Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hollywood In My Own Backyard - Literally

This is merlotmom's living room
(see how neat and tidy)

This is merlotmom's kitchen/family room
( also, neat and tidy and note the open floor plan)

This is merlotmom's backyard
(you guessed it, neat and tidy)

Merlotmom keeps her house orderly because
it keeps her from writing she takes pride in a presentable home

That is, until Hollywood comes a knockin'
Then merlotmom throws her pride to the wind for a few shekels
(and it only improves her procrastination skillz)

This is merlotmom's living room on crack after Hollywood entered the picture
(pun intended)

This is merlotmom's family room
Notice anything different?
That's right, no open floor plan
Where's the kitchen?
Behind the wall, silly
What wall?
The wall that wasn't there yesterday
The wall that is already gone
Poor wall
It's life was all too brief
Already disposed of in some Hollywood junkyard with other over-the-hill facades

This is merlotmom's backyard
Hollywood style

and her deck

Merlotmom is very glad to have her house back
because now she can get down to some serious writing...
...but first she has some straightening up to do

*See (an unrecognizable rendering) of merlotmom's house in the next series of Best Buy commercials due out this summer


ByJane said...

Almost had Hollywood take over my house in WeHo, but they did the one across the street instead. And cracked their pavers. And didn't repaint very well. But oh the money...!

InTheFastLane said...

Excellent adventure MM!
I can still remember as a kid, when they filmed ET just a town over from where I lived in so. cal. We must have tried to check out that house a gazillion time.

It is funny, there are some movies filmed out here in Indiana (Johnny Dep was here not too long ago), but there are so many movies I watch and I see places I recognize from california all the time. We were watching Old School when I told my husband "That's the store right down the street from my parents' house!" He didn't believe me until we rewound it and watched it again. Turns out that a lot of the movie was filmed on my parent's road.

Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

Ooooh! I love your house! Makes me come feel like I want to sit in your kitchen (or your living room...or wait... maybe the dining room) and drink a glass of oh... I don't know... merlot!

You are brave to let Hollywood take over your space. My cousin lives in Pasadena and her house has been in films too.

The only show my house might be on is Clean Sweep.

Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

Misplaced "come" before "feel" up there (THAT sounds bad... yes, I am 12). I want to "come sit" in your house.

Manic Mommy said...

I liked the 'before' much better.

When the kids go back to school, I'm retiling our fireplace (no, I have no experience in this field) and I looove the look of yours.

Steve said...

hey merlot mom! this is linda keenan (under my husband's name here) from thoroughly modern mommy - i just wanted to thank you soooo much for commenting on my satire pieces. i really just do that as a lark and was thrilled that an actual stranger read them! thanks again and im sorry it took me forever to see your comment. too much merlot (or klonopin, in my case)

Your Pal Pinki said...

Hope things are back to normal. Have a great weekend!!!

HRH said...

That is seriously crazy. And cool. And I will be studying Best Buy commercials in the future...

A Mom Two Boys said...

Wow. Our houses even look a bit the same, except that yours is WAY more neat and tidy than mine will EVER be.

But beige-y brown walls and brown furniture and an ottoman coffee table...although, yours looks a lot more put together than mine. Can you come help me decorate? And tidy up? There's wine in it for you.

Velveteen Mind- Megan said...

So much fun to watch! I'm such a sucker for anything behind-the-scenes. Anything, pretty much.

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