Friday, April 2, 2010

Checking For Toilet Paper

I'm on my way back to the OB/GYN today.  Just for a routine check-up but you can be sure this time I'll be making sure my lady parts are free of any wiping detritus.  Ugh.  It still makes me a little nauseous thinking about it.

Anyway, so sorry I haven't been around the blogosphere of late.  I know everyone else manages, I guess I'm just one of those people who can only focus on a few things at a time and lately it's been my kids, my writing, prepping a Passover Seder, etc.   It seems like I'm on a once-a-month blogging schedule these days.  Pathetic.  I really have to do better.

The seder was great, thank you for asking.  I am a pretty good cook when I put my mind to it (cooking, too, falls of the grid, like blogging.)  At least now I have frozen matzoh ball soup to last me the next few weeks.  Thank g-d.  Something my kids can eat that doesn't produce dirty pots and pans.

I do want you to know that regardless of my physical absence from the webz,  I do miss you guys a lot and check your blogs frequently to catch up on your comings and goings.

I'm off now to spend a day with the family (and get my hoo-ha probed).  Sounds like fun, no?  Full day, for sure.  I'll let you know if anything mortifying happens.

Have a great holiday weekend.  We are back to school on Monday.  Boo/Yay!


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