really get the robotics program off the ground.

Email: somerandomguy21 at

Robin said...

(I'm posting this here instead of on my blog because I don't want to draw undue attention to the community I'm trying to help.)

I want desperately to be able to give both a laptop and the Touchsmart to a community of foreign workers who live in daily fear of deportation here in Tel Aviv, all for the "privilege" of cleaning for those more fortunate than them. K, who I've known for over 10 years, is one of their community leaders. This humble and incredibly hard-working man, a former teacher, left his wife and 3 children behind in Ghana, to come here and clean houses 6 days a week. As hard as this menial labor is, he does it because it enables him to support 26 extended family members back home. Because of the difficulty in securing work permits if you leave and return, he has been back to Ghana to see his family in over 4 years. To fill his off-work hours he is a deacon (I think that's what it's called) in his church, which is held in a slum apartment they can barely afford to rent, and runs the church's daycare center, scrounging old toys and clothing for the children wherever he can. K is not unique. He is one of hundreds of people working as hard as they can just to survive, to make life a little bit easier for those they've left back home. Phone calls are a small comfort when you're so far away, and with skyrocketing rents even those are becoming harder to manage. I would love to be able to give them these computers, with additional webcams purchased by me, so that they can at least "see" the loved ones who remain behind, so that they can actually watch their children grow, if only via the internet.

The home entertainment items will go to the daycare, for the children.

My own laptop is rapidly dying and my printer isn't far behind, so if I win one laptop and the printer will stay with me.

Thank you for considering my entry.

Robin said...

Sorry, forgot the link to HP - here it is:

Haasiegirl said...
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Haasiegirl said...

Here is my link to your contest on my site

trisha haas

LovingDanger said...

So I have a post telling the main reason I would love to win here ( ) but aside from my friend Bethan I would love to get my husband a laptop so he can stop stealing mine, and so maybe he won't think I'm such a complete geek and realize that this blogging stuff has actually paid off. Currently he doesn't really "get" that I have friends whom I will probably never meet, nor my desire to share our lives with the world. This would probably shut him the hell up for a while!! I would also give a laptop to my friend Rachel who is back in school at the age of 29 to work doing early intervention with kids who have disabilities. She's one of those wives who only gets the husbands hand me downs when it come to technology and is currently working on a laptop that is 7 years old.

Rennyn said...

Hi there! :)

As you said, this is all about sharing and I am glad to see another site taking part in it.

I have a few plans on what I'd like to do with the winnings. I'm honest in that I will be keeping part for myself (most likely the Entertainment notebook!) but just a single item.

I plan on giving away several of the computers to the assisted living facility that my grandparents now live in. They have no public computers there and I think the computers would go a long way towards keeping the people there active and connected to the outside world (Think about the Best Buy webcam commercial on Tv lately!).

I would also like to give a laptop or two to a local student who might be in need of a computer and would probably pick two schools in my neighborhood to work with to distribute it.

I definitely want to spread the wealth and influence as many people as possible.

Carlos said...

First of all, thanks for giving me the oportunity of winning all that! If I win I would share the items with my brother and my parents. My brother actually needs a Desktop PC, so I will give him the HP TouchSmart IQ816. Also I will give the others notebooks for my mother and my father and I will keep the, maybe, the netbook.


Julie V. said...

I'd give my parents one of the laptops. They have an old desktop, with a huge monitor and not much memory. Sometimes my mom talks about getting a new computer, and how she'd like to get a laptop, because she thinks it would be fun to be able to use a computer from any room in the house. With only my dad working right now, they have yet to make the purchase. I'd love to share this prize with my parents - they have, after all, always shared everything with me.

I'd give a laptop to my brother. He's going to school to be a teacher. He has a laptop (no desktop computer) but my nephews use it to play games, and they aren't exactly gentle :) I'd love to give him a laptop he could use exclusively for his schoolwork.

Everything else I'd give to Motts Children's Hospital at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where I live. I've seen commercials for the TouchSmart, and I think it would be a lot of fun for the children to play with. Motts does a lot of great things, and I want to give something back. I think cheering up sick children who are stuck in the hospital is the best way I can share these prizes. I imagine they may get most excited Kung-Fu Panda - kids do love cartoons :)

That is what I would do with the prizes if given the opportunity. Thanks for this chance!

(Also, I didn't post my email address because I'm just not comfortable posting it online for everyone to see. I hope that doesn't disqualify me, but I understand if it does. I can check back on Sunday and if I somehow do get to be the winner, I will email you privately at the info@ email you supplied above. I hope that's okay!)

angie said...

Please delete my previous entry. Here's a link to the post (and u can see the posts for the others I have entered also.) May not wow u but I's 100% accurate.

P.S. I have 2 blogs:
My profile may only link 2 the first one.

My email is pricousins at aol dot com
Thanks for the giveaway!!

Eric ( said...

Pay it forward. What a wonderful idea. Do something nice for someone, and they do the same. They pay it forward to someone else, continue to spread the love. I won’t lie, I myself don’t have a necessity for the prizes. I want to find people in need of a prize in the bundle and simply give it to them. Maybe they are a complete stranger: it doesn’t matter. The feeling I would receive would be indescribable. Plus, my seemingly random gift would hopefully inspire them to do something great for someone else, to change someone else’s life. It’s not hard: Do something nice for someone, they do the same, and soon the world will be a better place. I’m only 18, so I can’t afford these prizes myself. If I could receive them through this contest and help change people’s lives by paying it forward, I’d be forever grateful.

Karly said...

I'm so excited about this giveaway, both for myself (would LOVE to win the TouchSmart!) and for the people that I hope to share the goods with! I'm a homeschooler and I see so many other homeschooling families struggling to make it on one income. I can't imagine trying to homeschool my children without a computer or access to the internet, but I know a couple of local families that do. It would seriously change their lives in such an amazing way to receive one of these computers. If I win this contest I plan to donate three of the four computers to families that I know through homeschooling.

Anonymous said...

Well, I deserve to win $6000 worth of HP and Microsoft products because it’s a great opportunity to win some cool stuff and I plan on sharing it with a friend and his family. I will be using 2 of the computers for me and my wife and giving the rest away to my friend. He home schools his kids and he just started to go college himself so with the remaining items he is able to accommodate his whole family!

Paul Gardner

Alvaro Bonilla said...

Hi my name is Alvaro Bonilla, I´m from El Salvador, but right now I´m on vacatios at Indiana. If I win this contest I would take all to El Salvador, and I will keep for me the HP HDX 18t Premium series, beause I´m in my last year on college so that will be a very helpful to me. Now to help others the rest of the package I´ll give it to the university where I go, that is Don Bosco University, is one of the best of my country, but as you know that is a third world country, so we have only the basic things, because over there we don´t see this wonderful technology, because is too expensive, many of the people make $200.00 a month so if very difficult buy something like this. But I´ll put one condition to them, that everything will be only use by the students, because I don´t want that any staff of the university will take it for them, and I know that all this equipment will serve to them a lot, and all those thing will be a useful tool, and will do amazing things for knowledge, So help me, to help them!

Michael Jacob said...

I’m Michael Jacob, and currently in Thailand and living with my sister. She’s working here as an English teacher which is massively needed here in Thailand.

I would love to share the prizes with her because she needs a laptop on work, and mainly because she haven’t had a computer before. And this is the only way I can think of to help her, because my parents told her to take care of me and she accepted me with no questions.

My Email:

Kate Rawlins said...

Here's the WOW - truth! I was married 30 years, when, on my then husband's 50th birthday, (10 yr's ago), I gave him his birthday card, he said, "Thanks - I want a divorce; be out of here in 60 days." (He had someone on hold!)
I had put him through college and worked on and off during the marriage for family vacations, second cars, etc. I had never worked to support myself. Now, with my family grown and out of the house, I was on my own at 50.
Then I discovered “The Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center.” Faced with being a displaced empty nester, (the name for this “Baby Boomer” phenomenon), I found their adult re-entry computer education program. It not only helped me get a job; it got me through one of the most difficult times in my life.
The Center changes to meet the needs of the community, but the goal remains the same – to provide opportunities to improve lives. Mary Rigg
Now at 60+, I’m still on my own but I’ve had the same good job for 8 yrs and I just started blogging. I know Mary Rigg gave me my opportunities - so I'll gladly, gratefully, appreciatively share with them.
& HP;

Anonymous said...

per request - the link to the official contest site:

I work with the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, Children's Hospital. This is the place in the State where all the seriously ill children go for care. Many of these children have to stay at the hospital for weeks on end for treatment. I would give these 'toys' to the Children's Hospital for the kids to use to keep in touch with family, friends and even school work. Staying in the hospital is trying enough, these can bring a little diversion for them.

email: christinenotes at gmail dot com

Julie D said...

If I won the incredible HP prize pack, I would share it with Healthy Marriage of New Mexico ( which is an organization that works to strengthen marriages.  This is done by giving couples tools to help with communication, conflict management and other common stumbling blocks that can create difficulty in marriages.  Divorce, in addition to the emotional toll on the family, causes great financial stress on a community as well.  Healthy  Marriages of New Mexico is a faith based initiative that is currently looking to expand its operations out of Albuquerque into the southeast corner of New Mexico.  I'd like to give them a head start on setting up an office to help my community.

barbarabaker said...

IN my 250 words (or less)'s my answer:
My family and I have been through some really rocky roads the last few years, but we have had the most wonderful people helping us. From our Church to two families in particular; if it weren’t for them, I don’t see how we would have got through them. For this I am grateful and would love to give back.

To make a very long story short (because trust me, it would take ages trying to explain); the urgency to win this is serious! I would feel so thrilled to have the opportunity to give back to those families which have been there for us. These families (2) have pulled the shirts off their backs to ensure that my family is okay. They have taken turns getting us to doctors appointments, they’ve helped put food on our table when there was no money coming in and any other thing you might think couldn’t be done for another…they’ve done it. My thoughts are to give back to those families this year...

Now, I do apologize…I don’t have a charity or organization to allocate the prize package with, but I do know that the families I plan on sharing with this Christmas have done their share of “giving” and I’d feel honored to have something this wonderful to show my appreciation with.
I’m not sure (yet) what family would have what, but I can say that they will each have a computer and then some.

Joel Peña said...


Joel Peña, 23 years old.

Reading this in your BLOG I've seen in an excellent opportunity to help a humanitarian institution (ILAC, Creighton University) that
has an education center in my house. It is a hall of tasks that benefits dozen boys and girls of scarce economic resources, the center is limited to teach basic but with what these teams can do a more complete job.

Of the prizes really interests me only HP HDX Series 18, the other prizes are given to boys and girls so they use it in their technology education

Usually they (children) do not have any contact with the technology inside or outside your home.
If you take it into account Notify me please. I'm ready to teach them how to use the equity already donarles the internet. Thank you

AmandaL said...

I updated the post I wrote for Moosh in Indy's contest to include a link... I suppose I could rewrite the post over and over again, but I'd rather not. See it here:

Jeff said...

I am a Special Education Teacher. I have a home school page at John Kennedy Elementary, Teacher Web Pages, Mr. Norris site. I haven’t updated it lately as none of my children have access to computers at home. I would love to be able to let to take turns borrowing the laptop to use at home. The Touch Smart would be a great tool for Autistic children and kids with Cerebral Palsy I have had. My students’ favorite movie is Kung Fu Panda. If we were lucky enough to win we would send you a clip of them playing musical chairs to Kung Fu Fighting. The kids and I would like to thank you for your consideration.

Io said...

Four computers! Would it be against the rules to give one to my husband? His computer recently died an undignified death. He hasn’t been able to find a job (Not panicking, not panicking…ok, six months later I am panicking) and he’s been printing out resumes at Kinkos in the meantime. It seems so small and selfish compared to these big projects other people would donate to but I’m beginning to feel hopeless. I think the other two computers would be given to random people I accost in parking lots. I think random acts of kindness sometimes yield the most unexpected rewards.

Zach said...

If I were to win this prize I would give the Touchsmart to my parents, I would give the HP Mini to my uncle for Christmas as he has been wanting a mini laptop, I would probably keep the HDX 18 for myself. The Entertainment Notebook would go to my grandma since she is in need of a new computer. The printer would be a gift also to my parents, and the software as well. Always remember Christmas is not about receiving gifts but its about giving gifts, and celebrating the creator of the worlds birthday. This prize would be a true blessing for my family.

The Girardo Family said...
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The Girardo Family said...

I would love to win this! Several people I know would benefit from it! My brother-in-law recently started his own business. With the down turn in the economy, things aren't going so well. I would give him one of the laptops to organize and run his business more efficiently. Also, my wife's little bro is getting ready college. A laptop would serve him very well. Finally, my, and and my parents' hard drives recently took a dive. We could use something new to store our files on. We lost the first 2 years of pictures of my daughter's life!

Rivahratt said... < E-mail

Nicole said...

My best friend Denise lost her husband in a car accident a few years ago and left behind 4 children. Since then shes been struggling financially. I buy her groceries from time to time and do what I can to make her life a little easier. She works a full time job but does not nearly make enough. Her computer broke a few weeks ago - I spent around $70.00 on parts to try to fix it myself but I could not get it back up and running properly so I would love to win this and give them a new computer. I would keep one to give to my daughter for her homework and the rest of the prize I would like to donate to our local Shands Childrens Hospital to brighten someone's day because giving is always better than receiving.

Kimberly said...

I would like to share this with a young family I know. The parents are both students and they have an elementary age child. I know they are terribly burdened financially, but it doesn't stop them from giving back to their community. They give to their local food bank, and the wife is an active volunteer for hospice patients. I would LOVE to be able to be bless this family with such an amazing gift that I know they could never otherwise afford.

z. Smith said...

I would share it with a very special family. It is not easy raising children as a single parent. However, my friend and co-worker choose to do so when she adopted a sister and brother nine years ago.

When my friend decided to adopt a child nine years ago, I warned her of all the pitfalls. When she excitedly related that the agency had found her two children, a sister and younger brother, I exhaled all the dangers; raising one child as a single parent would be tough but two . . . . . .

However, I assured her that should she move forward, she would not be alone. Adopt we did and it has been a blessing from day one. Young Miss is a vibrant and helpful eleven-year-old who doesn’t like school, but tolerates it well. Little man has shown a great maturity at the age of ten. He is a straight “A” student and a football star!

Unfortunately, my friend was injured on the job, and after two unsuccessful surgeries, it looks like she will have to accept a medical retirement next year. She is into photography and hopes to turn her talent into a new career, so a new computer and the HP Photosmart C6380 Wireless AIO (printer) would have to go to her. Further the children would get a computer to help them advance in their school career!

I get giddy just thinking of the joy I could bestow on my favorite family.

HP Magic Giveaway's -

merlot mom -

I posted this on my blog -

my email is aellen(at)promotorsports1(dot)com

Meg said...

I'm not ready to post this on my blog, but I'm posting it here...

I suffered a miscarriage two nights ago. Since then, I have only been able to get by with the help of an amazing online community for women who are suffering through or have gone through the same thing. There is an amazing wealth of advice out there for coping. I wasn't going to enter this contest, as I've been too upset to do much about it, but I've realized a great need. There are other women out there who are suffering, as well, but don't have the easy access to a computer that I have. I would love to win these amazing prizes and donate them to the women's center at my hospital. This way, I could share the only solace that I've found with those who need it. So many out there have helped me that I would just love to help others.

My email is sleepynewmommyblog [at] yahoo [dot] com

Trish said...

Here is the link to my entry:

I want to share this magic with my husband, my sister, and many other people in my neighborhood. My husband works really hard to provide for us, but we go without a lot of things. We only have one car, we don't have cable or satellite, and we buy almost everything second hand. I would love to be able to give him back a little of what he gives us.

My sister is still using a laptop she received as a graduation present from high school, which was over 10 years ago. As a teacher and athletic trainer for a high school, she puts all her time a service into her students and athletes. She deserves to have something nice. She is also allowing a lady that she knows to share her apartment. This lady was sleeping on someone's couch, and not allowed to show that she lived there at all. She had to keep all her possessions in her car. When hurricane Ike hit, this lady's ex-husband dropped all 5 of their kids off with her, and she had no place to keep them. They lived with my sister in a small 2 bedroom apartment. My sister did this all for free, just to help her out. She deserves something back.

Jennifer said...

First off, I would like to say that it this is such a wonderful giveaway that HP is doing! I just hope that all the winners will choose to share these great prizes with people who truly need them!

If I were to win one of these great packages, I would donate most of the products to our local children's homes. I feel that they would greatly benefit from these gifts! These children's homes(there are two) house foster children along with other children who are separated from their parents. These children have had a hard life and deserve to get to enjoy such products as these! I do have to say that I would keep one (just one) of these computers for myself, because mine has about had it. I recently lost every file on my computer including all the pictures for my 4 babies! It took me 10 years to finish college and I know what its like to not have things like this to enjoy! I finally graduated and still can not find a job anywhere in this small town. I know that God has a plan for me and I will find one soon! I also know that God has a plan for these wonderful products as well! I can't wait to read about who these prizes have helped! Thanks for the entry!

jls_wss2003 at yahoo dot com

margalit said...

My post is up at:

RonStarusnak said...

I have tried very hard to teach my grandmother how to use a computer, she isn't able to use the mouse though because of her arthritis so having a computer like the touch screen she will be able to easily learn without any problems, it's something I have been really wanting to do for a long time now. For the laptops, I intend on giving to my sister she just had another baby and she can't afford a computer good enough to do anything worth while, I think she really deserves one and I wish I could give it to her.

email -

Matt said...

I am entering this contest because I would like to support the School for Arts in Learning (SAIL) in Washington, DC. SAIL is a unique K-8 public charter school providing multiple creative environments, opportunities, and experiences for inner city youth through arts-infused academic programs. They take underprivileged and special needs students and use the arts in order to help them through their immediate situations, many of which are quite dire.

This school is unique because they take kids that society has given up on and they give them hope. Through a rigorous education schedule and intensive, artistic training, they turn these kids into good students and good citizens.

However, this is a public school and is heavily dependent on donations, which are increasingly few and far between. As the year draws to a close, their donations are down significantly.

While traditional art, such as oils and watercolors, are important, the school wants to provide students with cutting edge, computer based education. I would like to help them significantly in this effort through the donation of computers and software. There are not words to express what this would mean to the school and scores of children. These kids have lived through harder times than most of us will ever see and they deserve this second chance. They deserve the opportunity to explore themselves and the world around them through art and intellectual curiosity. Please help me give an amazing present to these kids; one which will resonate through generations of students.

Name – matthew long
Email –

James said...

Just recently, my university hosted this Refugee Dinner and I thought it was great. I contributed so much: handing out gifts to the children, I was my table leader, and I was treating our guests with common courtesy. I saw this one family that really touched my heart. One family was a father, a mother, and twins that had some type of disease. The children could not speak at all and the mother and father didn’t know a word of English. I felt sorrow for them because I knew they couldn’t afford to buy a dictionary or English lessons. I invited them over to my table and I almost cried. I wish these people knew how to speak because they had so much potential in them-the mother wanted to become a nurse and the father, an engineer. They were extremely smart. I just wished I could’ve helped them. On their way out, I remembered that I had bought two dictionaries in my bag for some reason. I decided to give the mother one of the dictionaries so she could try to learn some words. I think there are so many people there that can be great things in life but if only they could speak English. Anyways, I just thought that if I DID win this giveaway I could donate these computers and laptops to the Refugee House to teach them how to learn English and actually become something in life. To be 100% truly honest, I have a printer and a laptop so I wouldn’t need any of this, except for the HP Touchsmart. I would donate the rest to them because I know they would need it a million times more than I would need it. I just feel so sorry for them and I wish I could help them as much as I can. Anyways, that’s just my two cents.
James H.

Chelsea said...

This year has been a tough one for me. And I think I deserve some of the prizes in this giveaway. I have gone through two major surgeries in the past 4 months (emergency c-section and gallbladder removal). This equipment would benefit myself and my fiance because the current HP computer we have is getting old and unreliable. My fiance needs a computer for school so he would get his own laptop out of this deal. And I need a home computer as it is the only way I make money being a stay at home mom. So we would be keeping those two things and the printer.
I would give a large percentage of the rest of the equipment to my mother because she has been here for me constantly, especially throughout my pregnancy and now that I am a new mom in need of help. She bought me a new washer and dryer for my home because she knew it was a necessity, she has bought my baby many necessities. I think she deserves something back, as I will probably never really be able to repay her for all she's done.
The rest will probably be donated to a local school which will be a great thing for the students to have. I may donate to another cause, I supposed I'll decide when and if the time comes. Thank you for this opportunity.


Anonymous said...


This contest has come just at the right time for me and my friend. One of my best friend's got laid off 2 weeks back. He has been searching for a job but he has not been successful so far. He has decided to be a freelancer and take up software projects available on the web. He has big ideas and wants to build his own software company one day.

However, he doesnt have the infrastructure to start his work now. These HP products would greatly help him to start off his new venture as a freelancer.

I would be glad if I can win this and give it to him.

Hoping for the best


Roy Cheung said...

I would like to win because I want to give my friend Yuji his dream come true. He has been there for us many times and he never asked for anything back and as a teenager, that’s pretty rare. He is in love with technology, but he’s always on a tight budget and cannot afford any good hardware, so this Christmas, I would like to give him the perfect gift, courtesy of HP and MSFT, hardware for him to Photoshop and program on (replacing an old Compaq notebook). I would also like to give my Brother Leon a new computer, because of the horrible economy; we can’t afford to give him even a decent computer for college. So I would like to make up for it and give him what he deserves. Thank you for listening.

Best Regards,

tecben said...

The first person I plan to give a computer is, my cosine he is 12 years old and live in a under privilege house hold. Him and his mother lives in a church board now. He has expressed to me how he wants to work with computers when he grows up. The second person I would give the media center to my uncle because he has been the only father figure in my life. The third computer would go to a local food bank that me and my mother have played a major role in for the last few years. I know that they can use the computer to help out on organizing paper work and processing the families that apply for home delivery of foods when they are unable to get a ride. Lastly, one computer will go to me. I am Senior high school and I have found a love of technology and the Internet. Some of things I plan to use it for is to start tech blog with video tutorials and of course use it for college.

:D tecben{at}gmail{dot}com

Dree said...

I left my email in my profile.

Ahmed Kotb said...

Hi, I’m Ahmed Kotb a 19 year student in 1st year in computer and systems Engineering Dept in Egypt, I don’t have a laptop so winning one will really help me in my studies...

Having another pc (strong enough to handle eclipse IDE :D ) will be a great thing also the laptop will enable me to work on another places rather than home..

So here is what I will do with the rest of the package:
•I intend to give a laptop to my relative who is on the third year of the same dept and doesn’t have a laptop till now .this laptop will be extremely useful to him.
•i have an architect relative; she might found the printer and the photo pack useful.
•Also I intend to give the (Corel VideoStudio X2) to my sister who loves video editing.
•I will give 2 office licenses one to my father (a Prof. in Alexandria University) and another license to one of my friends.
•Also the panda movie will be a nice present to my small cousin :) .

thank u and good luck for every one :D

Sushruta said...

Firstly, i would like to say thanks to HP,you & all other participating sites for the opportunity.

I’m Sushruta from India.I’m related with an NGO here in India which deals with Child Sexual Abuse Issues.If you want to know more about us, you can visit here.

My job involves rescuing children from people who use disabled children for their own profit like forcing disabled & homeless kids to beg (yes you read that right !!!) & using them to entertain people to earn.

We (with a member of 30) search for these type of kids in our society & bring them to our charity " Arushi " so that these kids can get proper education,proper foods & atleast some happiness & can grow up like a normal kid should.This organization strives to integrate people with disabilities into the mainstream of society.

Two Pictures of our kids :-

Picture 1.

Picture 2.

You can read about these kids more here on our blog.

If you consider us,i would like to share the computers among the kids.We don’t have enough computers here in Arushi.Around 150 kids are sharing 10 old desktops.Computer education is so much important these days.I wish if i could fulfill their small needs,but i can only do to a certain level.Anyways i think, every bit helps.

I hope you feel that our organization is deserving.
HP :-

Merlotmom :-
My Name :- Sushruta Bhattacharya.
Email :-

Brecht said...


first and foremost i would like to win this contest for my 2 best mates.
They recently lost their father, just about 2 years after they lost their mother 2 cancer. Since they have a lot of new expenses i would love to be able to give them a complete new computer each, so the touchsmart pc and the hdx 18 notebook would go to them.
Since my father will undergo surgery on the 19th of december and will have to be in bed for 3 months, the mediasmart connect would go to him. The pavilion notebook i would donate to my mother, since my father uses the computer so often for his work that my mother doesn't get around to computing at all.
The HP Mini 1000 is the one thing i would keep myself, because i am fascinated by netbooks and maintain a website about this: (gives me the opportunity to review it). The Photosmart printer would be donated to my sister, since she is using a printer of the year 1998. She could really use a new one for school. The office license and photo value pack would go to her as well.

I hope this can be considered a valid entry.

yours sincerely,

Brecht Ryckaert

Michael said...

If I win, I would like to give one of the laptops to the mother of my children(the mini), one of the other laptops would go to her father who desperately needs a new computer(HDX), along with the wireless printer. My brother could benefit from the extender, I would replace my main computer with the HP Touch, as my current one is about 6 years old. One of the remaining laptop I would use while I was on the train to work for my programming. One DVD would be for my children, and the other DVD could go to my brother for his new son, and of course he is a big kid so he can enjoy it for now until his son is older.

flowergurl281 said...

First I want to say thank you for this opportunity to share something HUGE.
My mom has been raising kids since she was 18 years old. She has 4 kids (2 sons, a daughter and a step son). She was almost done raising kids ( my lil brother was 17) when my oldest brothers kids were taken away and put into fostercare. After about 2 years in fostercare my mom was able to take my neice and nephew. She now is their guardian. They dont have a computer and I would like for them to have one of the laptops and one of the kungfu panda dvds. I would also like to donate to toys for tots or a giving tree program the mini laptop and the other dvds. I have a 7 year old laptop which I am afraid is on its last legs so I would like to keep one of the laptops and the desktop. I want to get more into photography so I would also keep the printer for printing photos.
Thank you again and Merry Christmas.

Carl said...

Hi there,

I have a couple people who I'd give some of the gifts to. The first one would be my good friend and neighbor. Saturday evening 22th of November he suffered from a cerebral bleeding. Luckily he survived. After a week being ‘locked-up’ in the hospital he was kind of getting crazy. Just imagine laying there all day having nothing to do. In the evening of the 26th he called his parents and begged to come and take him back home. He even threatened to hurt himself. After a talk with the doctor he got permission to go home and since then he is recovering way faster.
He’s studying to become an IT Teacher although he could use a new computer (2.5 year old PC right now). To make his Christmas a bit more fun I would want to give him the HDX 18, VideoStudio, Photosmart C6380 (He loves both filming and taking pictures so I he’ll be happy with both) and the Kung Fu Panda disk which he can watch on Christmas Eve with his friends and family.

The HP Mini would go to my Mom and the MediaSmart Connect to my dad. I would give it to them because they were always there throughout some hard times and I could always count on them. The other Kung Fu Panda DVD will probably go to the daughter of one of our friends.

I will be using the Pavilion dv4 for school use (Studying IT too) and the TouchSmart will probably be replacing my 4 year old desktop PC.

Greetings Carl


Cristian B said...

I would like to start of by saying thank you for this amazing contest. My name is Cristian Ballesteros and I live in Bogota, Colombia. If I win this grand giveaway I think I will put it to best use because not only will I use it but hundreds if not thousands of people will use the hardware as well. I am a 20 year old College student who is struggling, along with my class mates to finish our school work and assignments. At our College we have a “Compu Center” which in reality is a computer lab that is based of 15 donated computers to be used for school work for the College students. You may say well 15 computers is a lot. Not really when you consider the number of students whom attend College to be able to live a better life.

If I win this contest I will donate everything but the HP Mini (I will keep for myself) to our Compu Center at college. The donated hardware will be used by hundreds of College students and we will ALL be grateful for your geneirosity. If I win I will also contact local news channels to record and evidence the donation and to give thanks to you and HP.

Thank you very much for your time. I included a picture of our Compu Center.

God Bless.

Kristine said...

I am not going to lie and say that I would not keep any of the gear, because I would totally keep the big computer for myself. I do not have a home computer so you bet your but I would keep one. As for the rest of it.... it would go to Grays Harbor Homeless Youth education program. This is a program that is ran by almost all donation and volunteer work. Homeless youth is a huge issue in my area and a worthy cause. Thank you for the opportunity. I hope the winner you pick is a good choice and will make a difference.

Lola Goetz said...

quick question - will you be emailing the winner, or just posting the results? wondering if we should watch our email or the post. thanks.

Lola Goetz said...

Also, I realized that my profile may not have my email address. I don't want to be disqualified for forgetting it! Here's my entry again, and here's my email: becky at misspriss dot org (sorry about that, and thanks for the chance to enter).

My stepdaughter, a college student, could use a laptop. I can't afford to buy her anything new and she needs a computer for school. Our income took a huge hit this year when I quit my job to find alternate employment and take care of our son when we couldn't afford daycare. We won't have much of a Christmas this year, and it saddens me. I love to give gifts.

I would also give computers to my husband and parents. Husband always gets my castoffs, but for once I'd like to get him something new. And my parents are struggling with their computer. A newer, better model would be perfect for them. And since we're going to see family for Christmas (they live in another state), it would be awesome to surprise them with something like this.

I would love nothing better than to gift my family with new computers since I certainly can't afford to buy them gifts this year.

Haasiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Haasiegirl said...

I have an idea I would LOVE to implement. I would really like to go to a public place, with the video camera, and approach random shoppers and ask them how the economy has affected them, how their year has been, and their personal struggles this year.

Then, out of people I approached and talked to, present 2 computers, to do people, and truly "pass the magic" LIVE in front of everyone shopping in true christmas spirit.

There is nothing more special then doing a random act of kindness for a stranger, or more thrilling.

So I pledge, on behalf of merlot mom, to take my camera and record it, and literally "GIVE" away two computers before Christmas if I win, to complete strangers, and then share the video with youtube and the blog in hopes to truly inspire others to do the same this year, and all years.


Amber said...

Hi! Here is my entry on my blog stating what I would do if I would win. I've included all necessary links:

Quirkiness Abound!

My name is Amber Tate and I can be contacted at

Heather said...

I work for the American Indian Resource Center, Inc. (, a non-profit organization funded by grants and contracts with the U.S. Government. One of the grants we have serves approximately 10 non-profits in northeastern Oklahoma. We help these non-profits improve their capacity, allowing them to better themselves and better serve youth. Most of these non-profits are on tight budgets and do not have a way to replace rather old and outdated equipment. Some of these organizations have received new equipment from the grant, but there are a couple non-profits who have not.

One of the organizations that comes to mind is the Legacy Cultural Learning Community, Inc. ( The Executive Director, Dana Tiger, is using a rather outdated laptop for organization business and it would be nice to give her something newer and with a bigger hard drive so she can do her job more effectively. Another laptop would be given to AIRC’s grant writer, who uses her own laptop and has never asked for a company supplied computer. Hers is also rather outdated and in dire need of replacement, but she does not have the personal funds nor does AIRC have the extra grant money to replace it. I would also use the desktops to replace a couple of computers in the office since the staff has rather outdated equipment with no extra grant funds to replace them.

I would not keep any of these computers, but would put them toward programs and organizations who truly need them.

The Oaksmith ~ Stewart's said...

First of all, thank you for having the contest. How fun it must be to read all of the entries!! I really like your blog, as I started a gratitude journal just last month and it is what I am thankful for that makes me keep going. We moved to a new area this past year and I know there is a need for computers in the local schools/non-profits and there are families in need, as well. If I were to win, I would brainstorm with my local Mom's Club group for families/schools in need. We could make it a contest ourselves- a mission to find those in need. We just completed Operation Santa where we bought gifts for a family in need, so it would be easy to find individuals/organizations that need computers. I would think it would be great to find two non-profits and a few families who could use the equipment to better their lives and those around them.

I am thankful for this opportunity. Good luck with your decision. Happy Holidays!!

Contact info:
Carma Oaksmith

Christina said...

My husband and I are adopting
A beautiful little girl
She has a brother and a sister
I’ll let this story unfurl.

Her sister is 16, and she has a son
Her brother is 15 and charming
They’ve both been moved from home to home
A situation that has been pretty harming

My husband and I have reached out to them
To let them know we love them and care
We’re unable to foster three additional kids
We don’t have the resources, it wouldn’t be fair.

Their access to computers is infrequent, so if we won, we’d be able to give each of the kids his/her own laptop for schoolwork, and they’d both be able to stay in touch with each other and us. Plus the sister would be able to print pictures of her son and he could get that copy of Kung Fu Panda. These kids have suffered the death of their father, being shunned by their mom who chose not to raise them, and have bounced around the foster system. Offering them something meaningful and grand would mean so much to them, and to me. I love these kids, and regardless of whether I win this contest or not, I am working to give these kids a break. They deserve it. Any additional equipment I’d donate to the non-profit foster agency that placed both my son and daughter in my home. I’m blessed, and it would give me joy to give back.

Haasiegirl said...

I put up a video!


Q. Wilson said...


Two issues that have always held a place in my heart are literacy and homelessness. I have been extremely blessed with an education and the peace of mind to never worry where I would sleep once the sun went down. Because of this, I feel it's important to help others who haven't been so lucky.

If I were to win this prize, I would donate portions of it to two causes that address both education and homelessness – (1) Covenant House ( and (2) Stand Up For Kids ( Both of these organizations have branches in Philadelphia, PA which seek out homeless and at-risk youth and offer them support services (e.g. educational assistance and job placement skills). I believe that both these organizations would benefit from an extra computer or two in order to continue helping youth.

I was brought up to believe that giving to others brings you happiness. The times in my life that I lost sight of this belief and chose to focus on my own problems and frustrations brought nothing but more misery. Knowing this, I hope that whoever is lucky enough to win this prize keeps the spirit of giving going and gives big as well.

Thank you.

Xan(Anubhav) said...

I'd like to share it as follows:-


• TouchSmart -This will go out to my school which also is working as a Non-Profit Organization in helping and guiding mentally & Physically disabled children. This i feel wouldbe a great way to unleash their mental skills & keep abreast with the rising demands for computer proficiency. I would love to keep this wonder but thinking about those tiny tots. i convinced myself i'll get one for myself later when i can afford it.

• HDX NOtebook- This is for me and my family. Our current PC is a P4 running windows XP and 256 MB ram.

• HP MediaSmart Connect. this on will also go out to me coz i couldnt afford a DVD player for my house..

• HP Pavilion Entertainment Notebook - This will go out to My gadget-frenzy uncle who just broke his beloved laptop. And cannot bear the repairing costs. (He was instrumental in providing me good education)

• HP Mini 1000 (with XP) - IM gonna donate this to This personally to some worthy soul who i think will make use of it or a descent legitimate charity foundation as and when i research a little bit and find one.

• HP (printer) -This one will be with me coz currently my printer is a horrible squeaky deskjet 695 which is about 6-7 years old!

No plans with the software right now but will go out, when the right time comes, to whoever needs it the most.

Thank you
Anubhav Mathur

jyaan said...

Please consider the students that are aiming to become computer professionals. They need the help more than anyone else.

jyaan said...

Please consider the students that are aiming to become computer professionals. They need computers more than anyone else.

Jonathan Bressie

Don said...

First of all, a big thank you for hosting this contest and to HP for donating such amazing prizes.

With a prize package like this, there's no reason to keep everything for yourself, especially not at this time of year. It's really good to see corporations running contests like this that will promote gift-giving throughout the world.

If I won this package, I'd be donating most of it to the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada. I first learned of the wonderful work they do there almost 15 years ago when a friend was injured during a football game and needed extensive medical attention. Sadly, he passes away after a week of struggling, but the dedication of the doctors, nurses, and other staff at the hospital was an eye-opener to me. They never gave up, even when things took a turn for the worse. Since then, I've tried to donate what I could each year to the Hospital because I knew exactly what I was helping to achieve (in my own small way).
I know the patients there, the majority of which are young children and teenagers, would love to receive these gifts and I would love to see that happen.

Thanks again.


Cindy said...

Yay for not making your contest too complicated! :)

I'm a Virtual Assistant and would keep one of the laptops for myself to replace my current one which has a super-cracked screen that is getting worse every day. That will be a big help financially as personally, we're quite strapped right now (along with the rest of America!).

Now - for exciting part - getting to share the joy with others who are super deserving! As I pondered who I would give the other computers & items to, it came to me that it would make sense to give them to aspiring Virtual Assistants. Especially those who are financially struggling and can't afford to buy the computer that is so integral to this type of work. To choose these people, I will reach out to the VA organizations I volunteer for and ask for nominations. I will give the computers to aspiring VAs (small business owners) who volunteer for these professional organizations selflessly and give of themselves without expectation of reward or thanks. I have met so many Virtual Assistants who have awesome potential and are doing everything right to grow their business - they just don't have adequate tools to get them to the ultimate level they are capable of. Making a small difference in several people's lives would be such a great Christmas present to myself. When you give, you get in so many intangible ways! Many thanks to HP and all the bloggers for being so generous!

MoreThanMommy said...

I’d like to give one of the laptops to my aunt who is a nurse. She’s a single parent who has worked incredibly hard to provide her now-grown kids with all of the opportunities she could afford. She didn’t want them to miss out because her marriage didn’t work out. Even now, she has taken in her son and his family. They’re going through a tough time financially and I know that she enjoys having her grandson around. Still, she has very little space to herself and it’s crowded with two families under one small roof. My cousin is a police officer, his wife is in social work, and it saddens me that three people who give so much to their communities still have to struggle financially. We would probably keep some of the equipment here, since I work from home and my husband does some consulting as well. I’d love to surprise him with a new laptop for Christmas. It’s something I could never afford to do for him and I think he deserves it. He’s always willing to help out friends and family when they need it. We would pass along any older equipment to other friends and family in need. I’d like to give the rest of the prize away to someone else in need, or in benefit of an organization in need. It’s something I’d think about if we won. Thanks for hosting the giveaway (and for not requiring a video)!
And, just in case:
My email is in my profile.

Meditator said...

I work as IT guy at Malaysian Buddhist Institute, a small non-profit institute, offering free education to about 100 or so students. Yes, it is small, but we are all like a big family.

Our funds come only from donors. The students do not have to pay a single penny to study. All the books and materials are supplied to students for free, and those staying at the hostel only pay a nominal amount for food.

Our computers are all hand-me-downs, donated by big companies that upgraded their PCs when they upgrade to the latest technology. We just had our graduation recently, and we shot tons of videos. Unfortunately we do not have the necessary equipment to process the videos. The prize will be handy! The notebooks will be useful for the teachers to use in classrooms. I gave up a higher paying job about 4 years ago to work here full time. We need the prize so much!

This is the site: It is in Mandarin though. Sorry!

Toddie said...

I’m so grateful to bloggers like you ( and HP for pulling this magic giveaway contest ( together, because it brings the focus of the holiday back to giving.

Here’s how I’d share the wealth. I go to a smallish church down in the Snoqualmie Valley. It’s so cute you want to eat it, and its members care for each other like family. It is also perennially in the red. My church cannot afford to fix the furnace, much less buy laptops for its various programs. That’s where I’d like to come in. If I were to win this fabulous package, I’d give one laptop to our Children’s Education program to assist with the curriculum and the running of the Church School program. Another laptop could be used to tape Sunday’s services, so that they could be broadcast - without snaps, crackles, and pops - to the various members unable to make it to church, in whatever media was necessary. A third laptop would be given to the Youth program, to provide a central repository for coordinating the various outreach projects the youth are involved in - from gathering of hats and gloves for the homeless to helping rebuild houses damaged by last year’s floods. The giving of these computer products would enable an additional level of giving to occur: Me to the church, and the church to the community. It would be a dream come true. (237 words)


Asma said...

If I were to win, I would donate the majority of my winnings to my big sister, why? The answer is simple my sister has been a rock in my life, she has supported me with all aspects of my life. There were times where I was unsure about my life and was about to make some terrible mistakes but she helped me through it and I can honestly say I would never have become the person I am today. There are times when you say you want to pay back the favour, but giving this prizes to her won’t equal how much she has helped me but certainly will make her ecstatic.
The second person I would share this prize with is my brother, who is about to become a daddy soon (hopefully) rather than buying him children’s clothes/toys etc, I would like to give him something electronic so he can browse the internet and research those “How to be the best daddy.......” articles. (lol).


Karen S said...


If I were to win this great prize package I would give one of the laptops and the printer to my cousin's daughter, Morgan. She is in middle school right now and her family has never been able to afford a computer for her. She currently goes to the local library and uses their computer for her homework. If she had her own computer, she could do her homework safely at home. Thank you for the chance to win!

Corinne S. said...

There are some very good posts here about what people would do with the $6,000 HP bundle of goodies.
I would definitely give a nice set up to my mom! She deserves it. Hurricane Katrina left her with nothing. I really mean NOTHING! Sadly it's been 3 years now and she still has very little after a contractor ripped her off to the tune of $100,000. I would be so discouraged, but she is hanging in there and I would want to make her Christmas a happy one in this small way.
Whatever is left over I would give to my local Hospice. They have helped so many people in need in my area and they would appreciate being able to have a few more laptops to assist their on-site personel.
It's Christmas and I want to play Santa Claus just this once! It would be the best job I ever had!

defender826 said...

This is an incredible oppourtunity for us to share with those less fortunate that some. Personally, I am entering this contest in the hopes that I might win, so that I can send the entire prize package to a Missionary Family I know in Africa. They have a very old computer, that is not very reliable. I would love to be able to bless them with this gift to further their ministry there, and also to enable them to stay in contact with their family back here in the states.

I want to thank Merlot Mom for holding this contest, and for giving me the chance to help out a needy family in Africa!!!

Merry Christmas to all!!!!!!!

Shera said...

I have posted about it here: We're struggling to make Christmas happen for the boys right now, so this would be absolutely huge for us all!!! afroginmysoup at gmail dot com.

admin said...

I've been laying my eyes on this competition ever since it started :P

Here are the people and the organization I'm going to give a very pleasant christmas on the rare occasion that I win:

* The TouchSmart and one of the Kong Fu Panda discs will go to the Down syndrome children's hostel in my town. My sister used to volunteer there, and she told me the costs of running the place are so high that the management can't afford a new computer.

* The dv4 and the printer will go to a family in my town who just got their house renovated and desperately needs a new computer. Their use of computers is pretty straightforward, and it sums up to watching movies, surfing the internet, browsing photographs and writing essays.

* In my country, school teachers earn a lot less than the average household income.
One of my family's close friends is a history teacher, and since he doesn't have a computer right now - I'll give the Mini 1000 to him.

Last but not least, the HDX 18 will go to my sister. She is a busy student who's just started a long term literature research, and I think the computer could really help her along the way.
The MediaSmart, as selfish as it may sound, will stay with me... I'm running out of music storage space :P

Email: dor{AT}

Shellie said...

Thank you HP! This is a great gift for aanyone who wins and those they will touch. I have posted my thoughts on this here:


Craig said...

Here is my entry:

Craig S.

~*Just Plain Momma*~ said...

I figured it would be easier if I put my post on my blog and let you read it it doesn't get so cluttered here...

W Barry said...

Should I be fortunate enough to win this terrific prize I would give one notebook to the nurse/caregiver at the Eastern Star Retirement and Nursing home that cared for my mother so unselfishly for 17 years including volunteering to do things for her on his day off.

When my mother passed away, I gave him a nice Seiko watch to replace the taped up plastic model that he was wearing. Knowing him as I do, he would use the notebook on his rounds to further spread his joy among the residents.

I would also give the entertainment notebook, media receiver and entertainment DVD’s to the nursing home for their use in creating a theater room for the enjoyment of their 270 residents. The home is a not for profit facility that provides loving care for all who live there. This donation would provide a further upgrade that would be enjoyed by many people.

The only items that I would keep are the HP TouchSmart desktop and printer as they would keep replace my very old HP desktop and HP printer.

This is a wonderful gesture by this website and HP. Tis the season of giving and it's a wonderful idea to have the winner further share the sponsors’ generosity with worthy causes.

Thank you for this opportunity.

Barry Crist

Jim Wirt said...

Merlot Mom and Hewlett Packard are giving away $6,000 worth of computer gear this season, and I'm entering to try and win the HP Touch Smart. If you saw the computer I work on you would fall over backwards from laughing so hard. Having lost my job a few months ago, I've been struggling to make ends meet by doing freelance work when I can find it. If I won the Touch Smart it would enrich my life so much, words cannot explain! I would also donate my current desktop computer (the one I'm writing on now) to my local animal rescue service.

I would donate all the remaining items back to the contest to be distributed to the other folks who entered this contest. Then it would be up to Merlot Mom to decide where the rest of the prizes were to go. Or, Merlot Mom could give the rest of the prizes away to her favorite local organizations. The bottom line is I don't need all the items in the giveaway, I just need a better computer than the one I do all my work on. Also, it would be awesome to share the rest of the prizes with others!
As they say, it's not about's about giving!

Happy Holidays!

Oh, and my email is in case I happen to win. Thanks!

Glenn said...

I think I deserve to win because my current laptop is falling apart (literally). I would also give one laptop to my family I guess, as they've recently suffered a computer power supply explosion. As for the other prizes, I always give money to a charity event that happens yearly each year here. If I win I'd definitely check if they'd accept one of the prices. If they do not accept them (as they might accept just money donations) I will give still give them a much larger sum than usual as if I'd bought the items from them.

Katmagick said...

Charity begins at home, not mine, my sisters. The majority of the prize would go to her and her kids. I would consider it as an investment in their future, that they will have better lives through higher education. My nephew, is a member of the National Honor Society and has the highest GPA of his entire school. He will be the first of our family to go to college. The only way he will be attending college is with full scholarships which he is currently lining up. He needs a notebook desperately for school.
My sister and the kids are sharing an ancient desktop. My sister is barely making ends meet and simply can’t afford technology products like the ones you are giving away.
My niece is showing much promise in graphic design. She is talented artistically and really needs an updated computer for realizing her potential. The dinosaur of a desktop that she shares at home is just not cutting it.
They are both really good kids and I would love to make their Christmas spectacular. Never in a million years would they envision owning all of these wonderful technology products.
I would only keep the HP HDX 18 for myself. I have always wanted a laptop and could never afford one.
I realize that in these dire economical times, there are many in need. I appreciate the opportunity to win this magical prize. Thank you HP for sponsoring the Magic Giveaway and to Merlot Mom

i am feathermaye said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Matt said...

These computers would go to very deserving people, and that fact its called the Magic Giveaway just goes with how they helped me with a Magical day.

I met my (now) husband at a church conference, and we started a long distance relationship. This took a toll on our income to just visit each other. When it came time for our wedding the budget was low. My family helped us with, a "Do-it-yourself Wedding". We made everything, catered it ourselves, even sewed our tablecloths. I want to return the favor by sharing this prize with the people who helped make my day magic.

My mother would get the Touchsmart. She was very hands on (pun intended) in helping me with everything and I think she would really love to use this computer!

My Maid of Honor, (my sister) was my right hand women with everything. She needs a new computer since her old one doesn't work, and these ones are right up her ally.

Of course my amazing new husband would get one too! He is trying to become a self employed Graphic Artist so a new computer is exactly what he needs.

This contest couldn't have come at a better time then Christmas season. With all the bills of newlyweds in the middle of this financial crisis my husband and I can't afford presents, and if I won... well from nothing to four computers and the other wonderful things in the prize, it would be out-of-this-world amazing.

Jim Hansen said...

This is such a neat prize and is something that I could use in many incredible ways. I am a fourth grade teacher who loves technology, but whose classroom computer is about 8 years old and as slow as molasses. I would use one laptop so I could bring my work and projects to and from my school as I have never had a laptop. I would use the other pieces of the technology in my classroom with my students. Here is some extremely creative digital poetry we did in my class. I would love to do more things like this with my students. Unfortunately I had to do most of the work at home because my classroom computer could not handle it. My students would be thrilled with these computers and they would be able to let the computers do the magic when we do creative things rather than wait to see how I finish things at home. Wouldn't it be nice to know that a school would have a teacher that puts this technology to its maximum use? The computers most certainly would be constantly used in the most creative ways by the students in my class if I won the prize. I am salivating thinking about all the things we could do with this prize. I can only imagine the enthusiasm my students would have being able to use the best in technology rather than the old castoffs!

Alex Peerenboom said...

If I were to win this contest, I would share the computers with my mom and my girlfriend. Both of them have extremely old laptops and are in need of new ways to connect with the world.

My mom stays in constant email contact with her 6 other brothers and sisters. My brother and sister-in-law will soon be having a baby, and I think a new computer would help to share the moments.

My girlfriend is a senior in college studying accounting. Her current laptop freezes up all the time and it a real struggle for her to get homework done. With other personal issues going on in her life, she carries a lot of stress. I would love to help alleviate some of that stress by not having her worry about her computer.

These are the two most important women in my life and I would really like to see them happy. Thanks.

Tim and Jennie Lindstrom said...

Thank you for the opportunity to enter this giveaway. We are a military family, and my husband will be deploying to Afghanistan the day after Christmas. We are thankful he will be here for Christmas, but are not looking forward to his deployment. We would keep one computer for my girls and I here at home and the one for him to take to Afghanistan. We would really enjoy being able to give away some of the wonderful products HP is giving away. We would do this through both our church and possibly by my husband taking some to give away in Afghanistan. Thank you!

diane said...

I know it sounds greedy, but as a family with one income we could really use some of this equipment. My husband's workplace is down to 4 days a week, but he's done an amazing job going without things in order to support 4 females for 25 years and I would love to surprise him with something for a change. And now having 3 daughters in college sharing one computer that's ready to crash, we could certainly use some of this stuff.
I don't know much about computer things but I love my family and want more than anything for my girls to do well in school in order to make this world a better place. This, I'm sure, would help.
One is studying to be a teacher, one a social worker and the other a nutritionist~gearing towards kids.
Each works part time but being full-time students leaves little time for good jobs. I'm very proud of each of them for being the wonderful people they are and for choosing careers that will help others in life--it's what we're meant to do.
I would see to it that some of this equipment also went to the after school tutoring program that the girls work for, helping kids with learning problems.
There are more deserving people out there, but this is my family and I love them dearly and they deserve good things, too

Linda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Linda said...

I will march right into the Veteran's Hospital and bring the Mini 1000 (and a package of tissues) and find a Veteran who I want to have it. I don’t know who it will be but I will know when I see him or her. Depending on the situation I will either give it to him/her or have a nurse do it. I get too emotional!
I will bring the Pavilion dv4 to the local library and give it to a person while they are using a library computer, the librarian said she will help me choose the right person. I want it to go to a deserving patron who can’t afford a computer but uses the library computers. It might be a student, a veteran or person who is out of work. Maybe a sick person who will be happy to receive such a great gift. Or a mom or dad with kids and no computer!
The DVDs will go to Toys-for-Tots.
I will replace our Desktop computer with the TouchSmart. It will give our family hours of learning, entertainment and keeping up with our finances.
We would use the HDX 18 for our four person plumbing and heating company. And the MediaSmart Connect would also entertain my husband, me and our two boys!

Desirae said...

My name is Desirae and if I were to win this amazing giveaway(, I would love to share it in a few different ways.

First, I would like to share one of the computers with a group of soldiers that have been deployed and are not able to communicate with their families during this holiday season. I can’t imagine what it is like to be away from my loved ones on a daily basis let alone during the holidays.

Second I would like to share one of the computers with my parents. They own their own business and are the hardest working people I know. They worked extremely hard to put me through college and this would a small way for me to pay them back a little. My son, their grandson, just turned one and I would like them to have one of the computers so that I can share more pictures and home videos with them.

I, of course, would love this package, specifically the Touchsmart. I am starting to scrapbook and it looks like an amazing tool.

Joe Cahn said...

I would be sharing two of the computers if I won this prize. I work and the McDonald's SE Regional office. I would donate one of the notebooks to the local Ronald McDonald House. RMHC provides housing for seriously ill children and their families while they are receiving life saving care at nearby hospitals. Families enjoy home-cooked meals and sleep in private bedrooms. Having computers at these locations helps families keep in touch with relatives and helps entertain the children staying there. One computer could help dozens of families a year.
I would donate the other system to a recently laid off friend who needs a good laptop to help look for work.

Dee Dee said...

First off, *I am wowed* by the whole contest concept of sharing the Magic. It is a great way to help others focus on helping one another. I have posted at length on my blog about what I'd like to do with the computers if we were to win. I even got a teaching opportunity today when I told my children about the contest. With faith only children can have they envisioned the packages arriving in the mail. I explained the whole concept of sharing (for the gazillonth time) and my 7yo, with stars in his eyes, said, "But Momma I *would* share..." and he began to list off his siblings. We are probably one of the few families that would need to 'share' even if we kept everything, but that isn't my goal. I have a couple of things in mind which include two different charities geared toward helping children which you can read more about on my blog since I am very close to being out of words.
Email is

Emmi said...

We have been needing some new computers for a while now, if my family found these under the tree they would be absolutely thrilled to death. My mom would have one to do her work, my brothers could get one, and maybe I could even get one to take off to college.

Thanks soo much for the chance!

James said...

Here's the link of my entry...

James Evans Palar


Jase said...

Hi there, I left the first comment but forgot to leave my email address. I hope it's ok if i repost. Thank you

Here it is again.

I have always been fascinated with things that are efficient and functional. The prices are too huge for just me to own. That’s why I am giving a huge part of the price to my brother. His name is Jimmy, he got married last June to a wonderful lady, her name is Dette. They started a motorcycle parts & accessories shop after they got married and the prize is perfect for them as they are just starting a family. Now my lovely new sister-in-law is now 4-months pregnant. The family celebrated the occasion since it will be the first grandchild for both families. I want my first niece/nephew to be able to grow up in a knowledgable environment, surround him/her with books, music, or a computer because me & my brother did not. In these days a computer is as valuable as a book and like any good book we treasure it. This prize will not only benefit my brother’s future family but his business as well. A couple of months ago, my brother’s 9-year old Pentium 3 computer crashed and with it is the shop’s inventory. We have tried many ways to restore it but the hardware had just given up. I really think this could just be the greatest gift for them, they are very good and god-fearing people. I love them both and I just want them to have the best.

Jayson Angeles

Gerbil_22 said...


I’m the second oldest (20) of a family of 4 children. 6 years ago my father lost his job in high-tech due to a localized industry meltdown. Since then he was unable to find a job and had to recycle himself in another sector, in which he found a job a few months ago. Needless to say these last few years have been hard on our family. My mother had to start working again after 15 years as a stay-at-home mom. Our family trips were substantially cut down. We had to buy a new roof, a new car (with another one coming in since ours is breaking apart), and I fear that all of this as put my parents in considerable debt.
Thanks to my mom we are still living in fortunate conditions. Unfortunately anything extra such as new TV, computers, trips have been put on hold. With this prize, I could update our entire set of old computers and laptops, and allow my younger gamer brother to finally be able to play all the new games. My younger sister would be able to push her scrap booking and fashion design to a whole new level. My father would have the tools he needs to thrive in his new job.
Whether I win or not, HP and Microsoft had a wonderful idea in launching this giveaway. What a truly magic event around Christmas. I hope I could be one of the lucky 50 who can start believing in miracles again.

Thank you very much for this opportunity! Check these sites for more info:

With respect,

Patrick T.

Shawn Lee said...

I intend to give the HP Mini 1000, HP Pavilion dv4 Entertainment Notebook PC, Kung Fu Panda DVD as well as Microsoft Office Home & Student Edition to my cousin. She's currently divorced with 2 kids, and her estranged husband is only giving her a small monthly stipend which leaves her barely able to cope, especially when she's left with 2 kids, of which one has undergone multiple operations. These 2 prized laptops that I'm giving away will enable my niece and nephew to be able to utilize it fully for their school work, especially when Singapore schools encourage e-Learning, and they've got no computers at home. The Kung Fu Panda DVD will also keep them well entertained and leave their mum able to have her own spare time to do her work and chores. Microsoft Office will also assist the two kids in completing their work.

Furthermore, I'd like to give away the Corel VideoStudio X2 & Windows Live to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which will hopefully grant someone a wish.

I will be keeping the HP TouchSmart for my own personal use, and the HDX 18 series Premium Notebook PC will go to my brother who currently needs of a computer of his own. The printer will be shared among us, and as for the Photo Value Pak, I'll be using it as I'm into photography.

Lastly, I hope that whoever wins this substantial package will truly share the magic with those around him.


Email addy:

elkaye said...

Winning this prize package would be amazing. I’m using an old Presario 7000 that I’ve done my best to keep it running well by doing regular maintenance and updates but it’s reached the point to where it can no longer be upgraded or have its parts replaced. I would probably keep the TouchSmart to replace my current computer & I’m hoping such a computer could meet my school needs by allowing me to operate AutoCAD and any other program that I regularly use. I’d also probably keep one of the laptops for times I’m at school for long hours or away from home for days. My current setup I would give to GoodWill.

The rest of the computers would be given to family members who I know could use one. My brother doesn’t have a computer and would like to have a laptop to take with him for traveling. My niece could benefit from having a laptop for her schoolwork, recording her music, and writing poetry.

I think my 7-year-old nephew would enjoy getting the Kung Fu Panda DVD so that he could watch it any time he wanted. I don’t know of anyone who could use the MediaSmart and any other software, so I would donate it if I can’t find anyone who could benefit from it.


email: elkaye[at]gmail[dot]com

Anonymous said...

Hello :)

When i read about the contest clauses the only person who came in my mind is my Uncle who happens to be an "Ayurvedic Pandit" nearby my place.Even though he completed Engineering in one of the most reputed National Insititute of technology in here., he chose to fulfil his fathers wish. This "Ayurvedic Pandit" tradition has come along way frm his ancestor time. They treat the poor as well as the rich.They do not charge anything, i mean its free of cost.Since it was a family tradition and his brothers were not willing to follow the tradition he stepped in and made a huge sacrifice. If he wudnt sacrifice his wishes i guess he would have landed in the top MNC in the world. He does a lot of research on "Ayurvedic" medicine. I think this contest will surely benefit him the most. I would love to donate a laptop to him so that he can carry his research along with him wherever he travels to. I would also donate the other mini laptop to my sister who has just finished her studies. It will surely help her in her research works. I would keep a laptop and the printer and then media smart connect for my personal use. I am not sure about the softwares but i might gift it to some of my friends at University. The kung fu panda definitely goes to my neighbour, she is 6yrs :p she would surely love it :)


e-Mail : Karthiksrao[at]msn[dot].com

-*D!siLLus!on3d*- said...

Hello there :D

So many people, with so many touching stories.. Well, I'll just be honest and tell you exactly who each item will be given to and I'm only joining this contest on your site :)

If you decide to bestow these wonderful gifts on me, I'll definitely share the good fortune with my family.

My sister is in her final term (she's taking game design) and she has been hinting for a Desktop so she can run her design programs on. The Touchsmart PC will have to go to her.

My brother is a photographer and the MedisSmart connect sure will come in handy, especially with a HDX 18 Series Premium Notebook.

My wonderful mother, at 56 she's just starting to pick up video editing and photoshop. She loves movies and music, so the HP Pavillion Entertainment Notebook would be just perfect for her :) If I am able to give her this, it would be such a great feeling. I can finally give my mama something she deserves.

I'll settle for the HP Mini 100 series, so I bring it with me when I go on trips and keep in touch with my love ones.

The printer and photopack will be given to my Uncle (who supported my family so much after my dad left) so he can print the fantastic photos he takes in his spare time.

The Kungfu Panda DVD will surely brighten up the day for my 7yr old cousin and the Microsoft Office software will be handy for my boyfriend's sister. (who is taking excel classes right now, to help out in her husband's business)

Last but not least, Merry Xmas in advanced to all.

I hope everyone has fun and love to share during this special time.



e-Mail : obliquez[at]gmail[dot].com

Brandon Young said...

I would love to be given the opportunity to share these great gifts with others. If I was awarded this great package I would only keep the HP Mini and the printer for myself. I would love to share the rest of the package with a family member and a couple of my favorite organizations.
I would first share the HP Pavilion dv4 and Microsoft Office with my sister. She is currently in her first year of teaching and is still dealing with some of the financial troubles of being right out of college (especially with the poor economy). She has a laptop, but it is very old and slow and becomes difficult for her to get anything done for her classroom. She has always done so much for me, and this would finally give me the opportunity to pay her back for all her help over the years.
The remaining gifts would be given to my two favorite organizations. First I would donate the HP Touchscreen and the Kung Fu Panda DVD to the Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia. Hopefully they would make this computer available to all the patients and families so they can stay connected with their family and friends. The patients could also use it to watch movies or play games.
The final computer (HP HDX) would be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This organization is very close to my heart because I feel everyone should have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams.
Thank You!


Mama Moose said...

I would love to win this! My hubby would love the touch screen to work on his nature photography and it's my dream to make his business take off!
My 8 yr old neice would dig the mini, so I'd give that to her.
My poor Mom has no printer, so I'd be able to give her one!
Thanks for the chance!

i am feathermaye said...

Okay... re-entering my comment, since I forgot my email address. Whew!!

I'm in! Was going to post my response here until I realized I couldn't include links (as in, have no idea how!).

So, my post is up at my blog! Good luck to everyone entered!

Courtenay said...

I’d love to win this prize package but I’m sure that there are others more deserving. However, I would definitely put it to good use in the spirit of giving.

My younger brother is unexpectedly getting married at the beginning of January in Florida and with our financial situation right now we’re not sure if we can swing the cost for the trip but, if we can, we won’t have a gift for them. I would love to give them an HP computer or two.

I’d also like to give a memorable Christmas gift to my late older brother’s wife and son because after he passed away they were out of my life for a number of years. Now that they are back in it I’d like to help give them a happy Christmas.

I’d share some of it with my dad because he and my mom raised 3 boys into good men and it’s just nice to be able to give something back. He’d get a computer because when my mom passed away a few years ago he was going to finally replace their old 1997-ish Compaq Presario tower pc but it never happened. Now it’s almost impossible to do any computing or web browsing on the machine and he needs something new. Hopefully I can give him one.

Lastly, I’d like to at least keep the printer to replace my old Canon one and be able to print my photos and finally have a scanner!


Mary F. said...

I will not be giving this away but will make extremely good use of this myself.

As a stay-at-home mom, I would use the HP Products for starting up/expanding my very small consulting company so that I can help my family and husband's small business stay afloat during this rough economic time.

I am very proud of my husband's small business. We have been in business for ten years now and employee 7 employees, which have all been with the company for some time. They are paid fairly and medical benefits are provided. With my added income, I think we can weather the economy without having to lay anyone off, or lose our house, and I mean that, literally.

I have been a stay-at-home-mom for four years now and I just started doing consulting out of my garage, where it is very cold. I have an older computer and printer, which in on the blink. I would use these products very efficiently to produce an income for my family just so we and my husband's company can get by.

Thankyou for your consideration.


John Kearney said...

This Christmas, my father is about to lose his job to a Bank of America employee, which is making Christmas hard to do this year. If I win this, I will be donating my current desktop, and all but one laptop to the people of my choice. (Listed below)

The HP TouchSmart, and Printer package will be given to my current school now that the third, four million dollar budget cut is on its way, the yearbook/newspaper staff would greatly appreciate the PC and printer. It would make their work even easier than it is now.

The laptops and DVDs will be given to three lucky kids in my local hospital, where I spent last Christmas at. I will be hand delivering them so I can see their reactions on Christmas day. Also, the MediaSmart Connect will be given to the hospital to make whatever room they want more enjoyable. I am doing this because they have helped me the most, and cheered me up on Christmas day. That day I also did not receive anything because I was in the hospital, and the bill required the return of some gifts. I don’t want these kids to experience the same holiday as I did, so I want to help them out. That is the reason I want to be a doctor.



for making this possible.

John Kearney

jacaclawless said...

Why do I deserve it? Well, I would love to surprise my church with most of the package - I would keep 1 or 2 computers for our family and give all of the rest to our church. They could really use it, especially the children's area. And I know they would very appreciative and grateful. They have done a lot for us and this would be a great way to show our appreciation for all that they have done. Thanks for having the giveaway!

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