Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Watch Out - Mommy Bloggers Coming Through!

According to a guest post on ProBlogger written by Michelle Mitchell from Scribbit, mommy blogs are the next big thing. As my mother would say (and now me from time to time), "From her mouth to God's ears."

She bases her article, "Five Reasons Why Mom Blogs are the Blogs to Watch" on the uber-successful mom blogger, Dooce, and how that piece raised awareness of our viable, potential for money-making community. Moms listen to other moms about what to buy, where to send their kids to school and play, and the newest, hottest trends. To date mom bloggers are an untapped resource for advertisers. Hopefully not for long.

But keep in mind the valuable message written by Lindsay Ferrier in Surburban Turmoil a few weeks ago: Remember why you're writing the blog in the first place and don't let marketing and money get in the way of your original purpose.

Thanks, Michelle, for shining the light on our "little" community. Respect for mommy bloggers everywhere!


slouching mom said...

Now...where's my money? ;)

ByJane said...

the next big thing? what rock has she been living under?

Manic Mommy said...

That picture is the Make Way for Duckings statue in Boston Common. We've been there loads of times.

I actually did the baby's room in a Make Way for Ducklings theme; I picked some lines from the book and painted them across the top of the walls like a border.

Does the rest of the country know about this wonderful book?

ByJane said...

I'm not sure why Problogger is announcing mommybloggers as the next big thing. Maybe because Dooce just won a bunch of awards at SXSW and her book was published today and she's getting tons of national publicity because of that. But mommybloggers have always been the main act as far as women who blog. They have the most organization, the best ad revenues, the biggest names, etc. In fact, there has been controversy even going back to BlogHer'06 about the mommybloggers taking over.

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