Friday, April 16, 2010

Agave Is The New Enemy: Can We Even Eat Healthy Anymore?

I am a conscientious healthy eater.  I've given up caffeine.  I drink mostly water and decaf green tea.  Having inherited high cholesterol, I've given up eating red meat on a regular basis, eat more whole grains, lean protein, yogurt, and fruits and veggies up the wazoo.  My only vice is dark chocolate which I know is a super food but probably not in the quantities I inhale eat it.  My fridge is always stocked with blueberries, my pantry with walnuts.  I'm making myself sick (not literally) by trying to eat healthy.  My only vice is an occasional glass of wine (i've cut back since the naming of my blog).

Truly, I really wasn't missing much eating whole foods and I discovered surprising treats like roasted kale chips.  Yum.   I didn't go totally nuts, allowing myself the occasional treat of cupcakes or such, so it really wasn't as bad as it sounds. 

I thought I was doing everything I could.  The do-gooder in me was proud.

Until yesterday...

When I saw this...

Agave?  The healthy alternative?  As bad for you as the sinister high fructose corn syrup?  WTF?

I have been putting agave in my tea, my yogurt, on my wheat toast, I practically bathe in the sweet nectar.  I've converted my kids from sugar to this supposedly healthy alternative.   

Now this?  How is a girl supposed to get her sugar fix these days?

The author of the above article also says too much fruit can have the same effect as high fructose corn syrup.  WTF?  One mango can bring you above the limit according to him.


Anyone else think this healthy living thing is getting out of hand?  Sheesh.


Edadian said...

I think I'll have my Agave in Tequila form and stick to terrible old sugar for my occasional fix of sweetness.

Jackie..? said...

Don't worry, and don't listen to him either! Be proud of the mango for its natural sweetness.

Donna, said...

I'm trying to switch to a healthier lifestyle, too. For me, I figure eating more "whole foods" rather than processed is always good. Fruits, veg, whole grains, fish & chicken, and red meats on occasion. Try not to get too discouraged. Sounds like you're doing great!

Chris said...

The agave nectar news has been crushing for me, too! I've been making fruit smoothies for the kids in the morning, freely squeezing agave nectar into their full-fat, organic, plain yogurt, flax seed and berry concoctions. I've been baking oatmeal cookies with whole wheat flour and agave nectar. And even worse? I've evangelized the stuff to everyone I know, like a self-righteous jerk. I might have to start smoking again...

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