Friday, February 1, 2008


It was my one month blogging anniversary on the 30th and I let it slip by unnoticed. I was never the mother who wrote down her babies' first words, first steps, first anything. I don't keep fancy scrapbooks with decorative doo-dads and cute captions. But as I get older, I mourn not marking the milestones. My overloaded brain has taken on the practice of spitting out old information to make room for the new. It does not discern between the memorable and the disposable. It's a mental crap shoot. So these days, I'm paying more attention to life's markers, big or small. What else are we here for if not to celebrate? Life's hard work. Without the joys - WTF??? I'm patting myself on the back today and coming up with ideas to keep myself motivated improve my blog. Suggestions are welcome.

Here's my first: Fun Fact Friday
I will share with you an informational (hopefully useful) tidbit. It might be a random factoid, a tip on a good product or service, a recipe, or even a nugget of spiritual enlightenment. A chewy, non-caloric bite to take with you through your weekend. I hope that you will share with me and other readers interesting little crumbs of your own.

I'll go first:
I have finally switched most of my beauty products to clean, non-cancer causing formulations. Between the lead in lipsticks and the parabens in just about everything, my daily routines had become tainted with anxiety. Was my rich, creamy moisturizer streaming deadly carcinogens into my bloodstream? I was told about SkinDeep and it changed everything. It's a database where you type in your exact make-up and it tells you how clean or toxic the product is, on a scale of 0-10. The studies about methyl, ethyl (and all other) parabens are not conclusive as of yet (my dermatologist confirms this). But other studies have found parabens in cancerous breast tissue so I'm not taking any chances. Through this website, I found my current choice of make-up, Larenim. It is a mineral makeup sold at Whole Foods and is reasonably priced. I really like it. As far as my body lotion, I use Avalon Organics; Earth Science for make-up remover and toner; Sanitas for face cream and a great sun-block. These are all sold at reasonable prices at Whole Foods or Pharmaca Pharmacies. Other inexpensive, clean brands like J.A.S.O.N. can be found at CVS and the like. Make sure to bring your reading glasses and read the labels before you buy!

Have a great weekend.


slouching mom said...

fun fact friday sounds like a nice idea!

and the makeup issue is one i don't have to worry about -- i don't wear makeup, except maybe twice or three times a year.

mah-meeee said...

i am sooo going to check out that website! i bet i'm poisoning myself daily without me knowing it. thanks for sharing that site!

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