Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Is Everybody On A Special Diet?

I know I live in body-obsessed California, but everybody I talk to these days, even people living in more "normal" states, is on some sort of diet. Whether to lose weight, combat allergies or just to eat healthier, EVERYONE I know is obsessed with nutrition.

High protein.
High carbs.
No carbs.
No sugar.
South Beach.

Where does it end???

I understand cutting back or cutting out animal fats - I've got the high cholesterol to prove it. But I thought complex carbs were good for you? Necessary, even.

So how come so many people I know are being told to go gluten free? That wheat is our nemesis? And the weird thing? Many of these people, including myself, feel better when they go without the formally friendly grain?

So, I'm curious...How many of you are on special diets or just don't eat a part of the pyramid because you feel much better without it?

I really want to know who has had success and with what?
Also, if you have a gluten-free bread that is tasty, please share...

Thank you.


Manic Mommy said...

I've been sort of half-assedly doing Nutrisystems since we got back from Disney. I can tell you that in the month prior, when I was religious about it, I felt better - mentally and physically.

How funny it is that we *know* what we need to do to feel better - eat right, exercise - yet most of us still choose not to do it because it's just too much work?

(Yes, I've given this topic some thought.)

ByJane said...

I was whining about just this topic to NGIP yesterday. Perhaps this is TMI (in which case, just don't read), but I walk around constantly feeling like I've got sheep bloat. The cure for that is to jam a hollow tube in the sheep's belly to let out the air. The cure for me is, I believe, NO SUGAR or REFINED CARBS or WHEAT. Okay, so what DO I eat? Therein lies my quandry....

shrink on the couch said...

And I just this very afternoon got news that an inlaw was diagnosed with celiac's. This after she got a bread maker as Christmas present!

An inlaw on the other side of the family has known about celiac's for quite a few years (not strictly observed).

I'm not much help with recipes. Cornbread? Potato bread? I do have a cracker suggestion. I buy them because they are so tasty. Crunchmaster MultiGrain Gluten Free.

Angela said...

I am not on a special diet, but have tried the no carbs/atkins, no sugar and with no success. I couldn't wait to have a bowl of cereal after a week! It does seem to never end huh? I have a friend who is gluten free (she's allergic), but she does splurge every now and then and then just feels awful anyways. I am not overweight or need to diet, I just like eating healthy. I am just a big fan of veggies and fruit - so that's pretty much my diet. OH and merlot. LOL I love your blog so fact, I'm taking a break and having a glass of merlot myself right now! :)

JCK said...

I have nothing too compelling to add to this conversation. Other than, I do know lots of people on the gluten free diets. I haven't tried it. I do know that I feel better with less carbs, and digest my food better, feel lighter. But, giving up chocolate, whiskey...naaahhh. Maybe tomorrow.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

I don't know if things like food allergies and celiac are new, or just recognized, but more and people are avoiding wheat. I've been thinking about doing the "no white food" thing for some time now. And I'm STILL thinking about it.

...still thinking about...

p.s. sorry my haloscan is giving you a hard time. I kicked it in the balls for you.

Jessica Gottlieb said...

Okay here's my lifelong diet.

If you can't pronominal it, you can't eat it, and that includes all the ingredients.

Also no sugar in the first three.... other than that, oh there's the organic thing, and the no GMO, the pesticide free and the grass fed...

Yeah, I'm one of the annoying ones, but I'm okay with it.

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