Thursday, January 17, 2008


The FDA says, "Milk and meat from cloned cows is safe to eat."
Merlotmom says, "Hello?! Scientific geniuses? You've missed your real cash cows. Over here with the dark undereye circles and the sagging tits..."

Putting all ethical, moral and scientific debate aside... Close your eyes for a moment and imagine having a clone of your very own. A partner of the very best kind. Someone to breastfeed your baby in the dark of night. To be at two extracurricular activities at once. To have sex with your husband while you go off to the movies. The possibilities are endless! Your genetically manufactured twin can even keep you company when you're bored without the burden of having to entertain because she already knows what you're thinking! It's a mother's wet dream. I'm close to an orgasm just thinking about it.

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