Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Get Healthy. Find Out How Right Now

I've just spent an hour or so of my morning going through today's NY Times Health section piece entitled, "A Guided Tour of Your Body". The article breaks down the body by parts: eyes, back, prostate, joints, brain, etc. and offers interactive quizzes to determine your personal risk factors in each category. It also gives guidance on prevention and treatments for disease.

I took the memory quiz (not as bad as I thought though could be better), practiced some foot exercises, checked my risk for osteoporosis and diabetes (very low, yay!). Later I will take the hearing test, vision test, and others. They even offer a cute exercise motivation program based on Route 66 and how fast you can cross country in a cool, vintage car.

It's a comprehensive tutorial/aid for getting your health on track. But don't lie!!! You'll only be hurting yourself. Give it a go, it's time well spent.


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