Monday, January 12, 2009

Give Me The Grateful Life - Monday

I am under the wire but according to my PST watch, I am SAFE!

Hello readers, Happy Monday to you.

I'm pretty wrecked from the day and have to get up way early tomorrow so I'm going to get right down to the gratitude business.
  1. I am grateful for SCHOOL.  That's right, today was my son's first day back after a three week vacation.  Hallelujah.  I do believe there is someone up there looking out for me after all.
  2. I am grateful that the kennel cough my dog caught when we boarded her this vacation (first time ever boarding any of our dogs!), seems to be mild and slightly improving.  And that she learned early on to hack it up outside.
  3. I am grateful for having time to read my cookbooks this weekend and plan some actual homemade meals for a change.
  4. I am grateful that my hubby is coming home from yet another business trip tomorrow - now HE can get up at 6am to walk the dogs.
  5. I am grateful for the gorgeous weather Southern Cal is having and that I can, at least for a few days, feel the breeze while I sleep.
Please tell me what you are grateful for this week.

**Oh, and also, before you go, I know this is not P.C. for a gratitude post, but I need HELP.  Can someone please give me advice on how to instill manners in my way-too-cool-for-school son.  I am seriously embarrassed when we run into people we know and he refuses to say a proper hello (or goodbye).  Short of smacking the snarky little sucker, WHAT DO I DO?  Nothing I've tried to this point has worked.

Edit:  Thank you for your suggestions.  I combined some with ideas of my own and things have definitely improved.  And just so you know, I was kidding about the smacking.  Merlotmom can be a bit snarky herself.



JCK said...

Smacking is so obvious. Oh, I don't know what to tell you... I'm hoping one of your readers will have the answer.

Loved your grateful list. The grateful for school is at the top of my list, too.

Anonymous said...

More time with his Karate teacher, cut off American Dad, and see y a later Wii

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

I think I'm still going to go with the still being grateful to be unemployed. I know I'm in the minority but I just LOVE IT TO DEATH!!!!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Grateful to be alive, even tho' it feels like such a cliche!

I am struggling with my almost 17 year old son, Grizzler, and have resorted to buying (could you borrow) a self help book (well reviewed, I checked) specifically aimed at living with teenagers, because I feel as if I've stepped onto another planet or plain with him, and it isn't a great one!

Csquaredplus3 said...

I'm grateful for the mountains. They're beautiful.

We hit manners training hard from the time our kids could speak. We still have to gently encourage eye contact, a humble smile, and a handshake on occasion, but they recognize the importance of a kind and respectful greeting. We tell them when people have complimented their manners, and that seems to motivate them. Maybe you could "say" someone noticed his warm smile and sincere "hello". Good luck!

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

I have no advice for your snarky little sucker. My 9 year old stepdaughter looked my aunt in the face on Christmas and said "what am I supposed to do with this" when she opened her gift.

ByJane said...

Reward and punishment...remember your Psych 101? You need to find a punishment that really matters to him and that you can live with. Smacking probably isn't it. But what does he have or do that is important to him? TV, computer time, video games, after school something or other? You set up the rules which you get to make because you're his mother. If he breaks one, something gets taken away. Make it clear at the beginning what his job is and what the reward or punishment will be. And then follow through...even when you'd rather not, or it's inconvenient, or you just don't care that day. It' no different from training a dog, you know....

Kate said...

Wow, before I mention what I am grateful for, can I say that I'm JEALOUS? Jealous for the SoCal breeze in your window. That sounds so nice right about now here in cold central Ohio.

OK, grateful? Grateful that tomorrow is Friday and I have a 3 day weekend!

Headless Mom said...

Grateful for husband with a good job.

I agree with some that have already posted-take away something that means something to him. Clear expectations of his behavior, clear consequences (take away xxx), and clear rules to get it back. And, escalation of things taken away if behavior continues.

A good book for some guidelines is "Boundaries with Kids" By Cloud and Townsend. (Full Disclosure: it is a 'christian' book but has TONS of great tips for stuff like this, regardless of your religious beliefs. Maybe find it at the library?)

MIT Mommy said...

Manners are tricky. Good luck with that.

dkuroiwa said...

Ooh...I do understand that urge to inflict a good 10-year old has a "smart mouth" and the 6-year old is mimicing!
Somedays, I just grateful at the end of an evening that the house is still standing and we are all IN the house.
We have no Nintendo DS mon-thurs (but it has been exiled due to a teenytiny lie that grew oh so big!) and now we are working on a "point system" for rewards....we'll see....I hope you get some good ideas to share!!
Good luck...enjoy that great SoCal weather!!

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