Tuesday, April 15, 2008


As parents we talk incessantly about the over-scheduling of our children - the homework, tutors, piano lessons, sports, the internet. But what about us? By the time I reach the bathroom in the morning I'm already short of breath thinking about the tasks ahead of me.

The NYT article about blogger burnout and the advice I researched hasn't helped. I'm an addict - addicted to keeping up in the blogosphere and it's a mad, mad, mad, MAD world out there. I'm trying to stay present, meditate, be "in the now", I'm even participating in the Eckhart Tolle/Oprah class but that's time away from my computer - I'm overwhelmed! I want to achieve my best in my home business and my blog (not to mention everything else!) and I'm already at risk of burnout after only a few months.

I blame the internet. Expectations are much higher now given the easy access to information; I'm convinced it's the root cause of my anxiety. As an example, let's say I google one question on how to get more traffic to my blog. Within seconds I'm inundated with hundreds of options. I feel like Robin Williams in "Moscow on the Hudson" when he first came upon the cereal aisle of an NYC supermarket. Sure I can pick and choose but how will I know I've got what I need without reading them all (or at least a lot of them)? That doesn't include the links and references from each of those articles to others and let's not get started on Twitter, StumbleUpon or other networking sites. Before I know it my ass has been glued to my chair for hours, my eyesight is blurred, and my brain is fried after reading an encyclopedia's worth on the subject.

My problem is compiled by the fact that I don't have one question about blogging or my business, I have dozens. Multiply a few dozen questions by the available answers on the w.w.w. and you get - see, that's what I feel every morning when I wake up. This age of technological advancement isn't good for neurotic, over-achievers like me. Do you think they're in cahoots with the prescription drug industry?

I know, I know, I can hear you saying "step away from the computer, breathe, girl, breathe." You're suggesting to be less of a perfectionist, to read a book, take a bath, play with my kids, relax. Yeah, yeah, been there done that. Only after my self-imposed electronic exile I come back to my desk which is peppered with post-its alerting me that I've once again forgotten to schedule the painter, fix a broken window treatment, pay the bills, not to mention improve my blog.

When I discovered google reader I thought, "Great, an organized way to get my morning cup of intelligence!" Only it's less like a cup and more like a bottomless vat. I get so excited when I read a blog or an online newspaper that I subscribe not wanting to miss the next installment. Within a day or two I've got 350 emails giving me a shout out every time I walk by. "Hey, where ya going? Read me, read me."

I'm having trouble breathing...

So here I sit, my ass on this g-d forsaken chair, burned out on my business, stressed about blogging, dissing my kids and trying to find peace in this 365/24/7 world of information overload. One reason technology was invented was to save us time. Well I'm spending too much time trying to save time. Stop the tech express - I want to get off!


mac said...

Why don't you go back to knitting?

Anonymous said...

It seems you may have missed the essence of what Eckhardt was saying...take some breaths and reread it. youll be glad you did!!

Karen said...

Let me just say "ditto". The more I learn about blogging, the more I need to implement. This has brought my over-achiever self out of recovery. Maybe there's a way to knit, meditate and blog all at the same time!!

jenk said...

Heh. If I add one more blog to my feed reader, I may have to quit my job to keep up.

I hear you.

Margaret Andrews said...

I should just cut and paste your entries into my blog, because we're like this (I'm doing that holding-up-two-fingers-thing and moving them back and forth between my eyes and your eyes). Or...we could form a blog club and take turns blogging and just plagarize each other on alternating days. :)

In other words, you keep saying what I keep thinking.

merlotmom said...

Margaret - Who's smarter? Me because I say it out loud or you who keeps it to yourself? I'm not sure.

slouching mom said...

I feel just this way. I can't do it anymore (spend hours each day reading blogs). I stopped using Reader when it began to make me anxious. This should be fun, right?

Hell, life should be fun, right?

(Don't answer that.)

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