Friday, October 3, 2008

Fed Up This Friday

If you follow my twitters, you know that yesterday was spent fixing and tolerating numerous technological breakdowns. 

My Tivo broke, my 6 month old IMac's operating system crashed, my home internet went out, and when I tried to make the best of my circa 1980's office situation by catching up on my mailings and filing, my copier broke down!

I had no choice but to give up and take a walk.  Thankfully my IPod still worked.  It was my only link to sanity. 

I woke this morning with the hope today would be better.  I'd fixed my Tivo, fixed my internet connection, found a way to go around the problem with my copier (temporarily),  and the computer repair guy was due tonight at 7pm.

I sat down in front of my ancient laptop, waiting (somewhat) patiently as it's aging brain slowly computed each and every command.  I was distracted by a foreign sound.  Water.  Dripping.  Dripping.

I turned toward the sound coming from under my kitchen sink - NEVER good news.  Fretfully I opened the cabinet as water rushed out onto me and the hardwood floor.

The cabinet under my kitchen sink is chock full with household goodies:  a garbage can for recycling, a box of garbage liners, extra water filters, sponges, dishwashing liquid, a box of Brillo pads, and an under sink water filtering system. 

It was this system, normally a welcome addition to our household, that for some unknown reason, was leaking it's purified drinking water all over the wood cabinet, soaking everything in it's wake. 

So, having wasted yet another morning cleaning up household "messes", I am desperate to find something to smile about.

Here is a picture of one nice moment I had yesterday.  I'm sharing it with Candid Carrie and her Phriday Photo Phinish Phiesta and I'm sharing it with you.  It makes me smile.

Out of desperation to calm my destructive annoying highly-energetic puppy and take back control of my house, I recently taught my water phobic Labrador how to swim.

 A Boy and His Dog

Have a nice weekend.  I hope I will. 


InTheFastLane said...

OMG! You DO need a drink! OR maybe a whole bottle! Sometimes technology just makes life harder.

Miz Dinah said...

Fear not, merlotmom! Take two glasses and call me in the morning. (Not too early!)

Let me reach into my bag of helpful clichés: when it rains it pours, bad things come in threes, something about old dogs, new tricks...ah, here it is. Things can only get better, because they can't get much worse.

Hope you have a much better weekend!

Insane Mama said...

Shit, that sucks. It seems like everything always happens at once. My internet went out yesterday too! Hope your weekend is better. Enjoy a glass or two

Headless Mom said...

OMG! I'm (kinda) sorry I missed your tweets yesterday. I had a crappy day and it melted into this morning. My car died on Wednesday afternoon. Had to WALK the boys to the park in 100+ degree weather. Thursday the tow truck was supposed to come "in 30 minutes" to get said dead car. 2 hours later they came. Then, this morning I went to my *girly bits* appointment and after waiting they told me my insurance wouldn't pay for it because it hadn't been a year yet.

I'm with ya, sister. We need a good weekend. Grateful Monday can't come soon enough!

texasholly said...

Wow. That is BAD. So bad. Ugh. Ick. Pwew. I can only extend the thought that wevils were in my flour today...everything that contains flour in my entire house is now in the trash. Oh, and it is so much fun to wipe up hundreds of the little bugs.

Slick said...

Geeez, they say bad stuff comes in 3's....

Looks like you should be covered through next year too, now!

cactus petunia said...

I think it's because Mercury is retrograde...just hang on until the 15th!

On another note...I have two water phobic labs. How'd you do it?

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