Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summer. Nice If You Can Get Some

How is it that all of you are done with school or days away?

I read your blogs about lazy afternoons spent in the pool, adventures in Disneyland, car trips with ice cream destinations and I think that should be me!!!! how nice for all of you.

Really. Nice. For. You.

I, we, are still deeply entrenched in the hallowed halls of education. Our feet stuck in the muck of discipline and structure. My son had a test EVERY DAY this week. Math, social studies, science, spelling - you name it, he's had it and with one day's notice! My daughter just finished a major video project that took two weeks and brought her stress level, and ours to new, heart-stopping heights.

Our bodies know it's summertime. The sun doesn't set until 8:30 beckoning us out for evening walks, soccer games, or kickin' it late in front of the tv. Our schedules are sorely out of sync with the lunar cycles and causing equal opportunity P.M.S.

No one can get up in the morning. No one can go to bed at night. My son screams when you ask him to brush his teeth, when you ask him to get dressed, when you ask him to shut the f**k up. My daughter whines and shoots poisoned darts out of her vocal chords.

For the rest of the country, summer has officially begun.
For us, hell.

Really. Nice. For. You. Really.


Your Pal Pinki said...

I'm sorry. You'll have Summer soon, I hope. Right?

InTheFastLane said...

Today is my kids' last day. Mine is next Friday. But since we will be back in school the middle of August, we will be jealous of you at some point. Hang in there!

Sue said...

We still have a week to go too. And are mired in end of the year tests and projects. And I just want to sit at the pooooooool...

Dawn said...

We get out of school mid-May, but return early August, so I'm sure we'll be envious of you come Labor Day or so when you're at the beach.

Hang in there. I hope you have just a few more days to go and then you can enjoy a relaxing summer. Fingers crossed!

Manic Mommy said...

Nah, it's just the preschools around here that are already out. Next year, in big boy kindergarten, we'll be in until nearly the end of June.

And really? Are you in a rush to have them home all day, every day?

Carol said...

Our end of the school year has been anti-summer. Out here near Portland, OR it has been COLD and rainy; in the upper 50s. Turn the heat back on and drag out the long pants cold.

It is odd to have drenched field trips to the zoo, field days, etc. But I think there HAS been less spring fever - I guess you need spring for that!


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