Sunday, December 30, 2007

Virgin Territory

If you're reading this blog, it's likely been a long time since you've used the term virgin to describe anything about yourself. Sadly, I am a long way from the anticipation of fluttery first kisses, the taste and smell of a new boyfriend, and yes, having a tight "va-jay-jay" (thank you, Shonda Rhimes and Oprah for adding this euphemism to our vernacular!). These firsts are decidedly a thing of my past.

This is why I'm writing my virgin blog... I NEED YOU... my girlfriends, my peers, to keep my life interesting when everything is the same day after day, meal after meal, sexual rebuff after sexual rebuff.

I'm admittedly a failure at making phone calls and scheduling lunch dates but I am exceptional at communicating by email so I figure this might work. Besides, I'm tired of trying to catch up with friends while washing the dishes, while my kids scratch each other's eyes out, and while my husband chimes in with clueless commentary. And nobody needs to hear me lose my shit because my son's nerf ball has, once again, whacked me in the head at 20mph.

So, about the title. I discovered the maternal virtues of drinking wine while heating up yet another frozen dinner. Dare I say it - the vino actually made fish sticks FUN. The trouble was before I knew it I was pouring a second glass and the next thing I remember my son was kicking me out of bed for drooling on his pillow during story time.

So, my New Year's resolution, in addition to maintaining a one glass minimum, is to connect more often with my friends - my beautiful, sleep-deprived, fun-deprived, dream-deprived friends. More than just once a week, or once a month. Possibly even every day! I said possibly.

Girls like us need to stick together: to commiserate, to inform, to inspire, and once in a while, to make us blow snot out of our nose with laughter. So read this with your java in the morning or put the kids to bed and pour a glass. Consider this your girl's night out. No sitter necessary.

P.S. Once I get the ball rolling, I would love to include guest writers so get your fingers ready, if you're so inclined. And should you feel compelled - please share the love with others! Thanks.

HAPPY NEW YEAR - Let's make this a memorable one!


NBTE said...

I am raising a glass of merlot and toasting you! I look forward to reading these blogs each day while concurrently tasting a healthy glass of vino! FBB you rock! xxoo NBTE

MAC said...

Wow! What a wonderful surprise to find your announcement and link in my inbox (as I sat down to send you an apologetic email for not having returned your call for 2 days!) It's great that you get to keep your writer juices flowing while we get to enjoy your creative output. It's a win-win, as they say. Congratulations for starting the new year off in such an inspiring way. xx, MAC

Butchie said...

I know what you mean about those Larry David moments. I have them all the time. Except not about my children. I want to corner LD and share my stories w/him. Maybe make a few bucks. My daughter goes to school with his. I'm trying to convince my straight do-gooder kid to invite herself over to LD's house for a playdate and then sneak my script into his office. Shameless mom, arent't I? Hey, evolution has many faces - I've moved from complaining about my kids to putting them to work for me. One of these days it's going to pay off! Congrats Franny. As one aspiring writer to another, I'm proud of you.

JCK said...

OK, I'm intimidated by this first post. Definitely you hit it out of the ballpark. Man...oh, man...

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