Wednesday, February 27, 2008


We're off on a family getaway to celebrate my FIL's 80th birthday. Sounds great, but prepping for a family trip always puts me on edge and to make matters more of a pain, my son and I were up all night with colds. And to make matters EVEN more of a pain, we're taking the red-eye. We don't depart until 11:20! Ugh.

You're asking why we did this to ourselves? The answer is, of course, $$$. Frugality being the root of all discomfort. We booked our flights during the writer's strike.

So today I took my clogged up head and achy body to the bathroom floor, surrounded myself with pretty little 3oz FSA (is it FSA or some other acronym? my brain is working on battery reserve) bottles and jars, and all our shampoos, face washes, sunscreens, etc. and did the looooong, laborious transfer because we hate to check baggage.

It's now 5pm my time and I just ate for the first time today. After packing, after laundering, after cleaning up for the house/dog-sitter, after running to school minutes before it closed to get my son's homework packet. A Subway sandwich never tasted so good.

I hate this part of traveling. I know once we get there it will all be worth it and perhaps even fun. But until then, I'm a bundle of nerves. "Did I pack that? Ooh, I almost forgot that." And I know my husband is working but I want him here to help me instead!

I remember my mother always freaking out the night before a trip. My father could do nothing right and she was one big short-circuit. So, here's another way in which I have become my mother. It's freaky how that happens.

We can discuss the other ways another day.

On a lighter note, I found this...

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Manic Mommy said...

We rent a house on Cape Cod for a week every year and bring both cars. Andy's car for transporting kids; the truck for all our crap. Last year, it included two ACs. Ah, roughing it.

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