Friday, December 5, 2008

3-2-1... Let Merlotmom's HP Giveaway Countdown Begin!


On your mark...
Get set...
Don't go...Just yet.
Come by merlotmom tomorrow to see how you can enter my HP Magic Giveaway!

My contest will start promptly at 12:01am on Sunday, December 7 and end promptly at 11:59pm Saturday, December 13.  That's PST.

I will be asking you to tell me why you are the best person to win this incredible, $6000 package of state-of-the-art techno goodies.  In 250 words or less.   HINT: The contest is called a Giveaway, so I will be looking for stories of those who want to share the wealth - with whom and why.  Of course, keeping some of it for yourself is acceptable and irresistable.   You're only human for goodness sakes!

So think about it.
Get your fingers ready.
Tell me a story.
Be the one that stands out from the crowd.

BUT DON'T SUBMIT UNTIL 12:01AM Sunday December 7.
Come back tomorrow for contest rules and regulations.


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Toddie said...

Wow! How cool are you to be able to participate in this? Seriously major cred points to you.

Vodka Mom said...

that's incredible. All i got in the mail was stuff from Avon. :-)

ByJane said...

ha ha you're it...tapped you for a meme

34skyline said...

Here's the link to my blog for the HP entry

morgan culbertson said...

I am a thirteen year old teenager who lives in Pennsylvania. There is a local community center in my area. Three years ago a generous donor gave them a room of computers which the community was overjoyed at having. Later that year the building burned down and all the computers were lost. They are hoping to rebuild a computer, but with the failing economy, the center had to devote their time and money to supplying people in need with food and a place to stay. I would like to give this center the two of the computers, the mediasmart connect, as well as all the accessories, software, and DVD's to help them start rebuilding they're computer center.

you can contact me at

Francisco Miguel said...

Saludos desde Mexico, si ganara este concurso donaria estos productos al hospital del niño en el estado de México, en donde se atiende a niños de bajos recursos y hay voluntarios que ayudan en estas tares, para estas personas un equipo de computo seria de gran ayuda para mejorar su labor diaria.

Tambien obsequiaria la netbok HP mini 1000, a una amiga que actualmente no tiene computadora, este seria un medio ideal para estar comunicados y sentirnos cerca ya que la distancia nos separa, para ayudarle en sus labores diarias y claro que este conectada a internet y disfrute de sitios como

El resto del equipo lo utilizaria para seguir mi profesion de diseñador grafico y poder generar una nueva fuente de empleo para mi sociedad y mejorar mi labor.



Greetings from Mexico, if contest won east would donate these products to hospital of boy of Toluca, where it is taken care of children of low resources and is volunteers who help in these you tare, for these people a computer would be helpful for improving his daily work. Also it would flatter mini netbok HP 1000, to a friend who at the moment does not have computer, this serious ideal means to be official notices and to feel us close since the distance separates to us, to help in her daily workings and clear that this connected to Internet and benefit him of sites like The rest of would use it to the equipment to follow my profession of graphic designer and to be able to generate a new source of use my society and to improve my work. Thanks


michael said...

I am not a very good writer, so please pardon any grammar or punctuation. I had a serious head injury last year that put me in the hospital for 4 weeks and suffered some brain damage and balance issues. As a result of the balance issues, I recently fell and I am currently recovering from wrist surgery. So typing is not a strong suit right now.

Anyway, I would donate the entire prize to my daughter's dancing school. They are 6 time World Baton Twirling champions and will be representing the USA again next year in Belgium. They also have consistently won National Champions in baton and pom-pom for at least 20 years. The dancing school is celebrating 50 years under Ruby Daugherty, owner and dance instructor along with her daughter Sherry. She is an extremely generous woman and almost all of the money she earns from tuition goes back to the girls or her instructors. Just looking at the old building, you would never think world champions are born there. The school can not afford the computer equipment and I would like to help them by setting up a website and donating the equipment to maintain the site in order to promote the wonderful things these girls can do. She would never spend this kind of money for equipment if it took it away from the girls. Everywhere these girls go, they promote nothing but pure class. She teaches not just dancing, but lifelong values. Many of the mothers/grandmothers took dancing classes there and now their daughters/granddaughters are there. All of her banners promoting the girls are handwritten on poster board. I would like to able to recognize the world champions these girls are with proper banners/pictures/posters, etc. It breaks my heart that they do not get the recognition they earned with all their hard work. She even takes enrollment with handwritten notes and tuition is tracked in a hand written notebook. I would like to repay the kindness she has shown everyone for 50 years and raising girls with values, which is rare these days. My family has been involved with the dancing school for over 35 years. I think that she deserves it. I am a technical project manager and would like to help bring the school into the modern age.

Justin Lewis said...

I am a college student who really wants to help those in his community. If I win, I will give three of the computers as well as the software to the Sterling, Kansas chapter of Youth Friends. This is an after-school program which focuses on Pre-k through 5 grade children. Sterling is located in one of the poorest counties in the state of Kansas and thus lacks the funds for technological advancement. At this point in time, there is no computer-based learning with this program. In a culture that is increasingly focused on technology, it is vital for these children to learn about and use computers. These kids are great and I really want them to be able to experience the joy I get from the latest technology.

I can be contacted at

virlyn said...

If given a chance to have this HP Magic Giveaway, I would definitely share it to those in need of it.
First, I'll give one to my sister in law who is pregnant right now and have 3 children. She definitely needs this, her husband left them and she is striving hard to feed her children. she can do a lot with this to earn money by putting a business with the help of HP.
Second, I'll give the other one to a distant relative whom I've been helping also finish her school she is on her last year in college and this would really help her in doing her thesis.
Third, I'll give the other one to a school near our place (Philippines). This would help the students since, most of them don't even know what a computer is.
And lastly, the last set would be mine...
It would really be a great feeling to share something especially to those in need and in this season of giving the HP Magic Giveaway is a sure hit!
thanks and more power!

Nadine said...

I want to share with my sister and her three kids. She has had the same computer for 8 years. The front cover is missing, the power button no longer works, she has to plug and unplug the power cord to turn it off and on. Their printer is missing the top cover and the paper tray, another 6 year old piece of equipment. We upgrade it as much as possible for them, but both are seriously dead soldiers now. With three kids in school who need to do reports and research and being a single Mom working two jobs to feed them and keep a roof over their heads, this is not something she would ever dare spend money on. She is loathe to ask for help of any kind so seeing her and the kids faces if I were lucky enough to win this and share with them would be priceless and the best gift possible. She is my rock since my Mom died and I would love to put a smile on her face for a change and give the kids the items to help them with their school work and social networking with their friends.

Thank You
Nadine L

Nadine said...

Oh shoot, I forgot to add the link to the giveaways home page

Lori said...

I would give the HDX to my son who is in the USAF. I would give the notebook to my daughter who is trying to get through college on a borrowed notebook. I would keep the touchsmart for my kids that are still at home. I would share the mini with a single mom of 3 that is also trying to get through college. Her sister just had a stroke and I think it would be nice for her to be able to work on homework while at the hospital. Thank you merlotmom and HP for such an awesome giveaway.

zeek said...

I would be so overjoyed to give my son, Andrew HP HDX Notebook. He's currently a
high school senior with plans to go on to college for engineering. He's looking
into Bio-Chem Engineering, though I think he's going to have to "like" chemistry
a lot more than he currently does.
Andrew is an absolute dream of a son. When I was his age, I was taking care of
him. As he grew old I often told him to learn from his mom's mistakes. And he
has done just that.
He's an awesome friend and has many of them. He's often the one to get called in
the middle of the night because someone is down. He mends fights and has yet to
hold a grudge towards anyone.
He's a tremendous big brother to his 10 and 2 year old brothers. They both
idolize him. If they turn out half as well as Andrew did, I'll be one super
happy mom.
Through growing up Andrew didn't get as many opportunities as his younger
brothers are getting. He understands that times were different and looks at what
he did have. He's a "here and now" type of person that focuses on the positive.
Andrew will be graduating in May and heading off to college shortly after. My
goal has been to get him a notebook for his graduation. The only way I will be
able to afford this is with my tax return. It is a possibility, however it will
not be as awesome as these in the giveaway. His father has mentioned on helping
out with one, but I'm not keeping my fingers crossed.
The HP Touchsmart PC would make my dream come true. I would be able to
accommodate my 10 year old, Elijah's visually needs. He is diagnosed with
Cone/Rod dystrophy and has central vision loss, color blindness and light
sensitivity. Our current computer is too old to use assistive programs such as
JAWS, Window Eyes or Zoom Text. I still have one of the old monitors, you know
the ones that take up the entire computer desk. These programs do not work well
on them. He struggles on the computer holding his face about an inch away. His
neck pain usually gets to bad and he'll have to get off the computer.
I would love to be able to upgrade our computer and buy Andrew a notebook this
tax season, but that will not be possible. So I would need to choose. How am I
going to choose which son needs one the most?
One of the notebooks would be a dream for Elijah at school as well. The vision
program in the computer lab for him, never works. It's sad the school can't even
accommodate him properly. He's a real trooper when it comes to his vision. His
words, "I don't want to go blind, but it could be worse." Nothing holds him
If we were to win, Grandma Marcy would be tickled pink to have a working
computer. Hers recently died. She says, she hasn't slept good since. How
wonderful it would be to give her a new one. Oh, she may even fall of her
rocker! But, with a notebook she doesn't even have to go to her desk.
I know I've told you more than you asked for. I think I wanted to show that a
gift like this to my family would make a huge impact on more than just one
person in need of a new computer. It would truly be a gift that kept on giving.
Thank you for reading my story.
Happy giveaway!

Kimberly Keel said...

My name is Kim and I am a new mom. I was fired from my job when I was about three months pregnant because I was pregnant. Now I am trying to go back to school so I can get a better job to help support my new baby girl. I live with my parents and my husband... in my parent's home. We have a pretty small room to keep the three of us in. Right now we can't really afford to be anywhere else because we got a car about 3 days before we found out I had been fired. My husband is going to go to school too. We don't have a working computer we can use, as my dad is having trouble getting his up and running properly and he is always putting linux on it. So when we start school we will either have to go in on our off days or go to the library to do our homework, though that is made more difficult by my husband's work schedule. If I were to win the hp giveaway, I would make sure my husband and I have what we need to do our school work and then donate the rest to either the school or just outright give it to other students who need it.

my email address is

hcott said...

The two people in my life that have always been there for me are my parents. Eighteen years ago my mother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, she does not complain or ask for pity and she always has a smile on her face. Eight years ago I watched my parents retire and move to their dream home, a cabin in the woods. For the first few years my mom enjoy it however more recently it has become hard for her to get around so she doesn’t get to enjoy much outside of her room. Her window to the world is her computer. My dad takes pictures when he is out so she can see things like the trees they planted when they moved in, her rose bushes or the fall leaves. The computer they have is old when they turn it on it sounds like a freight train. I would love to give them a new desk top with a big screen and a nice printer because my dad loves to take pictures but his current printer is cheap he never prints any. I also have a very smart niece that I would like to give a laptop, her parents could not afford one and in this day and age to excel it is very important. I have never been given the opportunity to give such wonderful gifts I can only imagine the feeling. Thank you to HP and merlot mom for the opportunity.


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