Monday, March 10, 2008


I know for some of you this past weekend was just another indicator of old man winter's icy, arthritic fingers grabbing on for dear life. But for those of us in California it was a glorious sign of days to come. Southern California is often criticized for many things, including it's lack of seasons. Not true. Admittedly, our seasons are mild, but we do experience and appreciate changes. Summer is similar to the season elsewhere minus the humidity. Fall, while not brilliant as in other northern locations, does turn our leaves to subtle shades of orange and red before their death descent. Winter, though we don't usually have snow (Malibu 2007), the air does get chilled and warm coats are necessary. And Spring, ahh Spring. Even in a locale famous for it's comfortable climate, Spring still awakens the senses from hibernation.

I walk the same route 4-5 times a week. Saturday I followed my usual path but right away, it was clear, this day was different. And not just clear to me; everyone I passed shared with me an unspoken enthusiasm. As fresh breaths of wind blew the last of the dead leaves off the trees making room for new, neighbors tended to their gardens watering, mulching, and planting. Dogs greeted each other frisky and flirtatious. A cantankerous, old neighbor who regularly gestures and yells at cars as they speed by, laughs and chats as he hoses down the spot where my dog peed on his lawn. Birds sing, flowers bloom, even the music emanating from the home sites under construction blends rather than intrudes. Kids erect rickety lemonade stands with homemade signs and advertise, "LEMONADE! 25 CENTS! LEMONADE!"

So to those of you who spurn those of us living in Southern California because, "Sure the weather's nice but you have no seasons," I say, "Take your snow, your ice, your wind and your rain. Enjoy. I'll be here in sunny California basking in our own variation on the theme. I'll be standing still, breathing it all in, while you wait for old man winter to loosen his craggy, gray digits from your neighborhood."

Okay, seriously, I hope it warms up soon for all of you in the Midwest and the Northeast but I had to defend Los Angeles. (And me! I'm a New Yawkah!) We get so much crap about our slick, patina of perfection but in reality, most of us, are just neighbors, appreciating the beauty in a glorious, Spring day.


Manic Mommy said...

We don't get spring in Boston. It's a straight shot from winter to summer, with summer beginning around June 15th or so. The trade off is usually a good, long, beautiful fall, lasting sometimes into December.

I wouldn't miss snow if I never, ever saw it again. And I'm a native Mass-hole, who's just too stupid to leave.

McSwain said...

Ah yes. I often miss the Oregon pines here in Los Angeles, but days like today? Heaven. I lost track of how many times I said, "What a beautiful day!" today.

InTheFastLane said...

I grew up in Southern California and it is this time of year that I miss it. Most of the time, I am content, but after 4 months plus of winter...

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