Friday, August 14, 2009

Mommybloggers Get Trashed After Schuler Tragedy

The horror on the Taconic involving Diane Schuler, the drunk-driving mother responsible for the deaths of eight people, including her own, has turned into a media mutiny on moms who drink.  One journalist, Ada Calhoun, in her recent TIME article "Mommies Who Drink: No Joking After the Schuler Tragedy,"  states that mom blogs and sites whose titles reflect mothers who make light of needing the occasional drink, are now uncool and unfunny.  She infers even worse; that indirectly, these mothers who drink are responsible for these kinds of deaths.

My heart bleeds for the families and friends of all the victims.  In particular, I ache for the lone survivor of this emotional wreckage, Ms.Schuler's five year old son. But, in spite of my heartache, my blog title, merlotmom, and my sense of humor persist.
This does not make me a bad mother.
It does not make me a blogger with poor taste.
Nor, as Ms. Calhoun's Time article suggests... read the rest of the article here at LA Moms Blog


Elisa said...

The new page looks great!

Andrea's Sweet Life said...

*gasp!* I'm sorry, I know I should be focusing on the article, but I'm floored by the amazing new look to your blog! It's soooooooo pretty. Do tell who designed it!

And now... I make no apologies for the fact that having a glass of wine helps me unwind, or that sometimes, looking forward to that glass gets me through all the whining I hear all day long.

I may enjoy wine, but I still would never - EVER - drink and drive, or let my wine drinking put my kids in harms way. I think the target they're trying to sling mud at is a little too large.

phd in yogurtry said...

oh puhleese. pass me a glass, will ya? and a vial of crack, too, while you're at it.

(ok, just joking about that last bit)

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