Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Home Toxic Home

I'd love to entertain all of you with some witty, funny, thoughtful, desperate, crazy, and bitchy banter...

...but the paint fumes (why the painters are STILL here I DON'T KNOW!!!!) are literally killing me.

My head is pounding, my daughter's head is pounding, we're screaming at each other which is making my heart pound(ing)!

I wish I could get out of this f**cking toxic house but this is where I f**cking live!

Painter to merlotmom: "Oh, this paint is water based, it hardly smells"
Merlotmom to herself more than a week later:

If I don't post tomorrow, call the paramedics...

Is having a pretty house like wearing clean underwear????


slouching mom said...


how about some masks?

wearing a mask, it's a look.

Manic Mommy said...

I think it is like clean underwear. I'd hate to die with a sink full of dirty dishes. I'd want to come back just to make an excuse..."you know, I just finished running the DW and didn't get to empty it yet and I was out of Cascade..."

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