Tuesday, January 15, 2008


by my husband who saw what I was writing and shook his head -an emphatic NO. I was writing my thoughts on today's reports and Gawker video about TC and Scientology. I thought it was amusing but the hubby thought it was mean and entering dangerous territory (cue scary music). I'm sitting here in the dark and it's late at night, so I actually believed him and deleted everything. I will always wonder about the blog that never was...but I guess I can sleep at night knowing Tom won't be coming after me.

I would write a new one but I'm too damn wiped. Until tomorrow...


slouching mom said...

I'm laughing, because my husband? Has never read a blog post of mine. Not ONE.

Dawn said...

What's the scary part? Is your husband afraid TC will come after you?

I bet you could take him. Katie, though, looks like a scrapper. If he brings her along, you might be out of luck.

Oh yeah. And the lawyers. They can be problematic, too.

Still, I ha-a-ate it when my husband starts telling me what I can and cannot blog about it. It's humiliating.

I don't tell him which intimate and embarrassing details he can put in the songs he writes and performs.

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