Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Dangers of Blogging: For Type-A Personalities

I'm days away from my 6 month blogging anniversary (thank you, thank you, I know you're all very proud), and to mark this momentous occasion I ask of you one question:

How am I supposed to blog AND have a life?!?!

At the close of 2007, blogging was a vague term; I knew it existed but, like Katmandu and investment banking, they were strange and distant lands. I didn't know what a google reader was, now I subscribe to over 200 feeds a day.

As a type-A personality, (I'd link you back to mention of my knitting obsession but linky elf NOT COOPERATING!) I did my research, reviewed other blogs, scoured the web for like-niche publications, and before I knew it, my reading list was longer than my to-do list, and now my reading list is on my to-do list! Aaaahhhhh!

I spend at least an hour (often more) each day perusing my reader which, while informative and entertaining, is just one more task I can't check off my list. As soon as I refresh the reader, hoping to see "0" remaining articles, new feeds have come in and my number is back up in the stratosphere! It's the inbox that never empties! (I had a big problem with that in my working days.)

Completion of tasks is my daily hard-on. I get a thrill from checking off or crossing out my neatly written responsibilities. I feel productive, accomplished - even if it all I did was call the carpet cleaner or pick up dinner. Shit, hold on, I have to call the carpet cleaner...

...ahhhh, that feels better.

Between reading and writing my blog I have little time left for writing projects, (that at this moment are growing mold in my head) before the duties of my real job: housekeeper, laundress, errand runner, school volunteer, cook, driver, sounding board, frustration sponge, homework helper, dog walker, sex toy (sorry hubby) kick in. Then it's 10pm and once again I'm sitting at the computer, reading about everyone else's genius accomplishments, wondering when I'm going to get to mine.

I could give up the blogging but let's face it, I've been bit by the blogging bug, I'm a goner. If I write less I'm afraid I'll lose some of you and (sniff, sniff) I've become attached. Besides, blogging is the reason I'm writing everyday so how could I turn my back on it. That would be rude.

So, tell me, what am I doing wrong? HELP!


mac said...

Blog more, read less.

I know you like to see what everyone else is up to, but you really don't need to in order to do your work, be it blogging or other forms of writing. You are your own best resource. Rely on it more by simplifying and reducing the amount of input you are seeking. You don't need it. You're great all on your own. Go cold turkey! See what happens, then write a blog about it.

merlotmom said...

ooooh, scaaarrry...

ByJane said...

You fool, you absolute fool...repeat after me: blogging IS writing. Reading IS writing.

I used to teach the flippin' subject (writing, that is) so I am a gen-u-ine expert.

Again, people who do not read cannot write. The only way to hone your craft is to read and to write. And you know all that time that you spend staring out the window (or polishing the furniture or, if you're me, plucking your eyebrows)? Well, the pedagogical knowitalls have said that that is absolutely mandatory to creation.

I do appreciate your list crossing needs, however, so do as I do: To do for today:
1. Read blogs.
2. Write blogs.

slouching mom said...

'fraid i have no advice.

cuz you and i are in the same boat.

SoccerMum said...

Hand up, guilty as charged - I'm in the same boat too. Ummm, perhaps we need to learn to read faster?

Manic Mommy said...

I was thinking (hardly as eloquently as byjane) that it helps me write my blog to hear others' stories. It also lets me know I'm normal-er than I thought.

Also? Total type-A. I have little checkboxes next to each item on my to-do list.

And I love that vise graphic.

Twenty Four At Heart said...

I keep thinking I will get better at the time management thing as I become a more experienced blogger. Maybe not ...!

InTheFastLane said...

Hah! I like the read faster suggestion! Can't help you though, I have the same issues. Here I am at work taking a 10 minute blog reading break. Good thing I am a fast reader and writer.

lildb said...

dude. i. warned. you.

didn't i. ;p

so. still pondering whether you'll go to the conference in july?

i'm betting i'll see you there. (i hope i do!)

xo Deb

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