Friday, April 25, 2008

How Long Will You Live?

A friend sent me this test on life expectancy and health from yesterday's NYT. I don't think it's a completely accurate assessment just by virtue of the minimum information it requires but it's interesting nonetheless.

I'll share mine if you share yours...

Here's the link,
if you dare...

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Karen said...

Merlot Mom --

Another good resource for figuring out life expectantcy is Real Age at The assessment takes about a half hour but it worth it. My chrono age is 56, my "real" health age is 44 and my life expectancy is 89. So I've got a ways to go!!

The NYT's article talks about salt in your diet. Check out my posting yesterday on the 20 saltiest foods in America.

Midlife's A Trip

Jan said...

Um, no. No. NO.

With my luck, it'll tell me I'm going to die tomorrow and I'll spend every day either in a state of constant paranoia, thinking, "Should I eat that? My spleen will explode if I eat that. I can't eat that!" or partying like it's 1999 and have to contend with substance-abuse related memory loss every next morning.

No, I'm just better off just not knowing.

slouching mom said...

Like jan, I'm too afraid to take that test.

Still, I think you should share your results...


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