Thursday, April 17, 2008


I don't know about you but I'm fed up with the Democratic candidates. It's a shame because until recently I loved them. I was excited for our country, I even had HOPE. For the first time in forever I believed the Dems had two amazing, inspiring, completely capable candidates; my only frustration was deciding between them.

Now I can't stand either one. It's like the boyfriend you fell head over heels with, spent all your time with, invested all your hopes and dreams into, only to look at him in one instant and want to vomit.

I feel bad, I really do, but Hillary and Barack have become so nasty, the perpetration and defense of their gaffes so loud, that I can no longer hear them when they speak about policies. (Policies?? Are they important in a political debate?? Hmmm.) I'm having trust issues and besides that, they're both starting to annoy me.

I hope Pennsylvania ends this bad relationship one way or the other. Barack, you think the Pennsylvanians are bitter - they're not the only ones.

We need a break-up and we need it fast.

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Lynn - the piggy bank painter said...

I live in Pennsylvania and I can not WAIT for this primary is political commercials 24/7, and they are all saying what they think you want to hear. And then they pick apart how the other one says it. If I am bitter it is because I can't take it anymore!

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