Friday, March 14, 2008


First some bloggy biz:
I'm curious to know if you're liking or not liking the Friday Funnies material I post from other sources. Please, please comment (even you lurkers who read but don't speak). Do you find them:

1) unfunny
2) old/recycled
3) funny/you like them

After all, I'm here to please, no?

And for today's funnies...drum roll please...

I totally relate to this one, except for me it would be from carbs:

And I'm sure this video will give you wives and girlfriends a good laugh... (unless, of course, you've already seen it - in which case COMMENT PLEASE)!

Have a great weekend...


Dawn said...

Personally, I like the Friday Funnies. I could never be so organized as to do something like that, but I'm glad you do give us something to laugh about each week.

Manic Mommy said...

I think they're fun. I regifted the Bush post because I feel like you all are the coworkers I used to have that I'd have forwarded them to (is that even a sentence?).

As for The Man Cold - too funny and dead accurate. When Andy's sick, he 'takes to his bed.' I suck down some Tylenol Cold and Sinus and get on with it.

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