Monday, August 11, 2008

Give Me The Grateful Life - Monday

Traveling has been a dream of mine since I went to Europe after graduating college. At that point, I hoped one day I could offer my kids an education beyond their classrooms, an opportunity to open their eyes earlier than I did. (Hey, it was 1984 - even Al Gore didn't know the internet was coming.)

Our travels began last summer with a trip to NY, London, and Paris. Despite my kids being awake when they should have been asleep and asleep when they should have been awake, and in spite of their constant whining and complaining, they came back changed, their purview of the world a little broader. For the few months that followed, instead of illustrating footballs, soccer balls, and dogs on his school projects, my son drew pictures of the London Bridge, the Empire State Building, and wrote stories about a really, bad man he learned about in a Paris museum named Hitler.

So, now that I'm past the procrastination and the palpitations of last week (sorry if I left a few of you short of breath), it's time for Give Me The Grateful Life - Monday. Here's what this bitch is showing gratitude for this week...

  1. I am grateful that we are embarking on an amazing, family adventure and hopeful we can hold our bladders long enough to skip those "traditional Japanese toilets". Ewwww.
  2. I am grateful for (unfat) Deb who is a godsend sent from above Jenn@Juggling life. TY.
  3. I am grateful that JCK walked away from a frightening, multiple car collision on Saturday night (and hope that she's still feeling okay).
  4. I am grateful that my kids are no longer in camp and we can all sleep in this week.
  5. I am grateful for professional carpet cleaners (yes, again).
What are you grateful for? Please tell me in your comments...
(I love that you comment people but this gratitude thing is supposed to benefit everyone . So tell me what your grateful for and we can all be the better for it. Dammit!)

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Anonymous said...

Just caught up on your last several blog posts. What a wacky, wonderful life you're leading! And I'm looking forward to hearing about Japan!


Anonymous said...

I was going to say something about yin and yang at work, but that's Chinese, not Japanese.

Glad you're in a place of gratitude!


L said...

It's always good to remember what you're grateful for. It helps you to stay positive through crap.

Manic Mommy said...

I grateful my brain finally caught up with the rest of me and realized Twitter had dumped you off my follow list.

And I'm grateful you're following me too.

dkuroiwa said...

Among many other things, I'm actually grateful for this whole wonderful blogging world. The chances to "meet" different people and possibly offer help when needed and to become close to a world I sometimes feel so far away from have become more and more plentiful.
You are going to have such a great trip...I just know it!!

We should all think of one thing a day that we are grateful kind of helps make things a little brighter!!
have a great day!
(unfat) Deb. :-D

Oh...about those students today assured me that in Tokyo, those traditional ones are Kyoto and Nara....yeah, you're probably going to have the experience!! :-)

Mike said...

I can't wait to take Maddie around the world! It will be so great.

Enjoy Japan! I was there twenty years ago and it was an awesome, albeit expensive, experience!

Anonymous said...

Damn it. I just typed a freakin' comment and it didn't take and I don't feel like re-typing the freakin' thing.

Which is probably good, cause my "I'm Grateful" for list was pretty bitchy.

My original word verification was "woeurjkadgn" and this one is "aotyh" I think they're taking pitty on me.

JCK said...

I am grateful for sweet friends like you. And that I get to read your blog and got to meet you in SF.

I'm just a mush head tonight.

PJ said...

I am grateful for bug spray. Texas mosquitos really suck!

PsychMamma said...

I am grateful for ceramic tile and hardwood floors during potty training. REALLY grateful.

Have fun in Japan!

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