Friday, May 16, 2008

NKOTB: Takin' New York By Storm

Did you see the Today show performance this morning? Did you see what I meant in my previous post by "everyone was swaying and singing along?" It was just like that at HOB but on a "slightly" smaller scale.

The guys performed very well, pouring rain and slick surface notwithstanding. The acoustics were sharper and their moves were tighter on the dry HOB stage but they looked damn good, no? Even better, they are as humble as they seem and thrilled by their dedicated fans.

I already had a crush on Joey Mac after seeing him perform on Broadway in "Wicked" (he is sooo my type) and now I have mini crushes on Donnie and Jordan as well. I did always like younger guys but at least now I'm old enough where I'm not breaking the law.

DO NOT call me a cobra! I dare you. I'm just young at heart, is all, thank you very much!

So while I was not of their generation the first time, I confess, I am a now a fan!

In case you missed the Today show performance, click here.

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slouching mom said...

you are so cracking me up lately! ;)

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