Wednesday, February 20, 2008


The always eloquent slouching mom has aimed her bloggy dart at me. I am no longer such a newbie that I don't appreciate the chore challenge of the meme. But, since I tagged her first, I'll cheerily give it a go. Since she actually tagged me a few days ago (I've been busy, not lazy!), I 'm having trouble recalling the exact format of the meme but I think it was to write "7 things about yourself." If not, oops, sorry, and whatever!

1. Growing up everyone thought I was so innocent. I was, relatively, but I sure did love smoking my "Mary Jane." A LOT. EVERY DAY. WITH FRIENDS. WITHOUT. Sigh. Can't do that now. I'm a mom, you know.

2. As my future husband walked toward his car after our first (blind) date, I told myself, "I'll never date that guy". I married him instead.

3. When I start a new hobby/ exercise/ business, I become completely obsessed. I used to knit in restaurants until my husband forced me to stop because my balls of yarn kept rolling underneath other people's tables.

4. I wear totally ripped up pj's to bed, to my poor husband's dismay.

5. I don't miss much about my former career.

6. I used to be scared of everything and everyone.

7. I eat dark chocolate every day, at least once. It makes me happy. I used to be particular to Vahlrona, but now I'm addicted to Trader Joe's dark chocolate non-pareils. If I eat too many after dinner, I don't fall asleep until 1am.

I hope I've sufficiently bored you all with my blandness. So now, I think I have to tag 7 more bloggers. This is tough considering I haven't been doing it very long and I already tagged everyone I knew with the last one. If I repeat myself, I apologize, I just ain't that popular in the blogosphere yet. I tag - i obsess (whom I met under the funniest/oddest of circumstances); Because I Said So (because she doesn't know this but I started blogging because I heard her interviewed on NPR - so this is how I thank her); a new blogger friend, MamaGeek, who doesn't seem like a geek at all; Dawn , 'cause I like her blog and her new haircut; Travelin' Tracy, 'cause she's so talented and sweet - check her out if you are looking for a great family vacation; In The Fast Lane because her comments are always so nice; Manic Mommy, because though we had a brief glitch with a case of mistaken identity, in my eyes, she is the one and only manic mama. You're all it!!!

OMG, I did it. Sorry, if I double targeted tagged anyone. Just ignore the damn thing if you want too! Does that make me a bad blogger??!?!


slouching mom said...

Hey! Thanks for playing. (I think *I* tagged Manic Mommy, just so you know...)

Nice facts!'d you meet Debbie? Inquiring minds want to know.

InTheFastLane said...

I laughed at your knitting obsession, I could just see it happening. I will work on my meme. I have another one I need to do to.

MamaGeek said...

You had me at 'I eat dark chocolate every day, at least once'. I actually keep a bag of chocolate chips on my counter at all times.

Sad. True.

I hope to get to the tag soon or by 2040. :)

McSwain said...

I came over to see you since we were both tagged at the same time. And now I am craving dark chocolate, but it's late and TJ's is closed. Sigh.

lildb said...

now listen here, MM, you have to, HAVE to understand -- I never, ever, ever do memes. I have ignored truly lovely, immensely wonderful people to whom I am devoted, ignored them utterly and outright, when requested to meme after them.

it is in a gesture to our incredibly funny, coincidental initial encounter(s) that I will answer your call-and-meme-sponse.

(but please don't ever ask me to do it again. I won't. really and truly. I hateth the memes like I hate the means.)

xo Deb

lildb said...

wow, does that ever make me sound bitchy and uppity. it's not that. I'm just really crap at doing things people tell me to, or even ask me really nicely to. it's the ad/hd. I swear to gah, I am not responsible for the deep, dark antipathy I feel re: homework.

I apologize for having sounded like such a heartless guttersnipe. it's the adhd's fault. (and, yes, it *is* awesome to have something to blame that on.)

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